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The modern workplace is full of emerging challenges. Labor and employment regulatory schemes are in a constant state of flux and require adaptive responses. Companies must grapple with classifying employees within unprecedented business models, take steps to increase diversity and avoid discrimination, maintain stringent safety standards, and successfully counter class action and individual plaintiff litigation. Our team brings decades of experience and a collaborative, client-centered approach to counseling, compliance, and disputes.


On The Mark

We counsel clients on getting the best return on their investment in human capital while still protecting their interests from liability. Our attorneys provide guidance on establishing programs in health and safety for compliance with OSHA standards, affirmative action as related to OFCCP, and wage and hour issues. Kilpatrick Townsend’s team also supports clients in developing and maintaining effective policies to prevent workplace harassment and violence and in meeting FMLA requirements.


Making It Work

Mergers, acquisitions, and a rapidly-changing marketplace can necessitate reductions in force. We help employers navigate these upheavals and assist with voluntary and involuntary terminations in an even-handed fashion. We also provide counsel to employers facing union-organized drives and class action and other employment litigation.

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