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Strong patent rights are powerful business tools for emerging and established businesses — providing access to capital, attracting merger partners and acquisition opportunities, protecting investments and market share, and generating leverage against third-party patent rights. Kilpatrick Townsend’s internationally-renowned Patent Practice Group uses its legal and technical acumen to help clients develop, protect, and capitalize on one of their most critical assets — their patent portfolios. In the U.S. and overseas, we take a comprehensive and tactical, yet cost-effective, approach to help clients secure, safeguard, and promote patent rights to gain and maintain a competitive advantage. Our holistic practice helps clients identify and minimize infringement risks, as well as exploit opportunities involving patent rights, such as joint ventures, recapitalizations, mergers, acquisitions, licenses, and technology transfer agreements.


Global Presence

With more than 200 patent professionals worldwide, we are uniquely qualified to help clients navigate the patent landscape both offensively and defensively, while working across many different technology areas, including telecommunications; mechanical and medical devices and systems; manufacturing; electrical engineering; software development and business methods; and biotechnology, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. The depth and breadth of our global practice allows us to propose strategies that ensure each client focuses its resources on patent opportunities that maximize the return on its investment.


Tailored Solutions

Our patent professionals work closely with clients to understand their unique business objectives and customize a patent acquisition, management, and deployment strategy that aligns with those objectives. Many of our attorneys both litigate and prosecute patents, and all have a science or engineering background — often with extensive experience in the technologies our clients want to protect. Our deep experience across a wide range of industries and quick grasp of legal, business, and technology concepts allows us to help some of the most innovative companies in the world, from startups to global corporations, create and maintain enforceable, meaningful patent portfolios that become valuable offensive and defensive business assets.

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