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An Answer to “Hard to Find” Equity – Opportunity Zone Funds

Biofuels Digest

July 31, 2019

Written by Mark J. Riedy and Dongyu Eddie Wang

The recently-established Opportunity Zone Program offers developers, including start-up technology companies attempting to develop and commercialize new technologies in the energy, chemical, and infrastructure industries, an exciting, new opportunity to attract private placement investment funds into company-level business operations and project company-level equity, including working capital, for the construction of projects located in such Opportunity Zones.

It thus offers bioeconomy companies a new source of equity capital from which to secure the hardest-to-find initial funding to jump start business operations and projects. This new class of specialized equity investors otherwise may never have considered an investment of any kind into the bioeconomy, except that they may shelter and ultimately forego federal capital gains taxes on their recently acquired long term profits resulting from exiting other ventures.

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