Kilpatrick Townsend

First Annual Patenting Trends Study - Trends in Industrial Design, Building Materials, and other Significant Industries

In a partnership with GreyB Services, Kilpatrick Townsend has released the First Annual Patenting Trends Study, providing decision makers with clear and actionable information for 12 economically significant industries, including Industrial Design and Building Materials.

By analyzing a proprietary dataset of U.S. patenting activity that extends through 2018, the results of the Patenting Trends Study allow decision makers to predict the future focus of individual competitors within an industry, including the construction related Industrial Design and Building Materials sectors.

Lead authors of the Patenting Trends Study include Kilpatrick Townsend partners Tom Franklin and Kate Gaudry and a team of research experts from GreyB Services.

To obtain a copy of The First Annual Kilpatrick Townsend & GreyB Services Patenting Trends Study, please click here.