Kilpatrick Townsend

Drone Policies & the Construction Industry

Kilpatrick Townsend attorneys, Brian Gaudet, David Lynch and Courtney Lynch want to make sure that the construction industry is prepared for the use of drones. This new technology creates some great opportunities, but also requires some additional considerations and may require re-thinking your contracts.

Below are 10 key questions you need to ask about your drone policy. Does it...

1. Comply with the FAA Regulations?

2. Account for any state and local laws?

3. Address invasion of privacy/unauthorized recordings?

4. Address Intellectual Property rights consistently with any other contract documents?

5. Require the recording of a flight plan?

6. Require the documentation of the certification of the operator?

7. Require the identification and documentation of the spotters?

8. Require insurance that covers the use of drones?

9. Address retention and/or distribution of any camera footage/recordings?

10. Address the other important issues?

This cutting edge technology will find its way onto your construction project whether you are ready for it or not. Be prepared.

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