Kilpatrick Townsend

Supreme Court Update

By now, I’m certain everyone has stopped working and started staring into the sky to catch a glimpse of the Supreme Court Affordable Care Act decision dropping to Earth. Just as that sounds like a scene from a Hollywood movie, we are not short on drama in Washington as everyone waits for the decision to be released. Many rumors are flying about concerning how the Supreme Court might rule. The court could uphold the entire law, strike down the entire law or do anything in between. The latest rumor is that the court wants to avoid a split 5-4 decision, and so it will craft a very narrow opinion upholding the entire law that at least 6 judges can sign. Of course, this is simply a rumor. However, we do expect the court to wait until the last minute to release this decision, and so I would expect the decision to be released the week of June 25th, most likely towards the end of that week.