As some of you know, this week is JCEB week here in DC, when the Joint Committee on Employee Benefits meets with all the agencies.  This morning we met with HHS Office of Civil Rights, discussing important issues under the HIPAA privacy and security rules.  I want to thank the OCR staff for making this such a productive meeting.  They really put a lot of time and effort into these meetings, even though they are not required to do so.  The Q&As take some time to filter out onto the JCEB website, but I'm sure they will be available hopefully late summer.

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Knowledge assets are defined in the study as confidential information critical to the development, performance and marketing of a company’s core business, other than personal information that would trigger notice requirements under law. For example,
The new study shows dramatic increases in threats and awareness of threats to these “crown jewels,” as well as dramatic improvements in addressing those threats by the highest performing organizations. Awareness of the risk to knowledge assets increased as more respondents acknowledged that their