2013 Planning Teleconference

For the last several years our team has held our annual health and welfare teleconference in May, during which we discuss important planning items and issues applicable for the upcoming year. We are planning to have our annual teleconference again this year. However, we have also heard inquiries from many of you regarding the impact of the pending Supreme Court decision on the Affordable Care Act. The decision is expected to be released in June, most likely towards the end of June. While we do not think that it is likely that the Supreme Court decision will have an immediate effect on most aspects of the Affordable Care Act, even if the individual mandate is found to be unconstitutional, it would be beneficial to present these issues with certainty. Therefore, we have made the decision to postpone our teleconference until the Supreme Court decision is released. Again, we anticipate that this will occur in late June, after which we will schedule our teleconference for late June / early July. At this time, we also anticipate that the final HIPAA privacy / HITECH regulations will be published by then, which will allow us to discuss what plan sponsors need to do to comply with the final regulations. Thus, please stay tuned for what will be a very interesting second half of 2012!

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