Insights: Publications Moving Projects Forward in the Face of COVID-19

International Law Office (ILO)

Written by Courtney M. Lynch

Where we are. Though most cases are mild, the number of coronavirus (COVID-19) cases worldwide has now passed 115,000. The World Health Organization has called the coronavirus a pandemic. Last night, on a live broadcast, the President announced certain new travel restrictions from continental Europe for 30 days. Cities and schools are counting on the benefits of social distancing to keep the spread low; and reflecting such, classes are canceled and staff are being told to work from home.

So what does this mean for construction, an industry that depends upon the tangible—upon crews showing up at a jobsite and upon materials showing up as ordered and as expected? Though economic loss can never compare to the loss of human life that so many have experienced across the globe, the construction industry should prepare for the inevitable business interruptions that will occur as this global impact hits the shores of home, delays in schedule occur, and losses are felt economically.

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