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Zynga Inc. v. Bang With Friends Inc.
Representing Zynga Inc. in the Northern District of California to protect its trademark rights in the WITH FRIENDS family of brands against an online  more
Star Patrol Enterprises Inc. v. Saban Entertainment Inc.
Represented Saban Entertainment, Inc. against a complaint for copyright infringement, breach of contract, inducing breach of contract, and more
Overture Services Inc. v. Inc.
Represented Overture, Yahoo!’s predecessor in the paid online search business, in an action for computer trespass and violation of the federal more
DC Comics v. John Does 1-10
Represented DC Comics in this copyright infringement case filed against an unknown leaker of unreleased images from “The Watchmen” comic. DC Comics more
DC Comics; Time Warner; Disney Enterprises, Inc.; and Nike Inc. v. Steven Koh
Represented DC Comics, Disney, Nike, and Warner Bros. in a lawsuit against a swap meet owner and its vendors based on the sale of counterfeit and more
Dees v. Saban Entertainment Inc.
Represented Saban Entertainment Inc. (Saban) against claims of copyright infringement, unfair competition, and breach of contract. The more
Dudnikov et al. v. MGA Entertainment Inc.
Represented MGA Entertainment Inc., the owners of the Bratz property, in one of the first cases to address allegations of a wrongful ISP takedown more
Nancy Garen v. Steven Feder (ADA "Miss Cleo")
Represented the author of a Tarot card reading book against the operators of a 900 number line made famous by the “Miss Cleo” television more
Paramount Pictures Corporation v. Piche
Represented Paramount Pictures Corporation in copyright litigation. Paramount and Universal had plans to launch trailers for summer tent-pole films more
Fonovisa Inc. v. Cherry Auction Inc. (Representing The International Anticounterfeiting Coalition Inc.)
Represented the International Anticounterfeiting Coalition, Inc. in the Ninth Circuit and filed an Amicus Brief on behalf of numerous intellectual more

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Dennis L. Wilson

Experience Highlights

M2 Software Inc. v. Viacom Inc. et al.
Represented Viacom, Inc. in trademark infringement action in which M2 Software alleged that Viacom's use of its M2: Music Television mark more
Krav Maga Associations of America Inc. v. Eyal Yanilov et al.
Defended a group of Krav Maga instructors against a claim that their use of the term “Krav Maga” infringed the plaintiff’s alleged trademark right in more
Zynga Inc. v. Vostu USA Inc. et al.
Represented Zynga Inc. in multinational lawsuits against Vostu. Zynga alleged that Vostu had launched on a Brazilian social networking site several more
Blingville LLC v. Zynga Inc. et al.
Represented Zynga. The plaintiff was preparing to launch a social game called “BlingVille,” and filed a declaratory judgment action after receiving more