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18 August 2014
Lessons from the Recent Supreme Court Term: Ordinary Rules Apply in Patent Cases Legal Alerts
03 October 2011
Is An Express Contract Always Better?
Source: Law 360
29 July 2011
Myriad Questions with but Two Answers: Isolated DNA is Patentable Subject Matter but Certain Diagnostic Method Claims are Patent Ineligible Legal Alerts
31 May 2011
What You Know May Hurt You, but What You Try to Avoid Knowing May Hurt Just as Much: The Supreme Court Requires Knowledge of Patent Infringement to Justify Liability for Inducing Infringement, but “Willful Blindness” to Such Knowledge Equally Satisfies the “Knowledge” Requirement Under §271(b) Legal Alerts
26 May 2011
Back to the Future: the Federal Circuit Clarifies and Raises Standards for Proving Inequitable Conduct by Defining Requirements that Amount to Fraud on the Patent Office, the Historic Linguistic Description of Conduct to Render Patents Unenforceable Legal Alerts
01 February 2011
Is a §145 Action More a 'Trial' in a District Court or an 'Appeal' in a Circuit Court? The Federal Circuit Answers in Favor of Trial
Source: Intellectual Property & Technology Law Journal
27 January 2011
Divided Infringement Theory Knocked Out of Joint? Legal Alerts
10 January 2011
25 Percent Rule For Damages Is Now 100 Percent Dead; Expert Reports Must Now Predicate Damages On The Specific Circumstances Of The Case, Not General, Arbitrary Theories. Legal Alerts
20 December 2010
Method of Treatment Claims Alive and Well Legal Alerts
09 December 2010
Shades of Grayscale Federal Circuit Opines on Abstractness Post-Bilski Legal Alerts

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EON Corp. IP Holdings, LLC v. Motorola Mobility LLC
On March 5, 2014, Kilpatrick Townsend was successful on behalf of Motorola Mobility in winning summary judgment against EON Corp. IP Holdings, LLC more
GeoTag Inc. v. Victorinox Swiss Army Inc.
Successfully defended Victorinox Swiss Army, Inc. against claims of infringement of a patent related to a geographic search function in the Eastern more
First Amendment case for two large media entities
Represented two large media entities in a landmark First Amendment case. Successfully kept pretrial proceedings in a notorious criminal case open to more
Patent litigation for a German orthodontic equipment manufacturer
Represented a German orthodontic equipment manufacturer that was accused of infringing a patent held by one of the world's largest dental equipment more