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01 June 2012
Recent Developments Regarding Business Method Patents
Source: Virginia Lawyer
27 March 2007
Application of Attorney-Client Privilege and Work Product Immunity to Communications with Foreign Patent Practitioners
Source: Discovery in US Litigation: Compulsion and Compliance
01 June 2005
In Re Klopfenstein: The Federal Circuit's Unprecedented Expansion of the Definition of a Printed Publication
Source: published to the members of the IP Section of the Virginia State Bar
01 January 2004
Extinction Cross-Section Measurements of Bacillus globigii Aerosols
Source: Johns Hopkins APL Technical Digest
26 June 2003
Free-Space Optical Data Bus for Spacecraft
Source: Proceedings of the NASA Earth Sciences Technology Conference 2003
22 March 2002
Optical Characterization of Solid Rocket Motor Plumes
Source: Proceedings of the JANNAF 19th Safety and Environmental Protection Subcommittee Meeting
01 July 2001
Experimental and Theoretical Assessment of Mechanical and Optical Effects in Non-Uniformly Heated IR Windows
Source: Johns Hopkins APL Technical Digest
20 April 2001
Infrared Communications for Small Spacecraft: from a Wireless Bus to Cluster Concepts
Source: Proceedings of SPIE – Digital Wireless Communications III
20 April 2001
Measurement of Refractive Index and Relative Photoelastic Constant of Zinc Sulfide as a Function of Temperature
Source: Proceedings of SPIE – Window and Dome Technologies and Materials VII
26 January 2001
Optical BRDF and BSDF Measurements of Human Incisors at Visible and Infrared Wavelengths
Source: Proceedings of SPIE – Laser-Tissue Interaction XII: Photochemical, Photothermal, and Photomechanical

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