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06 April 2016
Expanded Earnings Stripping Proposed Rules Will Impact Typical Debt Push Downs Legal Alerts
31 March 2016
Unusual Fact Situation? Tennessee Supreme Court Upholds Imposition of Alternative Apportionment in Vodafone v. Roberts Legal Alerts
17 November 2015
Reporting (and Non-Reporting) of Federal Change
Source: State Tax Notes
17 August 2015
New York Sales Taxation of Electronic Commerce: Recent Developments
Source: State Tax Notes
20 July 2015
Taxing the Invisible: Applying State Tax Concepts to Nonoperating Entities
Source: State Tax Notes
15 May 2015
New York Provides Guidance on Cloud Computing Infrastructure as a Service
Source: State Tax Today
04 April 2014
New York's Proposed Budget Bill: Lawmakers Consider Complete Restructuring of Corporation Franchise, Bank Taxes
Source: Bloomberg BNA Weekly State Tax Report
20 April 2013
Old Statutes, Modern Technologies, and New York’s Deposit Factor
Source: State Tax Notes
08 April 2013
The New York Corporation Franchise Tax for the UDITPA Practitioner
Source: State Tax Notes
01 April 2013 and v. New York State Department of Taxation and Finance
Source: E-Commerce Law Reports, Volume 13, Issue 2

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What fully engaged means to me:

In my practice, fully engaged means providing practical, informed, and cost-effective solutions to state tax problems, taking into account impact on reserves, impact on other states, and client needs and objectives.

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Jeffrey S. Reed

Experience Highlights

District of Columbia Qualified High Technology Company benefits
Assisted in determining District of Columbia Qualified High Technology Company benefits eligibility. more
Corporate income tax and bank tax audits in New York
Resolved numerous significant New York corporate income tax and bank tax audits. more
Income apportionment for financial institution
Obtained a favorable Virginia income apportionment ruling for a financial institution. more
Purchase agreement for buyer of film credits
Represented buyer of transferable film credits and made revisions to purchase agreement. more