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06 July 2016
“Patents 4 Patients”: A New Cancer Immunotherapy “Fast Track” for U.S. Patent Applicants Legal Alerts
12 March 2015
IPRs and Exclusively Licensed Patents - Questions Regarding Real Parties in Interest Legal Alerts
27 February 2015
Innovations in Life Science Emerging Issues
24 November 2014
Pharmaceutical Patents Under Covered Business Method Review at USPTO??? Legal Alerts
13 June 2013
Supreme Court Rules on Patent Eligibility of DNA Sequences Legal Alerts
09 February 2012
PTO Proposes Rules for New Post Grant Proceedings Legal Alerts
29 July 2011
Myriad Questions with but Two Answers: Isolated DNA is Patentable Subject Matter but Certain Diagnostic Method Claims are Patent Ineligible Legal Alerts
10 June 2011
Supreme Court Clarifies Workings of the Bayh-Dole Act on Patent Rights to Inventions in Federally Funded Projects Legal Alerts
03 November 2010
He who pays the piper calls the tune. Or does he? The Supreme Court to decide who owns patent rights to inventions produced in federally funded projects? Legal Alerts
01 June 2010
No Legal Monopoly for Genes: Court Rules Genes Are Unpatentable Subject Matter
Source: Intellectual Prop. & Tech. Law J., 22(6): 8-13.
27 April 2010
"What's Inequitable?" En Banc Panel To Answer For Patent Prosecutors Legal Alerts
30 March 2010
No Legal Monopoly for Genes: District Court Rules Genes Unpatentable Subject Matter Legal Alerts
11 January 2010
Federal Circuit Issues Important Patent Term Adjustment Ruling Legal Alerts
05 November 2009
Challenge to Legality of Gene Patents May Proceed Legal Alerts
12 May 2009
Patent License Negotiation: Best Practices
Source: 6 J. Bus. Chem. 89
01 February 2008
Recent Supreme Court Decisions and Licensing Power
Source: 26 Nature Biotechnol. 183
26 October 2007
Best Practices in Patent License Negotiation
Source: 25 Nature Biotechnol. 1347
01 January 2006
Patent Due Diligence in Transactions
Source: Intellectual Property Desk Reference
Other Publications
01 January 2006
Doctrine of Equivalents and Prosecution History Estoppel
Source: Intellectual Property Desk Reference
Other Publications
01 January 2006
The Intersection Between Government Funding and Intellectual Property Rights – Authority and Issues to Consider Prior to Entering into Funding Agreements with the Federal Government
Source: Intellectual Property Desk Reference
Other Publications
16 August 2005
Intellectual Property Due Diligence in Strategic Transactions
Source: Kilpatrick Stockton LLP
Other Publications
01 July 2004
Another Step Forward for the Generics
Source: IAM Magazine
25 January 2002
Biotech Firms Look to be the Next Triad 'Cluster'
Source: The Business Journal
15 December 2000
Can Triad Take Advantage of Best 'Next' Thing?
Source: The Business Journal
01 October 2000
Personal Digital Assistants in Medicine
Source: M.D. NEWS Piedmont Triad
18 August 2000
High-Tech World of Napster Meets Copyright Law
Source: The Business Journal
15 July 1999
US Creates New Dangers in Patent Litigation
Source: IP Worldwide
28 December 1998
Location Could Be Everything for Potential Triad Research Park
Source: The Business Journal
19 October 1998
Patenting Business Methods: A Recent Patent Decision Alters the Competitive Landscape for a Wide Range of Businesses
Source: North Carolina Lawyers Weekly

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Patent and intellectual property representation for supplier of aerospace systems
Represented supplier of aerospace systems and services with patent and intellectual property related transactional issues in merger and acquisition more
Intellectual property related matters for a clinical laboratory services provider
Represent a clinical laboratory services provider in matters related to intellectual property issues arising in connection with due diligence more
Acquisition of a leading laboratory automation supplier by a large clinical laboratory network
The firm assisted on of the world's largest clinical laboratory networks in its acquisition of a leading laboratory automation supplier.  Our more
Intellectual asset acquisition for a major U.S. financial institution
Represented a major U.S. financial institution its investments and equipment loans to emerging life sciences companies, including performing merger more