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03 November 2016
Department of Justice Releases Guidance for Human Resources Professionals Legal Alerts
26 February 2015
U.S. Supreme Court Refines & Limits Antitrust State Action Defense Legal Alerts
11 February 2015
FTC v. St. Luke's Health System, Ltd.: Ninth Circuit Holds that Acquisition of Physician Group Practice Violates Antitrust Laws, Requires Divestiture Legal Alerts
20 January 2015
FTC Updates Merger Filing Thresholds Legal Alerts
11 April 2014
DOJ and FTC Release Policy Statement on Antitrust Implications of Information Sharing Legal Alerts
21 June 2013
FTC v. Actavis Legal Alerts
20 February 2013
FTC v. Phoebe Putney Health System, Inc., et al. Legal Alerts
10 January 2013
FTC Updates Merger Filing Thresholds Legal Alerts
30 January 2012
FTC Updates Merger Filing Thresholds Legal Alerts
02 March 2011
Department of Justice Reaches Settlement in First Traditional Section 2 Case Since 1999 Legal Alerts
01 February 2011
DOJ & FCC Approve Comcast-NBC Acquisition Legal Alerts
27 January 2011
FTC Updates Merger Filing Thresholds Legal Alerts
09 August 2010
The FTC's Intel Settlement Further Expands Reach of Section 5 of the FTC Act Legal Alerts
22 April 2010
Federal Antitrust Enforcers Release Proposed Revised Horizontal Merger Guidelines Legal Alerts
22 January 2010
FTC Updates HSR Act Thresholds Legal Alerts
27 February 2009
U.S. Supreme Court Rejects Antitrust Claim Based on Price-Squeeze Theory Legal Alerts
07 January 2009
FTC Updates HSR Act Thresholds Legal Alerts
07 May 2008
D.C. Circuit Overturns FTC's Finding that Patent Holder's Deception of Standard-Setting Organization Violated Antitrust Laws Legal Alerts
07 April 2008
What's 'Fair' at the FTC Now?
Source: Legal Times
04 April 2008
FTC Invokes "Unfair Competition" Powers in Standard Setting Dispute
Source: Washington Legal Foundation
06 February 2008
FTC Takes Expansive Approach in Challenging Patent Owner's Refusal to Honor Licensing Commitment to Standard Setting Body Legal Alerts
30 January 2008
FTC Updates Merger Reporting Thresholds Legal Alerts
05 November 2007
Courts Struggle to Sort Out Bundled Discounts
Source: National Law Journal
29 June 2007
Landmark Supreme Court Antitrust Case Overrules 96 Year Old Precedent in a 5-4 Decision Legal Alerts
23 May 2007
Supreme Court Decision Regarding Pleading Standards for Antitrust Conspiracy Raising the Bar for Notice Pleading in Federal Litigation Legal Alerts
01 May 2007
Patent Settlements Have Been Raising Concerns Under US Antitrust Laws
Source: Pharmaceutical Law Insight
20 March 2007
Will Another Per Se Rule Fall? Supreme Court May Drop Absolute Bar to Minimum Resale Price Maintenance
Source: Legal Times
23 February 2007
Supreme Court Provides Antitrust Defendants Protection against Predatory Bidding Claims Legal Alerts
21 December 2006
Securities Law Legal Alerts
12 July 2006
X SpA v. Y Srl: Swiss Courts Will Not Review International Arbitration Awards Dealing with Antitrust or Competition Law Legal Alerts
15 May 2006
Technology Companies Settle Pre-Merger Gun Jumping Case Legal Alerts
30 March 2006
European Commission Seeks to Limit Risk of Discovery of Corporate Statements in Civil Damages Proceedings Legal Alerts
01 March 2006
Supreme Court Holds That a Lawful Joint Venture May Set The Prices of All of Its Products Without Violating Federal Antirust Law Legal Alerts
01 March 2006
U.S. Supreme Court Eliminates Presumption That Patent Confers Market Power in Antitrust Tying Cases Legal Alerts
13 February 2006
Court of First Instance Upholds the European Comission's Decision to Block the GE/Honeywell Merger Legal Alerts
13 January 2006
Supreme Court Holds That Manufacturer May Sell Same Commodity at Different Wholesale Prices Without Violating the Robinson-Patman Act Legal Alerts
01 January 2006
The Antitrust & Intellectual Property Interface
Source: Intellectual Property Desk Reference
Other Publications
26 December 2005
Supreme Court Tackles Bundling
Source: Global Competition Review
07 November 2005
European Commission Issues Merger Remedy Study: Stricter Scrutiny of Proposed Remedies May Result Legal Alerts
14 September 2005
Intellectual Property Innovations Class: Antitrust Limits to Intellectual Property Rights Podcasts
12 July 2005
Antitrust Laws Get Some Teeth
Source: The National Law Journal
20 April 2005
Independent Ink Stain
Source: Legal Times
15 March 2005
Court Finds Patent Creates Presumption of Market Power in Antitrust Tying Actions
Source: Legal Opinion Letter
28 July 2004
Mind Your Markets
Source: Legal Times
15 July 2004
Antitrust & Intellectual Property Compendium
Source: Kilpatrick Stockton LLP
01 April 2004
Setting a Standard?
Source: Patent World
01 February 2004
Outside Influence: Recommendations from a Report by the US Antitrust Authorities
Source: Patent World
01 February 2004
US Antitrust Enforcers Focus on IP
Source: Intellectual Asset Management
01 January 2004
Can Regulatory Violations Be the Basis for Antitrust Liability?
Source: Competition in North America
31 December 2003
Kilpatrick Stockton Attorneys Offer Insight into FTC's Report for Improving Patent System
Source: Competition Law Insight
09 November 2003
An Extract From the 2004 Antitrust Review of the Americas, a Global Competition Review Special Report
Source: Global Competition Review
27 August 2003
Federal Antitrust Enforcers Focus on Intellectual Property Abuses
Source: Intellectual Property Today
01 January 2003
Recent Developments: Second Circuit Decision Keeps Spotlight on Antitrust Risks Associated with Exchanges of Salary Data Among Competitors
Source: The Trade Associations Committee Newsletter
01 August 2002
Antitrust/Intellectual Property Law Issues for the Transactional Lawyer
Source: e-Source
08 August 1994
Bills Balance Competition Policy and Antitrust Law: Reform Measures Offer Degrees of Exemptions for Health Care Industry
Source: The New York Law Journal
01 January 1992
Validity of Third-Party Discharge in Bankruptcy
Source: Fordham Law Review

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Antitrust class action for AT&T
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