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27 February 2017
Government Contracts ConneKTion Blog Blogs
08 September 2016
Reported Clearance of ChemChina’s $43 Billion Deal for Syngenta Underscores Need for Chinese Companies to Take a Proactive Approach to CFIUS Legal Alerts
15 August 2016
$6 Billion Chinese Acquisition Bid Submitted for CFIUS Review Serves as a Wake-Up Call for Companies to Evaluate and Mitigate CFIUS Risks Legal Alerts
23 March 2016
Demystifying The Attorney-Client Privilege
Source: Law360
18 February 2015
Facing Lawsuits Head On: Why Preparing for Trial From the Outset Will Keep You Out of the Courtroom
Source: Bloomberg BNA
01 February 2015
Five Easy Ways Contractors Can Preserve Claims
Source: Construction Executive
01 February 2014
Parameters of the Attorney-Client Privilege
Source: Construction Executive
01 August 2013
Don’t Ignore the Cost of Money
Source: Construction Executive
01 February 2013
Claims, Litigation and E-Discovery Readiness
Source: Construction Executive
01 October 2012
Predictive Coding Requires Guidance from Legal Counsel with E-Discovery Experience
Source: Construction Executive

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