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13 October 2017
California Enacts Law Barring Pre-Employment Inquiries About Salary History Legal Alerts
11 May 2017
New Georgia Law Allows Employees to Use Sick Leave for Care of Family Members Legal Alerts
02 May 2017
OSHA Rescinds Policy Allowing Union Access to Nonunionized Facilities Legal Alerts
06 April 2017
The Seventh Circuit Holds That Title VII Prohibits Sexual Orientation Discrimination: Key Takeaways for Employers Legal Alerts
28 March 2017
President Trump Nails Coffin Shut on Federal Contractor “Blacklisting” Under Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Rule Legal Alerts
23 November 2016
Federal Court Halts Implementation of the New White-Collar Exemption Regulations Legal Alerts
25 October 2016
Five Things Federal Contractors Need to Know About DOL’s Final Rule Establishing Paid Sick Leave
Source: Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP
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05 October 2016
California Continues to Broaden the Scope of Its Equal Pay Law Legal Alerts
28 September 2016
California Prohibits Employers from Requiring Out-of-State Litigation and Arbitration Legal Alerts
13 July 2016
NLRB Creates New Headaches for Employers Using Staffing Agency Workers Legal Alerts
10 June 2016
NLRB Holds That Hiring Permanent Strike Replacements Can Constitute an Unfair Labor Practice Legal Alerts
19 May 2016
DOL Releases Final Changes to White-Collar Exemption Rule That May Cause Millions of Employees to Become Eligible for Overtime Pay Legal Alerts
07 October 2015
New California Law Gives Employers an Opportunity to Avoid Certain Lawsuits Alleging Defective Wage Statements Legal Alerts
09 September 2015
President Obama Signs Executive Order Requiring Paid Sick Leave for Federal Contractors’ Employees Legal Alerts
28 August 2015
NLRB Expands Concept of Joint Employers Legal Alerts
20 July 2015
EEOC Holds That Title VII Prohibits Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation Legal Alerts
01 July 2015
DOL Releases Proposed Changes to White-Collar Exemption Rules Estimated to Affect Five Million Employees Legal Alerts
29 June 2015
Supreme Court’s Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage Will Affect Employers Legal Alerts
03 June 2015
Supreme Court Holds That Adverse Employment Action Based on Mere Suspicion of Need for Religious Accommodation May Violate Title VII Legal Alerts
08 April 2015
New NLRB Rules on Union Elections Take Effect April 14 Legal Alerts
06 April 2015
SEC Takes Aim at Employee Confidentiality Agreements with “Potential Chilling Effect” on Whistleblowers Legal Alerts
26 March 2015
Supreme Court Announces Standards for Analyzing Failure-to-Accommodate Claims by Pregnant Employees Legal Alerts
23 March 2015
NLRB General Counsel Issues Report Discussing Unlawful Personnel Policies Under the National Labor Relations Act Legal Alerts
26 February 2015
Department of Labor Broadens Family and Medical Leave Act Protections for Same-Sex Spouses Legal Alerts
15 December 2014
NLRB Issues Final Rule Speeding Up Time Frame for Union Elections Legal Alerts
12 December 2014
NLRB Changes the Law on Employee Use of Employer Email Systems Legal Alerts
10 December 2014
Supreme Court Holds Postshift Security Screenings Need Not Be Counted As Compensable Working Time Legal Alerts
29 August 2014
Ninth Circuit Upholds “Right to Control” as Primary Test of Independent Contractor or Employee Status Legal Alerts
27 August 2014
NLRB Rules That Employee's Use of the Facebook "Like" Feature Can Be Protected Activity Legal Alerts
11 August 2014
Department of Labor Proposes New Equal Pay Report Legal Alerts
05 August 2014
NLRB General Counsel Allows Complaints Against Franchisees to Proceed Against Franchisor Under Joint-Employer Theory Legal Alerts
01 August 2014
President Obama Signs Executive Order Requiring Disclosure of Labor and Employment Law Violations Legal Alerts
21 July 2014
President Obama Signs Executive Order Prohibiting Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Discrimination by Federal Contractors Legal Alerts
17 July 2014
EEOC Guidance on Pregnancy Discrimination Addresses Reasonable Accommodation, Light-Duty Parity for Pregnant Employees Legal Alerts
26 June 2014
Supreme Court Invalidates Recess Appointments to the NLRB Legal Alerts
23 June 2014
Proposed Changes to FMLA Regulations Would Extend Leave Rights for Same-Sex Spouses Legal Alerts
13 June 2014
Department of Labor Announces Proposed Regulations Interpreting Minimum Wage Requirements for Federal Contractors Legal Alerts
28 May 2014
NLRB Extends Its Reach Through Referral Pact with OSHA Legal Alerts
10 April 2014
Employees of Federal Contractors and Subcontractors Are Entitled to Discuss Compensation Under New Executive Order Legal Alerts
31 March 2014
Fifth Circuit Upholds Finding That Overly Broad Confidentiality Agreement Violated the National Labor Relations Act Legal Alerts
06 February 2014
NLRB Proposes Changes to Election Rules...Again Legal Alerts
04 December 2013
Fifth Circuit Denies Enforcement to NLRB Decision Invalidating Class-Action Waivers in Arbitration Agreements Legal Alerts
31 July 2013
Senate Confirms NLRB Nominees, Returns Board to Full Strength Legal Alerts
25 June 2013
Supreme Court Defines "Supervisor" for Workplace Harassment Liability Purposes Legal Alerts
14 May 2013
Occupational Safety and Health Administration Opens the Door for Unions to Enter Non-Unionized Workplaces Legal Alerts
08 May 2013
D.C. Circuit Court Invalidates NLRB's Poster Rule Legal Alerts
25 January 2013
D.C. Circuit Invalidates President Obama's Recess Appointments to the NLRB Legal Alerts
26 December 2012
NLRB Requires Employers to Bargain with Unions Prior to Imposing Discipline Legal Alerts
10 October 2012
NLRB Finds Employer Lawfully Discharged Employee for Facebook Posting Legal Alerts
10 September 2012
Rules Regarding the Confidentiality of Workplace Investigations Can Violate the National Labor Relations Act Legal Alerts
16 July 2012
Independent Contractor Classifications Hold Many Risks
Source: Society for Human Resource Management Legal Report
06 June 2012
National Labor Relations Board Provides a Road Map for Social Media Policies Legal Alerts
15 May 2012
Federal Court Strikes Down NLRB's Revised Representation Case Rules Legal Alerts
18 April 2012
Reigning In Workplace Hazards: OSHA's New Standards
Source: Law360
17 April 2012
NLRB Posting Requirement Further Delayed Legal Alerts
26 March 2012
OSHA Revises Hazard Communication Standard Legal Alerts
01 February 2012
The NLRB Further Paves the Way for Mini-Bargaining Units Legal Alerts
28 December 2011
NLRB Again Postpones Effective Date for NLRA Poster Requirement Legal Alerts
22 December 2011
NLRB Issues Final Rule Changing Some of Its Union Election Procedures Legal Alerts
01 November 2011
Social = Concerted
Source: Corporate Counsel Magazine
07 October 2011
NLRB Postpones Effective Date for NLRA Poster Requirement Legal Alerts
27 September 2011
Social Media at Work: What Every Employer Should Know Podcasts
12 September 2011
NLRB Issues Final Rules Requiring Employers to Inform Employees of Their Right to Form and Join Labor Unions Legal Alerts
12 August 2011
Individual Griping by Employees on Facebook Not Protected Concerted Activity Says NLRB Advice Division Legal Alerts
29 June 2011
NLRB Seeks to Streamline Union Election Process Legal Alerts
01 June 2011
Oh Rats! The NLRB Further Deflates Secondary Activity Limitations Legal Alerts
07 February 2011
Discharge to Prevent an Employee from Exercising NLRA Rights Is Unlawful Legal Alerts
10 December 2010
NLRB Upholds Pre-Recognition Agreement Setting Future Terms and Conditions of Employment Legal Alerts
01 November 2010
Occupational Safety and Health Administration Extends Recordkeeping Emphasis Program Legal Alerts
07 September 2010
NLRB Upholds Right of Unions to Display Banners Aimed at Employers Not Directly Involved in a Labor Dispute Legal Alerts
01 September 2010
Final Rules Issued on Project Labor Agreements for Federal Construction Projects
Source: Real Estate Finance Journal
26 August 2010
Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission Restores Broad “Controlling Employer” Liability in the Construction Industry Legal Alerts
26 July 2010
New Posting Requirement Regarding NLRA Rights Will Have a Major Impact on Construction Contractors: Will You Be Prepared? Legal Alerts
18 June 2010
The U.S. Supreme Court Rules Nearly 600 NLRB Decisions Were Issued Without Authority. Legal Alerts
20 May 2010
Department of Labor Issues Final Rules on NLRA Posting Requirements Legal Alerts
13 May 2010
The Growing Tidal Wave: Trends in Wage and Hour Class Litigation Webinar Podcasts
13 April 2010
Federal District Court Expands Reach of Sarbanes-Oxley Whistleblower Protection Legal Alerts
17 March 2010
OSHA Amends Notice Requirements for Employees Exposed to Hexavalent Chromium Legal Alerts
06 January 2010
Employee's Online Endorsements Can Result in Employer Liability Legal Alerts
23 December 2009
Recent Trends In Health Care Wage And Hour Law
Source: Law360
03 April 2009
Supreme Court Okays Collective Bargaining Agreements Requiring Mandatory Arbitration of Age Discrimination Claims Legal Alerts
12 January 2006
Workplace Acess to Internet Pornography Sites Can Create Unexpected Liability for Employers Legal Alerts
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