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08 November 2017
3 Top Takeaways: Anti-Corruption in Mexico Legal Alerts
16 October 2017
3 Key Takeaways: Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Trends in 2017 Legal Alerts
01 September 2016
Latest Developments in U.S. FCPA Enforcement
Source: Insight: The Journal of the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai
10 November 2015
Parallel Lives: How Brazil and the United States Consider Leniency Agreements and Compliance Programs
Source: Inside Newsletter
22 September 2015
The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and International Anti-Corruption Efforts Podcasts
10 March 2015
Getting to the Truth
Source: Insight, the Journal of the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai
09 September 2014
Indemnification, Advancement, and Insurance Coverage: Food for Thought When an Employee Is Charged with a Crime Legal Alerts
25 June 2014
Monday, June 30th is the Deadline for Foreign Bank Account Reporting to IRS Legal Alerts
19 April 2012
What is Unauthorized Access Under the CFAA? Lessons Learned from United States v. Nosal Legal Alerts
03 October 2011
Not Business As Usual: Avoiding Criminal Penalties When Interacting with Public Officials
Source: Bloomberg Law Reports
26 August 2010
New Law Offers Large Incentives for FCPA Whistleblowers Legal Alerts
21 June 2010
Justice for One: Attorney General Holder Sets Individualized Prosecution Guidelines Legal Alerts
Corporate Espionage Emerging Issues

White Collar Litigation

Experience Highlights

Criminal liability and government disclosures related to internal computer audits
Advised a Fortune 500 company on criminal liability and government disclosures related to internal computer audits. more
Fraud investigation and compliance review
Conducted an internal investigation for a company concerning alleged fraudulent conduct in the Philippines by company employees and third-party more
FCPA investigation in South America
Conducted an internal FCPA investigation for a manufacturer relating to conduct in Argentina. The investigation included reviewing materials in more
Trademark infringement for a large American retail company
Assisted large American retail company in investigating and pursuing trademark infringement in Asia, including potential criminal and civil remedies. more

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