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23 September 2017
The Board's Role in Risk Management & Insurance – Boot Camp for New Members of Nonprofit Boards Events
23 August 2017
Insurance Coverage for Data Breach and Privacy Violations: Current Status of Coverage Under D&O, E&O and Cyber Policies Events
01 April 2017
The Board's Role in Risk Management & Insurance – Boot Camp for New Members of Nonprofit Boards Events
09 March 2017
Bad Faith Overview – Not Just A Question of Whether The Insurer Pays Events
03 March 2017
"Money Money Money Money" – In Today’s World: Insurance Implications for the Evolving FinTech Industry Events
03 March 2017
Rates Matter! Using the Tactics of Negotiation to Obtain Reasonable Rates for Defense Counsel Events
02 March 2017
New Economy Businesses Need New Insurance: Can The Insurance Industry Keep Up? Events
24 February 2017
Discoverability of Communications Between Insurers and Reinsurers Events
12 January 2017
Statutory Damages: The Murky Void Between Compensation and Punishment Events
30 November 2016
Emerging Threats and New Areas of Coverage Events
14 November 2016
Risk Management in Underground Construction Conference Events
03 November 2016
2016 ILPC/TICA Annual Conference Events
26 October 2016
Cyber Insurance: How It Works, How to Select a Policy, and Emerging Trends and Practices Events
20 October 2016
Coverage Across Borders: International Insurance Claims Events
20 October 2016
Been There, Done That! Now What Else Shall I Do? Events
20 October 2016
Statutory Damages: The Murky Void Between Compensation and Punishment Events
26 July 2016
The D&O and Management Liability Marketplace: The Latest Products, Coverage Issues, and Claims and Underwriting Trends Events
23 June 2016
Transition to Umbrella and Excess Coverage: Primary Coverage Exhaustion, Exhaustion of Policy Limits, Horizontal Exhaustion, Duty to Defend and Zieg/Qualcomm, and Exhausting SIR/Deductibles Events
16 June 2016
NACDL 6th Annual West Coast White Collar Conference Events
26 May 2016
Insurance Coverage for Data Breaches and Privacy Violations: Are Your Corporate Clients Adequately Protected? Events
04 May 2016
Cyber Liability Events
09 April 2016
Japanese Tsunami and Contingent Business Interruption Losses Events
31 March 2016
Cyber Insurance (How to Get Paid) and Data Breach Class Actions (How To Not Pay) Events
21 March 2016
Cyber Insurance: Latest Developments in 2016 Events
03 March 2016
Where the Math Meets the Law: Valuing State Law on Allocation and Related Issues Events
27 February 2016
Risk Management and Insurance – Boot Camp for New Members of Nonprofit Boards Events
19 February 2016
The 2015 Amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and Your Coverage Case Events
12 February 2016
Faster, Cheaper, Better Arbitration: The Delaware Rapid Arbitration Act & Beyond Events
22 January 2016
2016 ACCEC Insurance Law Symposium Events
20 November 2015
ACI National Forum on Bad Faith Claims & Litigation Events
14 November 2015
Risk Management and Insurance – Boot Camp for New Members of Nonprofit Boards Events
12 November 2015
The Secret is Out – Insurance Coverage for Violation of Privacy Lawsuits Events
17 August 2015
Cyber Liability Insurance Requirements Events
31 July 2015
Liability For Alleged Police Misconduct – The Legal Landscape After Ferguson, Missouri Events
27 July 2015
View From the Bench: Judicial Insight on the Latest Claims, Theories and Discovery Issues Events
27 June 2015
Risk Management and Insurance – Boot Camp for New Members of Nonprofit Boards Events
25 June 2015
Excess Insurance: Questions Raised byQualcomm and Issues Relating to the Duty to Defend Events
03 June 2015
RISE Bi-Monthly Meeting Events
19 May 2015
Insurance Coverage for Data Breaches and Privacy Violations: Are Your Corporate Clients Adequately Protected? (Updated Presentation) Events
21 April 2015
Navigating an Insurance Coverage Dispute – Obtaining Insurance Coverage in Commercial Litigation Where You Wouldn’t Expect It Events
21 March 2015
Risk Management and Insurance – Boot Camp for New Members of Nonprofit Boards Events
19 March 2015
Love & Marriage…Getting Insurance Coverage for Complex Claims Without Causing the Insured and the Insurance Company to Get a Divorce Events
07 March 2015
Which Came First, The Chicken or the Egg? How Courts Apply the Concurrent Causation Doctrine to Resolve Disputes in First-Party Property Claims Events
06 March 2015
Plenary Session: Doing the Settlement Two-Step: Strategies for Mediating the Underlying Case along with the Coverage Dispute Events
05 March 2015
Exploring the Excess Exposure Playbook Events
05 March 2015
Eight Corners Rule Events
05 March 2015
Well, That Didn't Go Right" – The Judges Panel on Perfecting Your Appeal Events
04 March 2015
The Underwriter Deposition Zone: Practice Tips and Potential Pitfalls Events
20 February 2015
Wind v. Water? The Answer my Friend is Blowing In the Wind (or Soaking in the Flood) Events
05 February 2015
The Duty to Defend, Bad Faith Claims Based on Breach of the Duty Events
15 January 2015
Cyber Insurance Events
15 November 2014
Risk Management & Insurance Events
29 October 2014
State of Insurance Allocation Events
21 October 2014
Controlling Verbal and Written Communications (Including Document Retention) Events
20 October 2014
D&O Liability, Indemnification and Insurance: Understanding, Limiting, and Insurance Against Risk Events
17 October 2014
New Horizons, New Risks: The Insurance Industry Responds...Or Does It? Events
24 June 2014
"And I Thought Government Contracts Were Tough!" - How Your Insurance Contracts Impact Your Government Contract Work, and Vice-Versa Events
03 June 2014
Cyber-Liability Insurance Coverage for Financial Institutions Events
07 May 2014
Insurance Coverage for Statutory and Liquidated Damages and Attorney Fees: Policyholder and Insurer Perspectives Events
07 May 2014
The Attorney Client Privilege Under Attack Events
24 April 2014
Mock Mediation of a Property Insurance Claim: Focusing on Preparation as the Key to Success Events
26 February 2014
Insurance Coverage for Data Breaches and Privacy Violations: Are Your Corporate Clients Truly Protected? Events
22 February 2014
Natural Disasters: Resolution of Coverage Disputes Events
04 December 2013
Insurance Defense Costs: Coveage and Recoupment Best Paractices - Advocating the Defense Cost Issue to Maximize Recovery or Limit Exposure Events
03 December 2013
Navigating the Claim Process in the Wake of an Environmental Disaster: Pre-Disaster Planning and Post-Loss Emergency Response and Navigation Through the Insurance Claim Process Events
22 November 2013
The Aftermath of Failed Financial Institutions Including the Impact of Insolvency on Coverage, Claims and Costs Events
29 October 2013
The Basics of Insurance Events
28 October 2013
Recoupment of Defense & Indemnity: The Mechanics of Buss and Blue Ridge Actions Events
21 October 2013
Power Failures, Floods, and Earthquakes: Business Interruption and Extra Expense Coverage From the Policyholder's Perspective Events
15 October 2013
Claims Handling Issues for Professional Liability Claims in the Bankruptcy/Financial Insolvency Context Events
15 October 2013
Aftermath of a Disaster: Emergency Response and Crisis Management Following a Catastrophic Environmental Loss and the Role of Insurance Counsel Events
26 June 2013
Judgments, D&O Liability, & Business Claims Events
22 May 2013
Insurance in the Construction Industry Events
22 May 2013
Loss Prevention Events
22 April 2013
Filing an Insurance Claim Events
20 March 2013
Buying Insurance Events
02 March 2013
Litigation Financing: The Legal & Economic Implications of Third Party Funding of Lawsuits Events
02 March 2013
The Deal-Slayers – Settlement Landmines in Recent Case Law Events
01 March 2013
The High Cost of Privacy Violation Lawsuits and How Insurance May Provide Some Cover Events
20 February 2013
Understanding Insurance Events
01 February 2013
That Was A Secret! – Insurance Coverage for Privacy Violation Lawsuits Events
15 January 2013
Gotcha! Top Traps for Risk Professionals Events
18 December 2012
Maximizing Catastrophic Loss Insurance Recovery: Priority Action Items for Winning the Coverage Battle Events
11 December 2012
Directors and Officers Liability Insurance Review Events
25 October 2012
Insurance Coverage and Alternative Project Delivery Events
18 October 2012
New Developments in Securities Liability Coverage for Directors and Officers Events
18 October 2012
Moderator, Women in Insurance Networking CLE Workshop, ABA Section of Litigation Insurance Coverage Litigation Committee Events
15 October 2012
Business Interruption and Extra Expense Coverage – The Policyholder’s Perspective Events
20 April 2012
Herding Cats: The Difficulties Related to Mediating Complex Matters with Multiple Insurers Events
03 March 2012
Insurance Coverage for Data Breaches, Denial-of-Service Attacks, and Cybersecurity Events Events
01 March 2012
Now You See It; Now You Don't: Recent Trends Among Cases Addressing Coverage for and Recoupment of Defense Costs Events
16 February 2012
Positioning for the Business Insurance Claim Events
11 January 2012
Hot Topics in Insurance Coverage Events
02 January 2012
Top 10 Traps for Insurance Professionals Events
08 November 2011
KT Breakfast Briefing - Insuring Cyber Risks: Practical Advice for Protecting Your Business From Electronic Losses Events
19 October 2011
Maximizing Your Insurance Assets: Directors and Officers Liability Insurance Events
01 September 2011
What Do You Mean We’re Not Covered?! – A Closer Look at Insurer Disputes Events
03 August 2011
Directors and Officers Liability and Insurance Events
29 June 2011
Property Damage and Business Interruption Insurance in the Wake of Catastrophes Events
10 May 2011
Coverage for Governmental Investigations Under Directors' and Officers' Liability Insurance Policies Events
06 May 2011
Key Considerations for Maximizing Insurance for Internal Investigations under D&O Liability Policies Events
04 May 2011
Construction Law Seminar: Insurance to Manage Risks and Resolve Claims Events
30 April 2011
Business Interruption Claims and the Unique Effect of a Catastrophe Events
05 March 2011
Who's on First? – Strategies for Addressing Allocation Issues in D&O Coverage Disputes Events
23 February 2011
The Bank Has Failed: Now What? - Insurance Coverage Issues Events
16 February 2011
What Your Organization Needs to Know about Insurance and Risk Management: Loss Prevention Events
11 February 2011
Insurance Tutorial: How to Negotiate and Settle Claims Events
03 February 2011
Director Liability and D&O Insurance Coverage Events
01 February 2011
ACC Mountain West Chapter 6th Annual CLE and Ski Event Events
12 January 2011
What Your Organization Needs to Know About Insurance & Risk Management: Filing an Insurance Claim Events
01 January 2011
Gotcha! Top 10 Insurance Traps for Corporate Counsel Events
15 December 2010
What Your Organization Needs to Know About Insurance & Risk Management: Buying Insurance Events
17 November 2010
What Your Organization Needs to Know about Insurance and Risk Management: Understanding Insurance Events
17 November 2010
What Your Organization Needs to Know about Insurance and Risk Management: Understanding Insurance Events
17 November 2010
Understanding Insurance Events
05 May 2010
Construction Law Seminar: You've Paid the Premiums: Now Do You Have Any Coverage? Events
26 February 2010
ACC Mountain West Chapter 5th Annual CLE and Ski Event Events
16 May 2009
ABA Torts Trial and Insurance Coverage Section, Builder's Risk Coverage - A Summary Events
04 May 2009
What A Difference A Year Makes! Recent D&O Insurance Developments and Other Financial Crisis Considerations Events
21 April 2009
Top Ten Litigation Traps for Risk Professionals Events
12 March 2009
2008 - A Year in Review: The Policyholder's Perspective - 2008 Bad Faith Case Law from the 2005 Hurricane Season Events
06 March 2009
Gotcha! Top Ten Insurance Settlement Traps Events
24 February 2009
Catastrophic Losses: Hurricane Ike and the Resulting Coverage Issues and Damage Considerations Events
16 February 2009
Protecting Your Company’s Assets: Maximizing Insurance Coverage for Benzene-Related Liability Claims Events
01 January 2009
Hot Topics in D&O Insurance Events
01 January 2009
Climate Change and Insurance: Anticipating Liabilities and Coverage Risks Events
12 November 2008
Maximizing Your Insurance Assets (With a Specific Focus on D&O Insurance) Events
28 October 2008
Allocation Issues in Construction Defect Claims Events
05 June 2008
IP Innovations Class: Trends in Insurance Coverage for Intellectual Property Disputes Events
19 May 2008
D&O Insurance 'Catch 22s': Recent D&O Insurance Developments Relating to Derivative Actions, Special Litigation Committee Costs, and Other Impediments to Settlement Events
13 May 2008
Side A/DIC: New Strategies for Overcoming Coverage Applications Events
28 April 2008
Key Directors & Officers Liability Coverage Issues Events
17 April 2008
Gotcha! Top Ten Insurance Traps for Litigators Events
29 February 2008
Show Me the Money Events
28 February 2008
To Renew or Not to Renew Events
17 October 2007
Keeping Insurer Informed is Best Strategy for Policy/Holder Events
01 June 2007
Is D&O Liability on the Horizon, and Will It Be Covered? Events
30 March 2007
Texas Court Update Regarding Recent Opinions Dealing with Personal Automobile Insurance Policies, 2006-07 Events
16 February 2007
Insurer Liability to Cover Stipulated Judgments Events
14 February 2007
Issues Arising from the Tripartite Relationship Events
26 January 2007
Risk Transfer, Indemnity and Additional Insured Coverage Events
23 January 2007
Emerging Limitations on Punitive Damages Awards Events
23 January 2007
Best Claims-Handling Practices Events
21 June 2006
Coverage in the Context of Hurricane Katrina Events
23 May 2006
D&O Audits: Pre-Purchase Negotiations Can Maximize Insurance Protections Events
17 May 2006
Financing Community and Economic Recovery Following a Disaster Events
01 May 2006
Negotiating Policy Terms and Conditions: Taking a Fresh Look at an Old Policy Events
28 April 2006
Prying Open Insurer Checkbooks: Notice and Cooperation Issues That Maximize Policyholder Recovery Events
27 April 2006
Settlement Strategies, Lodestar Analyses, and the Additional Participant Insurance Events
11 April 2006
Sparking More Interest in Insurance Coverage for Welding Rod Litigation Events
01 April 2006
Insurance Coverage Issues in Welding Rod Litigation Events
01 April 2006
Insurance Recovery: Winning Tips for Maximizing Your Coverage Rights Events
01 March 2006
I Want A Divorce! Update on Current Battles Involving D&O Rescission and Severability Issues Events
23 February 2006
Employment Practices Liability Insurance, and Ten Steps to Better Coverage Events
01 February 2006
What to Do When You Get Sued: Insurance Issues Events
17 October 2005
Rescission, Severability, and Practical Steps to Minimize D&O Coverage Disputes Events
12 October 2005
Rescission, Severability & Coverage Denial Arguments Events
13 September 2005
Insurance in the Gaming Industry: Making the Most of It Events
17 June 2005
Rescission and Severability: Winning Arguments For And Against Coverage Denials Events
16 June 2005
Policyholder's Checklist to Avoid Rescission and Increase D&O Protections Events
04 June 2005
Who’s in Charge?: Supervisory Ethics and the Professional (Non) Preparation of the Next Generation of Lawyers Events
15 March 2005
Insurance Coverage Component: Welding Rod Litigation Events
15 March 2005
Introduction to Legal Process: Insurance Coverage for Mediator Candidates Events
28 February 2005
Trial Tips in Insurance Cases Events
03 December 2004
Key Factors in Selecting, Negotiating and Purchasing Insurance Events
07 September 2004
Shifting Risks – Proposed 2004 ISO Endorsements Events
07 August 2004
New Policies = New Challenges: Advertising Injury Coverage for Intellectual Property Claims Events
06 May 2004
Houston, We Have a Problem: Punitive Damages Control Events
15 April 2004
Directors and Officers Liability Insurance as the Industry Adapts to Corporate Scandals Events
19 March 2004
Directors and Officers Insurance In A Period of Corporate Scrutiny - You Can't Do Business Without It! Events
06 March 2004
As the Dust Settles: The D&O Market Deals with the Corporate Governance Crisis Events
20 February 2004
Advanced Mediation Training for Insurance Coverage Disputes Events
09 December 2003
Directors and Officers Liability Insurance in an Era of Corporate Scrutiny Events
01 September 2003
Ten Steps To Maximize Your Insurance Against Nanotech Risks and Claims Events
01 August 2003
The Impact of Corporate Collapses and Scandals, and What You Need to Know Now Events
07 May 2003
Wearing New Sox: The New Era of D&O Coverage as Insureds Deal with Corporate Scandals and Sarbanes-Oxley Events
01 April 2003
D&O Insurance After Enron Events
01 May 2002
Avoid the Top Ten Insurance Mistakes - Adapting to the New Environment Events
01 April 2002
Practical Application of Classic Toxic Tort Insurance Principles: Compare and Contrast Mold and Asbestos Claims Events
01 March 2002
Oh No! My Killer Tomato Attacked and I Have an Insurance Claim-An Overview of Insurance Coverage Issues for Biotech Claims Events
01 March 2001
I Love You, Melissa, But Will You Cover Me? Insurance Coverage for Computer Viruses, Bugs, and Problems Events
01 September 2000
Insurer and Policyholder Perspectives Events
01 March 2000
Y2K Update Events
01 March 2000
After the Verdict: Potential Aftershocks of the Snider, et al. vs. State Farm After Market Parts Trial and More Lessons from Campbell vs. State Farm Events
01 January 2000
Insurance Coverage in the New Millennium: Y2K Coverage and Environmental Coverage Update Events
01 November 1999
Insurance Coverage Law in California Events
01 September 1999
Insurance Coverage Law in California Events
01 July 1999
Mealey's Y2K Insurance Conference Events
01 November 1995
Insurance Coverage Litigation from the Government Contractor's Perspective Events

Insurance Recovery

Experience Highlights

Insurance recovery for flood losses in Portugal
Lead counsel for defense contractor on claim under a builders risk/property policy for flood damage that shut down construction and significantly more
Insurance recovery for Texas hail storm claim
Secured insurance coverage for major debt collection company in connection property damage caused to a number of its Texas facilities as a result of more
Favorable jury verdict in insurance coverage action
Represented ABT Building Products Corp. and ABT Co. Inc., one of the largest manufacturers of building materials in North America, and working more
Insurance coverage litigation for large pharmaceutical outsourcing company
Represented the largest outsourcing company for the pharmaceutical industry, in connection with a claim against its carrier arising out of a more

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