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17 June 2016
3 Questions On A Path To A More Unified E-Discovery Team
Source: The Relativity Blog
17 May 2013
Interdisciplinary Teams: Why It Is in Your Interest to Have Collaboration Between Legal, IT, and Records Management
Source: Kilpatrick Townsend
11 April 2013
Litigation Readiness: Best Practices for Managing eDiscovery
Source: Kilpatrick Townsend
03 May 2012
Does Predictive Coding Spell Doom for Entry-Level Associates?
Source: Fulton County Daily Report & Law Technology News
01 January 2012
Robust Cloud Computing e-Discovery Platform
Source: Patent Application Number 20130173499 (Patent Pending)
Other Publications
01 April 2010
Insurance 101 - Insights for Young Lawyers: The Perils of E-Discovery -- Landmines for the Client and the Counsel
Source: Coverage
05 October 2009
Leverage Economic Constraints to Strategic Advantage
Source: New York Law Journal
01 May 2009
Trademark-Related Discovery Plans in the Age of E-Mail
Source: The Practical Litigator
01 February 2009
How Can I Best Manage the E-Discovery Process in the US?
Source: Managing IP Magazine
22 August 2007
Surviving eDiscovery
Source: Storage Magazine