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23 October 2017
Getting Buy-in Through Client-Centered Training Events
07 August 2017
How to Manage 26(f) Meet and Confers Events
27 July 2017
4 E-Discovery Strategies for GCs Under the New Federal Rules Events
27 April 2017
Three Hot Topics in E-Discovery Events
19 January 2017
Conducting Defensible and Effective Document Collections Events
17 October 2016
Creative Ways to Use Relativity Events
12 October 2016
Creative Solutions for Relativity Workflows Events
12 October 2016
3 Hot Topics in E-Discovery: (1) Managing Discovery in the EU; (2) Fulfilling Your Ethical Obligations in California and Beyond; and (3) Changes to the FRCP and How They Affect Discovery Events
11 October 2016
LitIntake 2.0 Presentation and Demonstration Events
10 October 2016
Non-Traditional Ways to Use Relativity Events
16 September 2016
Three Hot Topics in E-Discovery Events
13 September 2016
E-Discovery for Litigation Paralegals: (1) Changes to the Federal Rules and How They Affect Us; (2) Technological Advances in E-Discovery for Effective ECA and Streamlined Document Review; (3) International Privacy Concerns and E-Discovery Events
23 May 2016
Overcoming Objections to Utilizing TAR Events
29 April 2016
Managing Discovery in the EU Events
18 March 2016
Crafting Effective Legal E-Discovery Documents Events
25 February 2016
The New Rule 34(b): Managing e-Discovery Requests, Objections & Other Fun Stuff Events
25 January 2016
Tips for Creating Efficiencies and Ensuring Defensibility in E-Discovery Events
25 January 2016
What You Need to Know About E-Discovery for the Novice Events
03 December 2015
2015 FRCP Amendments: What’s New in ESI? Events
03 December 2015
Crafting Effective Legal E-Discovery Documents Events
03 December 2015
International Privacy Concerns and E-Discovery Events
13 October 2015
Budgeting for E-Discovery – EDRM Events
22 September 2015
Upcoming Rule Changes Events
06 August 2015
E-Discovery in Trademark Cases Events
17 July 2015
How to Effectively Utilize Project Management Tools in E-Discovery Events
08 July 2015
Ethical Issues in E-Discovery and Changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Events
29 June 2015
Preparing for the Data Privacy Future Events
20 May 2015
Ethical Issues in E-Discovery Events
22 April 2015
Social Media & Legal Consequences of Modern Communication Events
13 October 2014
Bringing Relativity In-House: A Real World Law Firm Story Events
07 February 2014
Managing Litigation in the Digital World Events
01 November 2013
Co-Chair, ICLE E-Discovery Seminar Events
04 April 2013
Ediscovery Evolved: Smart Searching Events
04 April 2013
e-Discovery Evolved – Smart Searching Events
07 February 2013
eDiscovery: The Nuts and Bolts of Preservation and Collection Events
07 February 2013
Best Practices in Document Production Events
06 February 2013
Identifying and Preserving ESI Events
29 January 2013
Predictive Coding for Investigations & Regulatory Matters Events
29 January 2013
Key Ethical Concerns for Lawyers in e-Discovery Events
16 January 2013
Litigation Readiness Events
06 December 2012
The Economics of e-Discovery: Defensibly Controlling Costs Events
02 November 2012
Preservation and Legal Holds Events
23 May 2012
Annual E-Discovery Update Events
01 March 2012
Avoiding E-Disasters – Practical Guidance for Electronic Data Management and the E-Discovery Process Events
15 February 2012
2012 Construction Law Seminar - Discovery Issues in Construction Claims Events
31 January 2012
A GC’s Nightmare: A US e-Discovery Request into Europe Events
30 January 2012
Understanding Automated Review-Utilizing Predictive Coding as Part of Your Comprehensive Discovery Process Events
18 January 2012
e-Discovery Judges in Charlotte Events
15 December 2011
Using Cutting Edge Technology to Reduce Discovery Costs Without Getting into Trouble Events
08 December 2011
Social Media in Litigation: The Pitfalls and Opportunities for Litigation in a Social World Events
29 November 2011
IP e-Discovery: How Much Money Did You Waste in Your Last Litigation Events
04 October 2011
Predictive Coding Events
21 September 2011
Cross-Border e-Discovery: Exploding Issues and Complexities for Corporations Operating Globally Events
14 June 2011
Recent Trends in e-Discovery Events
09 June 2010
What We’ve Learned: A Trial Technologist Perspective Events
08 June 2010
Current Trends in e-Discovery Case Law Events
15 March 2010
E-Discovery Events
09 March 2010
International Data Privacy Events
08 August 2009
The EDRM and You Events
23 June 2009
Forensics and Collection of ESI Events
07 February 2009
Ethical Considerations When Engaging in Electronic Discovery Events
15 January 2009
Electronic Data Seminar Events
16 October 2008
The Positive Impact of Records Management on E-Discovery Events
07 March 2008
Online Review Tools Events
26 February 2008
Trial Technology and Multimedia Events
04 October 2007
Technology Shoot-Out Events
07 September 2007
Getting Set for eDiscovery Events
12 April 2007
Mandating Metadata: Are Parties Required to Produce Hidden Data Under the eDiscovery Amendments to the FRCP? Events
07 February 2007
Ethical Considerations and Issues Raised by the Recent eDiscovery Amendments to the FRCP Events
12 October 2006
What Works and What Doesn’t in Court Events