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01 May 2017
Herding Cats: Making The Most Out Of A Joint Defense Group
Source: Law360
28 February 2017
Doing Business in California: Consumer Class Actions and Recent Regulatory Developments Podcasts
30 December 2016
A Software Services Agreement Checklist For Companies Legal Alerts
09 September 2016
Leveraging Trial Strategies To Improve Your Negotiating Skills
Source: Law360
08 September 2016
A Software Services Agreement Checklist For Companies
Source: Law360
01 September 2016
Latest Developments in U.S. FCPA Enforcement
Source: Insight: The Journal of the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai
01 June 2016
Finding A Balance Between Securing Confidentiality and Preserving Court Transparency: A Re-visit of Rule 76A And Its Application to Unfilled Discovery
Source: 69 SMU L. Rev. 309
17 May 2016
Supreme Court Rules that Bare Statutory Violation without Other Concrete Harm Cannot Provide Federal Court Standing Legal Alerts
13 May 2016
Fourth Circuit Misconstrues North Carolina’s Statute of Repose -- and State’s High Court Cannot Help
Source: Washington Legal Foundation Legal Opinion Letter
12 May 2016
Significant Changes in Store for Consumer Finance Businesses – What You Need to Know Now About the CFPB’s New Arbitration Rules Legal Alerts
05 May 2016
Recent Ruling Creates Potential Liability For Use of Common Contractual Terms Legal Alerts
08 March 2016
Federal Court Rules that Terms & Conditions can Provide Express Consent to Receiving Text Messages Under Telephone Consumer Protection Act Legal Alerts
20 January 2016
U.S. Supreme Court Rules Pick-Off “Offer” to Class Representative Does Not Moot Claim, But Pick-Off “Payment” Might Succeed Legal Alerts
09 June 2015
It’s Not Too Late to Avoid Early Legal Alerts
09 September 2014
Indemnification, Advancement, and Insurance Coverage: Food for Thought When an Employee Is Charged with a Crime Legal Alerts
18 March 2014
Future of Class-Arbitration Waivers Unclear Under Agency
Source: Los Angeles Daily Journal
13 December 2013
Production in Peril: What Happens When you Lose a Star?
Source: Los Angeles Daily Journal
17 July 2013
What Lawyers Want From Forensic and Business Valuation Accountants
Source: AICPA Forensic & Valuation Services Insider
26 May 2013
Special Report with Bret Baier
Source: Fox News Channel
08 May 2013
New York Court of Appeals Narrows Reach of Judgment Creditors against Non-Party Banks Legal Alerts
01 March 2013
Best Practices in Appellate Litigation
Source: Strategies for Appellate Litigation, Thomson Reuters/Aspatore ed. Book
04 October 2012
Protecting Trade Secrets Podcasts
19 April 2012
What is Unauthorized Access Under the CFAA? Lessons Learned from United States v. Nosal Legal Alerts
01 February 2012
The NAPBS FCRA Advanced Certification Program: Building on Success
Source: NAPBS Journal
30 January 2012
FTC Updates Merger Filing Thresholds Legal Alerts
23 January 2012
Ninth Circuit Decision in U.S. v. Kuok Sets New Defense Possibilities in Export Prosecutions
Source: The Ex/Im Daily Update
31 August 2011
California Opens the Floodgates
Source: Executive Counsel
11 August 2011
Corporate Espionage and Unclean Hands - Lessons Learned from a $309 Million Judgment Legal Alerts
29 April 2011
EEOC v. PeopleMark: A Tale of Regulatory Overreach
Source: NAPBS Journal
28 April 2011
Supreme Court Upholds Class Action Waivers In AT&T v. Concepcion Legal Alerts
18 April 2011
Georgia Rewrites Evidence Code Legal Alerts
04 April 2011
Federal court sanctions the EEOC, ordering it to pay more than $750,000 in attorneys fees to a private employer Legal Alerts
21 February 2011
FCRA Class Action Lawsuits: The Sharks are Circling
Source: NAPBS® Journal
16 February 2011
When Thirty Days May Not Really Be Thirty Days Removing Multi-Defendant Cases Legal Alerts
21 December 2010
Rejecting Consideration of the "Fast-Track Disparity" in a post-Kimbrough World
Source: Wake Forest Law Review Volume 45
17 December 2010
"'False Patent Marking' Qui Tam Lawsuits are Constitutionally Suspect"
Source: Legal Backgrounder
01 November 2010
The Presumptive Validity of Forum Selection Clauses in Franchise Agreements
Source: LJN's Franchising Business & Law Alert
21 June 2010
Justice for One: Attorney General Holder Sets Individualized Prosecution Guidelines Legal Alerts
01 June 2010
Name-Clearing Hearings: How This “Remedy” Fails to Safeguard the Procedural Due Process Rights of Public Employees Accused of Sexual Harassment
Source: Georgia State University Law Review
01 May 2010
California Supreme Court Hears Oral Argument on Key Antitrust Damage Issue
Source: Townsend Antitrust Update
23 March 2010
Background Checks Could Lead to Litigation
Source: Fulton County Daily Report
01 February 2010
Recent Application of the "Local Controversy" and "Home State" Exceptions to CAFA Jurisdiction
Source: Business Torts & RICO News
06 October 2009
The End of Blackwelder
Source: The Litigator
05 October 2009
Leverage Economic Constraints to Strategic Advantage
Source: New York Law Journal
24 July 2009
Federal Agencies Enact Regulations Regarding the Furnishing of Information to Consumer Reporting Agencies and the Handling of Direct Consumer Disputes Legal Alerts
13 February 2009
Federal Rules of Evidence - New Rule 502 Legal Alerts
23 January 2009
United States v. Textron Inc. (1st Cir. Jan. 21, 2009) Legal Alerts
06 August 2008
DC Circuit Overrules Whole Foods Decision Legal Alerts
06 August 2008
Supreme Court Review: Mostly Pro-Corporation
Source: National Law Journal
14 July 2008
The FTC's “Red Flag Regulations” To Combat Identity Theft Go Into Effect On November 1, 2008 Legal Alerts
01 April 2008
10 Tips for the North Carolina Appellate Advocate
Source: N.C. State Bar Journal
01 November 2007
Supreme Court Changes Notices Pleading Rules
Source: The Litigator
01 November 2007
All for the Taking? North Carolina Legislature Responds to Kelo Controversy with Constitutional Amendment Limiting Eminent Domain
Source: The Litigator
23 October 2007
North Carolina Court of Appeals Upholds Business Incentives Legal Alerts
01 January 2007
eDiscovery The First Year: Settled and Emerging Issues
Source: ICLE 2007 eDiscovery Materials
02 August 2006
Supreme Court Review: Business Cases: Little New Ground Broken
Source: National Law Journal
22 August 2005
4th Circuit - Court Rules on Dormant Commerce Clause and Hot-Button Social Issues
Source: National Law Journal
05 August 2005
Roberts Has Skills, Business Savvy Needed on High Court
Source: Triad Business Journal
01 January 2005
What to Expect from the Class Action Fairness Act
Source: GAWL 2005 CLE Symposium Materials
03 February 2004
4th Circuit Review: Deciding Establishment Clause
Source: National Law Journal
23 October 2002
An Update on Section 704(a) of the Telecommunications Act of 1996
Source: Lorman Education Services
01 January 2002
Note: Taking One for the Team: Davidson v. University of North Carolina and the Duty of Care Owed By Universities to Their Student Athletes
Source: 37 Wake Forest L. Rev. 589
Other Publications
25 May 1998
When is a North Carolina Employee "at Will?"
Source: Lawyers Weekly
01 January 1993
Degree of Capacity Required to Create an Inter Vivos Trust
Source: Trusts and Estates

Complex Commercial Litigation

Experience Highlights

Breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty for a large financial institution
The firm represented a large financial institution in defense of breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty claims brought by another major bank more
Asbestos property damage litigation for a national building and construction products manufacturer
Served as defense counsel for a national building and construction products manufacturer in landmark asbestos property damage litigation. more
Sales commission litigation for beverage container supplier
Represented a leading supplier of fridge packs and other beverage containers in litigation brought by a former sales representative claiming an more
Suffolk Construction Company v. Interface Flooring Systems, et al.
Successfully represented Interface, Inc., a leading manufacturer of carpet tiles, in a series of product liability cases filed in Massachusetts, more

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