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20 January 2016
U.S. Supreme Court Rules Pick-Off “Offer” to Class Representative Does Not Moot Claim, But Pick-Off “Payment” Might Succeed Legal Alerts
01 March 2013
The Future of Federal Class Actions: Cases Currently Before the Supreme Court
Source: SideBAR
01 October 2012
Class Actions Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act
Source: Safe Hiring Manual
01 July 2012
Please Bend Over: Supreme Court Approves Strip Searches for Minor Offenders
Source: Westlaw Journal: Class Actions
01 February 2012
The Domino's Effect: How Following the Letter of the FCRA Could Save your Business from a Litigation Chain Reaction Legal Alerts
01 December 2011
Strip-Searched for Failing to Pay a Speeding Ticket? Florence and the Fourth Amendment
Source: Westlaw Journal: Class Actions
31 August 2011
California Opens the Floodgates
Source: Executive Counsel
01 June 2011
Ascertainability as a Bar to Class Certification
Source: Appellate Advocate
28 April 2011
Supreme Court Upholds Class Action Waivers In AT&T v. Concepcion Legal Alerts
21 February 2011
FCRA Class Action Lawsuits: The Sharks are Circling
Source: NAPBS® Journal

Class Actions

Experience Highlights

Class action litigation involving marine products
Successfully defended class action related to allegedly faulty marine products in federal court in Charleston, South Carolina, resulting in denial of more
Unfair competition actions on behalf of major bottled water company
Represented a major bottled water company in unfair competition actions relative to advertising claims. more
Class action defense on behalf of staffing agency and transaction technology provider
Represented clients, including temporary staffing agencies and a worldwide provider of consumer transaction technologies, in the defense of multiple more
Griffin v. Harley-Davidson Credit Corp. and Eaglemark Savings Bank
Represented Harley-Davidson Credit Corp. and Eaglemark Savings Bank in this putative class action filed in the United States District Court for the more

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