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28 February 2017
Doing Business in California: Consumer Class Actions and Recent Regulatory Developments Events
10 April 2013
Competitor Collaborations – U.S. & EU Joint Venture Law Events
22 February 2013
Developments & Trends at the Federal Agencies Events
06 October 2011
When East Meets West: Navigating Antitrust in the US and Taiwan Events
31 March 2011
When Antitrust and Consumer Protection Converge: Advertising as Predation or Exclusion Events
04 November 2010
IP Enforcement at the Border Events
17 June 2010
The FTC’s Anticompetitive Practice Division Enforcement Priorities Events
14 January 2010
Distribution Issues in the North Atlantic Triangle: Refusal to Deal – When Can You be Required to Supply Events
23 October 2009
What Antitrust Lawyers Need to Know About the Rising Number of Consummated Merger Challenges Events
25 June 2009
Antitrust & Pricing Events
15 May 2009
Anticompetitive Unilateral Conduct Events
25 March 2009
Investigating Trade Associations Events
03 March 2009
Contract, Combination or Conspiracy: Are There Different Standards Under §1 Events
05 February 2009
New Directions in the New Administration Events
22 October 2008
The FTC’s Approach to Standards-Related Antitrust Issues Events
01 July 2008
Antitrust Related IP Issues in Standards Setting Events
17 June 2008
Antitrust Related IP Issues in Standards Setting Events
19 May 2008
Mergers and Acquisitions Events
01 February 2008
Examining the FTC’s N-Data Decision Events
21 May 2007
Mergers and Acquisitions Events
07 December 2006
Trying and Winning a Civil Antitrust Case Events
22 May 2006
Acquisitions and Mergers Events
01 May 2006
Shepherding a Deal through the Agencies Events
01 December 2005
Top Ten Ways to Lose and Win at Trial Events
01 November 2005
Reeder-Simco GMC, Inc. v. Volvo GM Heavy Truck Corp. Events
01 November 2005
Daugher v. Shell Events
08 September 2005
IP Innovations Class: Antitrust Limits to Intellectual Property Rights Events
18 July 2005
Make a Deal and Get It Through the Antitrust Agencies Events
23 May 2005
Acquisitions and Mergers Events
13 May 2005
Flexing Their Muscle, or Preserving Their Viability? Exclusionary Conduct and Bundling by Hospitals and Health Systems Events
01 May 2005
Implied Repeal of the Antitrust Laws Events
11 March 2005
Antitrust Considerations for Participation in Standards Setting Organizations Events
12 November 2004
Antitrust: Why Should Bankers Care? Events
01 August 2004
Criminal Antitrust Prosecution: How to Avoid it at Home and Abroad Events
01 July 2004
Non-Competition Agreements and the Antitrust Laws: When Can These Agreements Cross the Line into Naked Restraints on Competition? Events
24 May 2004
Merger Enforcement Events
29 January 2004
Recent Developments in the Health Care Industry Events
13 January 2004
Recent Federal Agency Enforcement Initiatives in the Intellectual Property/Antitrust Arena Events
11 December 2003
Antitrust Issues: The Intersection Between Intellectual Property Laws and the Antitrust Laws Events
05 May 2003
Antitrust Enforcement and Corporate Compliance/Business Ethics Events
04 April 2003
U.S. Department of Justice Enforcement Initiatives Events
02 April 2003
Hot Topics in Section One Enforcement Events
25 October 2002
Antitrust Enforcement Events
09 August 2002
The Fine Line Between Per Se and Rule of Reason Events
31 May 2002
Antitrust Enforcement and Corporate Compliance/Business Ethics Events
31 May 2002
Antitrust Enforcement and Corporate Compliance: DOJ, FTC, State Attorneys General and Private Parties Events
20 April 2001
Antitrust and the U.S. Banking Industry Workshop on the Economics of Banking Law Events
19 April 2001
New Developments in Antitrust Law Events
01 March 2001
Current Issues in Merger Enforcement Events
14 August 2000
Antitrust Issues in Telecom Mergers Events
23 November 1999
Recent Developments at the Antitrust Division Events
01 April 1998
Providing Unilateral Effects and Efficiencies in Merger Cases: A Demonstration Events
14 May 1997
Quantifying Unilateral Effects in Investigations and Cases Events
12 May 1997
Health Enforcement Activities Events
29 October 1996
Merger Enforcement in the United States Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development Emerging Market Economy Forum Events
30 September 1996
Bank Mergers – Antitrust Trends Events
30 May 1996
Bank Mergers and Antitrust Events
14 October 1993
Communications Among Competitors -- When Does the Department of Justice Challenge Events
04 March 1993
Antitrust Issues in Today's Economy: Current Developments in Antitrust Responsibilities of Management Events
14 August 1991
Criminal Antitrust Enforcement Developments Events

Antitrust Litigation

Experience Highlights

Litigation for a Georgia healthcare company
Represented a Georgia healthcare company in obtaining summary judgment on behalf of the hospital dismissing antitrust claims of a perinatologist who more
Fraud litigation for a world-renowned luxury goods manufacturer
Represent a world-renowned luxury goods manufacturer in antitrust litigation. Case pending. more
Federal grand jury investigation of a former executive
Represented a former executive of an oil field services company being investigated by the Department of Justice, Antitrust Division, in a federal more
Covad Communications v. BellSouth Corporation (antitrust litigation in Atlanta federal district court)
Served as lead in-house counsel representing BellSouth in this significant antitrust case, which raised issues under essential facilities doctrine more

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