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16 October 2017
New California Law Requires Small Employers to Provide Unpaid Baby-Bonding Leave Legal Alerts
13 October 2017
California Enacts Law Barring Pre-Employment Inquiries About Salary History Legal Alerts
01 September 2017
Judge Issues Order Invalidating DOL Exempt-Employee Salary Rule Legal Alerts
11 May 2017
New Georgia Law Allows Employees to Use Sick Leave for Care of Family Members Legal Alerts
28 March 2017
President Trump Nails Coffin Shut on Federal Contractor “Blacklisting” Under Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Rule Legal Alerts
23 November 2016
Federal Court Halts Implementation of the New White-Collar Exemption Regulations Legal Alerts
03 November 2016
Department of Justice Releases Guidance for Human Resources Professionals Legal Alerts
26 October 2016
Court Enjoins Several Parts of the Fair Pay & Safe Workplaces Final Rule Legal Alerts
05 October 2016
California Continues to Broaden the Scope of Its Equal Pay Law Legal Alerts
04 October 2016
Department of Labor Publishes a Final Rule Establishing Paid Sick Leave Requirements for Federal Contractors Legal Alerts
29 September 2016
Fair Pay & Safe Workplaces: What Are Contractors Required to Disclose? Legal Alerts
09 September 2016
Fair Pay & Safe Workplaces Final Rule: Does the Bell Toll for Thee? Legal Alerts
02 September 2016
Guest Opinion: New Laws Burden Triangle Federal Contractors
Source: Triangle Business Journal
25 August 2016
A New Era in Government Contracting Labor Laws: How the Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Final Rule and Guidance Requires Contractors and Subcontractors to Tell on Themselves and Impact Future Awards Legal Alerts
19 May 2016
DOL Releases Final Changes to White-Collar Exemption Rule That May Cause Millions of Employees to Become Eligible for Overtime Pay Legal Alerts
07 April 2016
California Shapes Standards for Suitable Employee Seating Requirements Legal Alerts
04 April 2016
California Becomes the First State to Adopt a $15 Minimum Wage; New York Is Likely to Be the Second Legal Alerts
09 October 2015
California Broadens the Scope of Its Equal Pay Law Legal Alerts
07 October 2015
New California Law Gives Employers an Opportunity to Avoid Certain Lawsuits Alleging Defective Wage Statements Legal Alerts
09 September 2015
President Obama Signs Executive Order Requiring Paid Sick Leave for Federal Contractors’ Employees Legal Alerts
15 July 2015
California Clarifies Paid Sick Leave Statute Legal Alerts
01 July 2015
DOL Releases Proposed Changes to White-Collar Exemption Rules Estimated to Affect Five Million Employees Legal Alerts
10 December 2014
Supreme Court Holds Postshift Security Screenings Need Not Be Counted As Compensable Working Time Legal Alerts
11 September 2014
New California Statute Requires Paid Sick Time for Employees Legal Alerts
29 August 2014
Ninth Circuit Upholds “Right to Control” as Primary Test of Independent Contractor or Employee Status Legal Alerts
11 August 2014
Department of Labor Proposes New Equal Pay Report Legal Alerts
01 August 2014
President Obama Signs Executive Order Requiring Disclosure of Labor and Employment Law Violations Legal Alerts
23 June 2014
Proposed Changes to FMLA Regulations Would Extend Leave Rights for Same-Sex Spouses Legal Alerts
13 June 2014
Department of Labor Announces Proposed Regulations Interpreting Minimum Wage Requirements for Federal Contractors Legal Alerts
15 June 2012
Watching UEFA Euro 2012: A Guide for Employers
Source: Employment Law Alliance
Other Publications
01 May 2012
Supreme Court of California Deals Another Blow to State Meal and Rest Break Cases Legal Alerts
13 April 2012
Supreme Court of California Clarifies California Meal and Rest Break Requirements Legal Alerts
10 February 2012
Georgia Once Again Allows Nonlawyers to File Responses to Garnishments Legal Alerts
07 October 2011
Seattle Joins the Growing List of Cities Requiring Paid Sick Leave Legal Alerts
28 September 2011
Georgia Supreme Court Bars Nonlawyers from Responding to Garnishments Legal Alerts
23 September 2011
California Legislature Approves Hefty New Penalties for Misclassifying Workers As Independent Contractors Legal Alerts
06 July 2011
California Supreme Court Holds California's Overtime Law Applies to Nonresidents Working Temporarily in California Legal Alerts
23 March 2011
Supreme Court Holds That FLSA's Retaliation Provision Protects Employees Who Orally Complain of Wage-and-Hour Violations Legal Alerts
15 December 2010
New York Substantially Increases Penalties for Violations of State Wage-and-Hour Laws Legal Alerts
23 June 2010
Time Spent Donning and Doffing Personal Protective Equipment Is Compensable Legal Alerts
13 May 2010
The Growing Tidal Wave: Trends in Wage and Hour Class Litigation Webinar Podcasts
08 February 2010
The Department of Labor Issues Guidelines on Increased Child-Labor Penalties Legal Alerts
23 December 2009
Recent Trends In Health Care Wage And Hour Law
Source: Law360
21 March 2009
State Wage-and-Hour Law – A Hidden Minefield for Employers
Source: Employment Relations Today
02 August 2007
House Passes Bill to Override Recent Supreme Court Title VII Decision Legal Alerts
26 June 2007
Employee Free Choice Act Fails Senate Vote Legal Alerts
31 January 2007
North Carolina's Amended Minimum Wage Law Legal Alerts

Wage & Hour Issues

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Wage and hour issues under federal and state law for a North Georgia optical retailer
Conducted due-diligence review of labor and employment issues for a North Georgia optical retailer in connection with the acquisition of a company more
Wage and hour suit and DOL audit for a transportation company
Represented a transportation company and achieved a significant result in a wage and hour case brought as a collective action against the more
Wage/hour collective action for major beverage company
Represented a major beverage company in a putative class action in the Southern District of Florida brought by several route salespeople seeking to more
Multi-state wage and hour audit for software company
Conducted a wage and hour audit of 47 different positions in several states for a document management software company. Worked with the client to more

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