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11 July 2012
IP Industry Summary: Louis Vuitton awarded preliminary injunction against websites selling counterfeit LV goods. Industry Summary
12 December 2012
IP Industry Summary: Is Virtual Property Real or Intellectual?: Second Life Class Action Moves Forward. Industry Summary
26 November 2012
IP Industry Summary: Court Concludes that Numeric Part Numbers Are Not Source Identifiers. Industry Summary
06 November 2012
IP Industry Summary: Can a State Block Your Domain Name?: 5th Circuit Remands Texas Case for 1st Amendment Inquiry Industry Summary
12 November 2012
IP Industry Summary: Bittersweet Victory for Longhorn Steakhouse Industry Summary
09 October 2012
IP Industry Summary: Court kisses lip print infringement claim goodbye – finds no likelihood of confusion between plaintiff’s and competitor’s lipstick logo on vodka. Industry Summary
16 October 2012
IP Industry Summary: Federal Circuit rejects heightened standard of materiality in analyzing primarily geographically deceptively misdescriptive mark. Industry Summary
17 October 2012
IP Industry Summary: MISSION for Mexican packaged food products and MISSION BURRITO for a Mexican food chain too close for 5th Circuit’s taste. Industry Summary
16 October 2012
IP Industry Summary: State trademark registration is a diamond jeweler’s best friend in seeking a preliminary injunction. Industry Summary
19 October 2012
IP Industry Summary: Court tosses Pizza franchisee’s request to renew franchise agreement. Industry Summary
23 October 2012
IP Industry Summary: Encroaching Upon Another Circuit: First Circuit Adopts Progressive Encroachment Doctrine in Trademark Case. Industry Summary
24 September 2012
IP Industry Summary: The beginning of a beautiful friendship — district court preliminarily enjoins use of Humphrey Bogart’s name. Industry Summary
27 June 2012
IP Industry Summary: Broad local recognition of FESTIVAL OF TREES enough to avoid categorization as a generic term. Industry Summary
01 June 2012
IP Industry Summary: Former business relationship in North Carolina enough for court to deny Capitol Ministries’s prayer for 12(b)(2) motion to dismiss. Industry Summary
12 June 2012
IP Industry Summary: Florida Court rules infringement claim is not sizzlin. Industry Summary

Portfolio Strategy & Management

Experience Highlights

Trademark portfolio management for Spectrum Brands
Manage the extensive trademark portfolio of Spectrum Brands, a global manufacturer of batteries, shavers, hair dryers and other personal care more
Trademark and unfair competition matters for Diageo North America
Represents Diageo North America in a variety of trademark and unfair competition matters, including litigation in federal district court and before more
Trademark counsel to Putt-Putt LLC
Represents Putt-Putt LLC, an entertainment franchise company, as counsel on all aspects of the company’s business, including licensing of the more
Global trademark licensing and portfolio management and enforcement for JA Apparel Corp. (dba Joseph Abboud)
The firm serves as global trademark and licensing counsel to JA Apparel Corp., a $400 million worldwide lifestyle apparel, home furnishings and more

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