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16 September 2015
IP Industry Summary: And the (Damage) Award Goes to… Nobody. Industry Summary
07 January 2015
IP Industry Summary: Ninth Circuit Puts the Squeeze on District Court Holding, Grants Preliminary Injunction to POM Wonderful Industry Summary
14 April 2015
IP Industry Summary: Supreme Court Determines Preclusive Effect to Be Given to TTAB Decisions Industry Summary
04 June 2015
IP Industry Summary: Defendant Not Welcome at the Hotel California: Court grants injunctive relief to “Hotel California” Mark Owner in Infringement Matter Industry Summary
14 March 2017
Is Discovery That Section 8 Affidavits Were Not Filed By The Owner Of The Registration Grounds For Cancellation? N.D.Cal Rules “No.” Industry Summary
20 March 2017
Alibaba Says “Close Sesame”: C.D. Cal. Finds No Liability When “Online” Mall Provides a Search Engine Allowing Consumers to Search for Plaintiff’s Products Within its Online Marketplace Industry Summary
23 March 2017
Does the First Sale Doctrine Protect the Reselling of Genuine Goods that Include Non-Genuine Replacement Parts with the Original Trademark Retained? C.D.Cal Denied the Application of First Sale Doctrine as Defense in a Trademark Infringement Claim Industry Summary
20 August 2012
IP Industry Summary: Medical syringe company finds competitors’ mark a sticking point; pricks its ire. Industry Summary
21 August 2012
IP Industry Summary: Southern District of New York bounces out trampoline maker’s trade dress infringement and dilution claims. Industry Summary
30 August 2012
IP Industry Summary: Federal Circuit – Using software to facilitate consumers’ purchases on not “use in Commerce." Industry Summary
07 August 2012
IP Industry Summary: First Circuit addresses burden of proof for willfulness finding in trademark case. Industry Summary
09 August 2012
IP Industry Summary: SDNY Finds Farmers Too Sophisticated For Confusion Industry Summary
06 July 2012
IP Industry Summary: Hot dog company relishes district court’s frank decision denying preliminary injunction. Industry Summary
06 July 2012
IP Industry Summary: Ninth Circuit explains relevance of non-consumer confusion. Industry Summary
10 July 2012
IP Industry Summary: Louis Vuitton’s Claim of Trademark Infringement Considered Unfashionable by Southern District of New York. Industry Summary


Experience Highlights

License for domain name for
Represented LLC in negotiating a 99-year license for domain name, including formation of special-purpose LLC to hold intellectual more
Formula One Licensing B.V. v. Purple Interactive Ltd.
Represented plaintiff in obtaining, through mediation, the return of more than 400 domain names based on the marks FORMULA 1 and F1 used in more
General Media Communications, Inc. v. Heu
Obtained ruling effectively reversing UDRP decision by National Arbitration Forum that GMCI, publisher of Penthouse magazine, had engaged in more
Lulu Enterprises Inc. v. Hulu LLC
The firm served as lead trial counsel for Hulu LLC, a news corporation, and NBC Universal collaborative venture in the suit related to the launch of more

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