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01 February 2016
United States Annual Review, The Sixty-Eighth Year of Administration of the Lanham Act of 1946
Source: INTA Trademark Reporter
14 January 2016
The Evolving Relationship Between Consumers and Brands
Source: HouseMARQUES, Issue 61
04 January 2016
The Nuts and Bolts of Trademark Consent and Coexistence Agreements
Source: World Trademark Review
02 November 2015
The Universal Language of Non-Verbal Design Marks
Source: Managing Intellectual Property
16 September 2015
IP Industry Summary: And the (Damage) Award Goes to… Nobody. Industry Summary
21 August 2015
Federal Trademark Law Trumps Bankrupt Licensee’s Right to Assumption and Continued Use of License
Source: BNA's Patent, Trademark & Copyright Journal
29 June 2015
Licensing Your Brand in China: Guidelines for Brand Owners
Source: Cardozo Law Alumni Quarterly Newsletter, Summer 2015: Trademark Law Edition
04 June 2015
IP Industry Summary: Defendant Not Welcome at the Hotel California: Court grants injunctive relief to “Hotel California” Mark Owner in Infringement Matter Industry Summary
14 April 2015
IP Industry Summary: Supreme Court Determines Preclusive Effect to Be Given to TTAB Decisions Industry Summary
31 March 2015
Understanding B & B Hardware and Strategic Responses to the Opinion Legal Alerts