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24 May 2017
INTA Annual Meeting: The United States Annual Review: The Sixty-Ninth Year of Administration of the Lanham Act of 1946 Events
26 April 2017
Brands and Their Corporate and Social Responsibility Events
18 April 2017
In the Trenches with Social Media Events
06 April 2017
Ethics in IP: Interactive Round Tables Events
20 October 2016
Updates from Around the Globe Affecting Portfolios and Registration Strategies Events
20 October 2016
Show Me the Value: Licensing and Other Strategies that Pro-Actively Maintain and Expand Brand Value Events
23 September 2016
Risk Management: Rational Decision Making in an Unpredictable, Irrational World Events
22 September 2016
I Walk the (Fair Use) Line: Advising the Business When the Company Wants to Use Third Party Trademarks and Names and Likenesses Events
14 September 2016
Brand Management in the Context of Expanding Social Networks Events
24 May 2016
How Far Can You Bend A Mark Before It Breaks? Events
23 May 2016
Trademark and Copyright Law in Digital Enforcement Events
11 May 2016
Building My Brand: Balancing Ethical and Practical Considerations Events
28 April 2016
Consumer-Related Trolls: Copyright, Trademark, and Patent Events
12 April 2016
CLE: Trademark Basics in the Real World Events
08 April 2016
There’s A Brand New Talk But It’s Not Very Clear: Challenging issues in the protection of fashion designs Events
07 April 2016
New Developments in ICANN Domain Name System Events
17 March 2016
How to Use Trademarks to Protect a Brand: with an emphasis on International company’s strategy in trademark enforcement in China Events
15 March 2016
Recent Developments in Trademark and Unfair Competition Law Events
14 March 2016
Trademark Law Update Events
25 February 2016
Protecting Product Designs, Configurations and Packaging Using Design Patents, Trademark and Trade Dress Events
10 February 2016
Introduction to Trademarks Events
05 November 2015
What’s Brewing: Trends, Equipment, Regulations, Risk Mitigation and Management of Colorado’s Brewery Industry Events
30 October 2015
Trade Marks in Sport: From Business to Law Events
21 October 2015
3D Printing: The Shape of Things to Come Events
21 October 2015
Digital Advertising Compliance and Social Media Events
10 October 2015
Navigating the Process: Best Practices in Clearing, Filing & Managing Trademarks Events
01 October 2015
The U.S. International Trade Commission Beyond the Smart Phone Wars: Retail & Consumer Goods Events
28 September 2015
First Amendment Concerns and How They Impact Your IP Department Events
18 September 2015
Update on Trademark Law Events
18 September 2015
Trademark Law Update Events
03 August 2015
Protecting Product Designs, Configurations and Packaging Events
18 June 2015
An Introduction to Trademarks and Patents Events
12 June 2015
Trademark Rights and the Legacy of Magna Carta Events
27 May 2015
Ack! What do I do now? My Trademark Application Has Just Been Rejected! Events
14 May 2015
Intellectual Property for Non-Specialists/General Corporate Counsel: Current Trends and Tips in Intellectual Property Law for General Corporate Counsel Events
06 May 2015
Annual Review of U.S. Federal Case Law at International Trademark Association Events
14 April 2015
False Advertising, Domestically and Internationally Events
31 March 2015
Trademark Dilution: Proving and Defending Against Claims, Leveraging Recent Court Guidance Events
25 March 2015
Scholarship Symposium: Trademarks Events
16 March 2015
Trademark Infringement Remedies Events
05 February 2015
Global Portfolio Strategy – Tax and Acquisition Events
13 January 2015
Fraud in Trademark Applications and Registrations: Proving or Defeating Allegations Events
04 October 2014
Negotiating the Multi-Channel, Global Brand License: The Licensor and Licensee Perspectives Events
04 October 2014
Negotiating the Multi-Channel, Global Brand License: The Licensor and Licensee Perspectives Events
17 September 2014
Groeneveld and Trade Dress at the Sixth Circuit Events
07 September 2014
42nd Annual Intellectual Property Owners Association Meeting Events
01 September 2014
What Legal Says/What Clients Hear: The Yin & Yang of Legal/Business Interaction Events
01 September 2014
Federal Registration of Disparaging, Immoral, and Scandalous Trademarks: The Washington Redskins Litigation and More Events
18 July 2014
Update on Trademark Law Events
05 June 2014
Responding Effectively to Office Actions Events
29 May 2014
Trademark Litigation Alternatives: How to Successfully Resolve a Trademark Dispute Without Involving the Courts Events
29 May 2014
Fluid Trademarks: The Changing Face of Brands Events
22 May 2014
Trademark Confusion: Proving or Defending Against Infringement - Addressing Forward, Reverse, Initial Interest, Post-Sale and Affiliation Confusion Challenges Events
15 May 2014
The Basic Mark Requirement Under the Madrid System (AIPPI); Trademarks, Geographic Indicators and Traditional Knowledge in Current Trade/Treaty Negotiations Events
14 May 2014
Annual Review of U.S. Federal Case Law Events
01 April 2014
Recent Developments in Trademark and Unfair Competition Law Events
29 January 2014
Beyond the Schoolyard: Ethics and Trademark Bullying Events
02 December 2013
"Fluid Trademarks” at the XVII Annual Conference (Work Sessions and Administrative Council) Events
09 October 2013
The Business of Brand Licensing in the 21st Century Events
15 September 2013
Non-Traditional Marks - Not So Unusual Anymore Events
19 July 2013
Recent Developments in U.S. Trademark and Unfair Competition Law Events
07 June 2013
Responding to Office Actions Events
15 May 2013
Preliminary and Permanent Injunctions in Trademark Cases Events
30 April 2013
Fluid Trademarks: The Changing Face of Brands Events
21 February 2013
INTA’s Careers in Trademark Law: A Panel Discussion for Law Students, Speaker Events
18 October 2012
Navigating the Bounds of Trademark and Copyright Law in Social Media Events
01 October 2012
Presentation on Hot Topics in IP – Epic Battles: Patent Wars, Trademark Throwdowns and Copyright Clashes – How Increasing Litigation Affects the Industry and Your Company Events
19 September 2012
Fluid Trademarks: The Changing Face of Brands Events
11 September 2012
ADVERTISING LAW: Keeping it Legal – The Law of Claim Substantiation, Clearing Trademark and Copyrights, Social Media Endorsements Events
28 August 2012
KT Breakfast Briefing - Protecting, Promoting, and Enforcing Your Brands in Social Media Events
20 July 2012
Trademark Developments in the Past 12 Months Events
14 July 2012
Fair Use of Creative Works and Trademarks Events
11 June 2012
Proving Irreparable Harm in Trademark and Unfair Competition Litigation Events
09 May 2012
Annual Review of U.S. Federal Case Law Events
09 February 2012
Copyright Update for Trademark Counsel Events
09 February 2012
2012 Advanced Trademark Seminar - Online Enforcement Events
12 January 2012
Challenging Competitors' Comparative Advertising Events
02 November 2011
Trademark Co-Existence Agreements Events
23 October 2011
IP Year in Review Events
27 September 2011
Social Media at Work What Every Employer Should Know Events
01 August 2011
Kilpatrick Townsend Intellectual Property Seminars Events
12 July 2011
IP Innovations Class: Recent Developments in Trademark and Unfair Competition Law Events
22 June 2011
Ethics for the Trademark Practitioner: A Global Perspective Events
18 May 2011
Federal and State Court Review Events
17 May 2011
A Century of Trademark Law: Looking Back and Looking Forward Events
06 April 2011
Intellectual Property Update & Review for In-house Counsel Events
24 March 2011
AAFA and Kilpatrick Townsend Knock It Off Brands and the Counterfeiting Quandary Events
25 February 2011
Online Enforcement Roundtable Events
17 February 2011
Trademark Fundamentals Events
17 February 2011
Searching, Clearing and Registering Trademarks Events
18 November 2010
IP Innovations Class: Recent Developments in U.S. Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Practice and Procedure Events
09 November 2010
Goodwill Hunting: Using Fluid Trademarks To Enhance Your Brand Events
03 November 2010
Brand Protection and Promotion in Social Media Events
08 October 2010
Copyright Law for Trademark Lawyers: Copyright Protection for Logos, Packaging and Product Designs Events
07 October 2010
2010 Advanced Trademark Law Seminar - Online Enforcement Events
07 October 2010
Recent Developments in Trademark and Unfair Competition Law Events
30 September 2010
Social Media Policies: Crafting a Uniform Policy Across Your Organization and Enforcing It Events
17 September 2010
Intermediary Liability for Trademark Infringement in the United States Events
22 July 2010
Update on Trademark Law Events
10 June 2010
In the Know: A Survey of the Most Interesting (and Important) Trademark, Copyright & Patent Cases From the Past Year Events
08 June 2010
IP Innovations Class: Recent Developments in Trademark and Unfair Competition Law Events
26 May 2010
Referential Use Of A Mark In Advertising, Where and How To Draw The Line Between Fair Use And Foul Play Events
06 May 2010
Trade Dress and Other Forms of Non-Traditional Trademark Protection Events
08 April 2010
IP Innovations Class: Scienter Strikes Back: In re Bose and Its Implications for Claims of Fraud on the Trademark Office Events
16 October 2009
Pinching Pennies: Trademark Management in an Economic Downturn Events
15 October 2009
Future Trends in Design and Trade Dress Law (Speaker) Events
24 September 2009
GETTING INTO THE GAZETTE: Tips For ®esponding To ®efusals, ®equests and ®equirements Events
01 August 2009
Fraud on the Trademark Office: When Less is More and More is Better Events
04 June 2009
IP Innovations Class: Recent Developments in Trademark and Unfair Competition Law Events
19 May 2009
Law Firm Best Practices in Trademark Clearance, Prosecution and Portfolio Management Events
09 February 2009
Virtual Worlds Social Networks User Generated Content Events
01 November 2008
Trademark Basics Events
13 October 2008
Marketing and Trademarks (Speaker) Events
04 September 2008
Contributory Liability for Trademark Infringement in the Wake of Tiffany v. eBay Events
14 May 2008
What You Can (and Can't) Do to Protect Your Logo Events
03 April 2008
IP Innovations Class: Fraud on the U.S. Trademark Office: Does it Matter Anymore What's in Your Head and in Your Heart? Events
01 October 2007
Brand Protection in the Internet Channel Events
26 September 2007
Behind the Scenes at the USPTO - The Examiner's Prospective Events
01 August 2007
Fraud on the Trademark Office Events
12 July 2007
IP Innovations Class: Negotiating the Maze of IP Protection in Emerging Markets Events
25 September 2006
Working with Trademark Examining Attorneys: Two Insiders Tell All Events
09 March 2006
IP Strategies for High-Growth Business Events
13 May 2004
Resolving International Domain Name Disputes Under the UDRP and ACPA Events
28 May 2003
Domain Name Disputes and Internet Infringement Strategy Events
25 September 2002
The Global Nature of the Internet Events
KT Breakfast Briefing - Trademark Law Update Events