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10 November 2017
4 Top Takeaways: Considerations for a Trade Secret Plaintiff Legal Alerts
14 April 2017
4 Key Takeaways: All the Crime We Cannot See Legal Alerts
13 April 2017
3 Top Takeaways: Modern Protection of Business Interests Legal Alerts
01 April 2017
Trade Secret Licensing: Balancing Trade Secret v. Patent Protection in View of the AIA and DTSA
Source: Licensing Law Update 2017
Other Publications
27 February 2017
Top Takeaways: 3 “Secrets of Trade Secrets” Legal Alerts
10 February 2017
Key Takeaways: IP 101 for Non-IP Counsel Legal Alerts
01 January 2017
Modern Protection of Business Interests Through Trade Secret Enforcement
Source: 10 J. Marshall L.J. 19
20 October 2016
Doing Business in Mexico: Exploring Cross-Border Issues Podcasts
20 October 2016
Key Takeaways: Doing Business in Mexico Legal Alerts
29 June 2016
Strategic Protection of Knowledge Assets: Wearable Tech Features
Source: American Bar Association's Intellectual Property Litigation Newsletter
28 June 2016
Brexit — What IP Rights Holders Need to Understand Now Legal Alerts
18 May 2016
A Few Highlights From The Newly-Enacted Federal Defend Trade Secrets Act Legal Alerts
28 April 2016
Defend Trade Secrets Act Passes House, Soon to Become Law Legal Alerts
20 April 2016
Trade Secret Licensing: Are You Adequately Protecting Your Most Prized Assets? The Need for a Trade Secret Audit in an AIA World
Source: Licensing Law Update 2016
Other Publications
24 February 2016
EU Passes New Trade Secret Directive to Harmonize Trade Secret Laws of Member States Legal Alerts
01 January 2016
The Intellectual Property Handbook: A Practical Guide for Franchise, Business, and IP Counsel, Second Edition
Source: Publication of ABA Forum on Franchising, Section of Intellectual Propertyrty Law
11 August 2015
Protecting Your Trade Secrets: Best Practices for Securing Information With New and Departing Employees
Source: Association of Corporate Counsel QuickCounsel
09 June 2015
It’s Not Too Late to Avoid Early Legal Alerts
01 May 2015
Choosing Between Trade Secret and Patent Protection
Source: Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP Article
01 January 2015
The Recipe for "Secret Sauce" and How to Protect It as a Trade Secret
Source: National Litigation Consultant's Review, Volume 1
12 November 2014
Corporate Espionage Webinar Series: Innovation, the European Market and the New EU Trade Secrets Directive Podcasts
01 November 2014
A Roadmap to Nonassignability of Trade Secret Licenses
Source: 33 American Bankruptcy Institute Journal 36
03 June 2014
Corporate Espionage Webinar Series: A New Approach to IP Protection and Safeguarding Trade Secrets Podcasts
01 May 2014
Trade Secrets in the Cloud: Assessing and Mitigating the Risks
Source: Journal of Internet Law, Volume 17, Issue 11
01 May 2014
Corporate Espionage Newsletter
Source: Kilpatrick Townsend
Other Publications
19 March 2014
Corporate Espionage Webinar Series - Part 3 Podcasts
13 November 2013
Corporate Espionage Webinar Series - Part 2 Podcasts
01 November 2013
Corporate Espionage Newsletter
Source: Kilpatrick Townsend
Other Publications
26 September 2013
Corporate Espionage Webinar Series - Part 1 Podcasts
01 August 2013
Best Practices for Intellectual Property Licensing: Addressing the Rights Granted and Assets Covered in Patent, Copyright, Trade Secret, and Trademark Licenses
Source: Association of Corporate Counsel InfoPak
Other Publications
20 May 2013
Inevitable Disclosure of Trade Secrets is Not an Independent Cause of Action in Georgia Legal Alerts
01 May 2013
The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and Disloyal Employees: How Far Should the Statute Go To Protect Employers from Trade Secret Theft?
Source: 64 Hastings Law Journal 5
30 April 2013
Trade Secrets in the "Social" World
Source: Today's General Counsel
29 April 2013
Guilty Verdict in Critical Computer Fraud and Abuse Act Trial Legal Alerts
08 January 2013
Important Changes to the Federal Economic Espionage Act That Protect Trade Secrets Legal Alerts
04 October 2012
Protecting Trade Secrets Podcasts
10 September 2012
Fourth Circuit Widens Split Over CFAA and Employees Violating Computer Use Restrictions Legal Alerts
19 April 2012
What is Unauthorized Access Under the CFAA? Lessons Learned from United States v. Nosal Legal Alerts
01 June 2011
Do You Want to Know a Secret? Recent Developments in California Trade Secret Law
Source: ABTL Report, Volume XVIII, No. 2
08 May 2011
How to Prevent Misuse of Electronic Info – Training, Policies Help Protect Businesses from Rogue Employees
Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution Article
12 November 2010
Companies Can Guard Against Trade Secret Thefts
Source: Atlanta Business Chronicle
14 October 2010
Out of the Induced Infringement Frying Pan? Legal Alerts
01 April 2009
The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act as a Vehicle for Protecting Trade Secrets
Source: Intellectual Property Litigation
01 January 2009
Corporate Privacy Trend: The Value of Personally Identifiable Information
Source: Richmond Journal of Law & Technology
21 July 2008
Seventh Circuit Holds That The Pregnancy Discrimination Act Covers In Vitro Fertilization Treatments Legal Alerts
01 June 2008
The Continued Relevance of the Irrelevance-of-Motive Maxim
Source: Duke Law Journal
18 May 2005
Trademarks on the Internet: Hot Topics
Source: ACC IP Committee Newsletter via
18 May 2005
Trade Secret Versus Patent Protection: Or Both?
Source: ACC IP Committee Newsletter via
01 January 2003
Recent Developments: Second Circuit Decision Keeps Spotlight on Antitrust Risks Associated with Exchanges of Salary Data Among Competitors
Source: The Trade Associations Committee Newsletter
01 July 2002
Plan Fiduciary: Do Plan Subrogation Provisions Survive the Supreme Court’s Decision in Great-West?
Source: Journal of Pension Benefits
31 July 1993
Accidental MEWA Trap Widens Articles
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Trade Secrets

Experience Highlights

Trade secrets litigation for a major physician staffing and placement firm in Georgia state court
The firm served as lead counsel on behalf of a major physician staffing and placement firm in an action against a competitor and former more
Trade secret litigation for provider of video services
Successfully obtained summary judgment for provider of video services to horse racing association stating that its retention of union work force and more
Trade secret, Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and Civil RICO litigation in Atlanta federal district court
Represented Alliance of Professionals & Consultants, a major temporary staffing company, in a lawsuit in federal district court in Atlanta more
BellSouth Corp. v. Forsee (trade secret/restrictive covenant litigation before Georgia trial and appellate courts and in arbitration)
The firm served as lead counsel for BellSouth in a highly-publicized dispute involving Sprint’s hiring of the second highest-ranking corporate more

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