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06 July 2017
Recent Changes to Copyright Office Safe Harbor Regulations (AKA Making Copyright Great Again) Events
18 April 2017
In the Trenches with Social Media Events
06 April 2017
Ethics in IP: Interactive Round Tables Events
02 April 2017
Hey—You Stole My Invention! Events
20 October 2016
Updates from Around the Globe Affecting Portfolios and Registration Strategies Events
23 September 2016
Risk Management: Rational Decision Making in an Unpredictable, Irrational World Events
23 May 2016
Trademark and Copyright Law in Digital Enforcement Events
20 May 2016
Live and Everywhere: Digital Video in the Age of Vine, Snapchat & Periscope Events
19 May 2016
Copyrights and Wrongs: Reforming Copyright Overreach Events
28 April 2016
Consumer-Related Trolls: Copyright, Trademark, and Patent Events
13 February 2016
The Times They Are A-Changin’: 3D Printing and Digital Video in the Age of Body Cams and Periscope Events
21 October 2015
3D Printing: The Shape of Things to Come Events
01 October 2015
The U.S. International Trade Commission Beyond the Smart Phone Wars: Retail & Consumer Goods Events
28 September 2015
First Amendment Concerns and How They Impact Your IP Department Events
15 May 2015
What's Fair is Foul: Has The Transformative Use Doctrine Transformed Copyright Law For Better or Worse? Events
14 May 2015
Intellectual Property for Non-Specialists/General Corporate Counsel: Current Trends and Tips in Intellectual Property Law for General Corporate Counsel Events
10 April 2015
Copyright Law Update Events
13 February 2015
Visual Works and the Elusive Exclusive Right to Display Events
11 February 2015
The Accrual of the Statute of Limitations for Copyright Infringement Claims in Light of the Supreme Court's Recent Decision in Petrella v. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc. Events
11 February 2015
The Accrual of the Statute of Limitations for Copyright Infringement Claims in Light of the Supreme Court's Recent Decision in Petrella v. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc. Events
19 November 2014
Aftermath of the GSU Decision: Practical Realities, Possible Future Impacts Events
15 November 2014
Copyright/Entertainment Case Law Update Events
27 October 2014
Spiders and Scraping and Bots, Oh My! -- Datanomics, Copyright, and Legal Liability Events
08 October 2014
Oracle v. Google: Copyright and APIs Events
30 April 2014
Practicing Copyright Law In-House: An Insider’s Perspective Events
13 March 2014
Fair Use, From Theory To Practice Events
09 June 2013
Booksand Bytes: A Discussion of The Authors Guild v. HathiTrust with the Attorneys and Parties Directly Involved Events
03 May 2013
Appropriation Art, Fair Use, and the Intersection of the First Amendment and the U.S. Copyright Act Events
12 December 2012
Look What They’ve Done to My Song Ma!: The Past, Present & Future of Copyright Law and Music Events
26 November 2012
Copyright and Trademark Law for Designers Events
07 November 2012
Copyright in the Digital Age Events
18 October 2012
Navigating the Bounds of Trademark and Copyright Law in Social Media Events
09 October 2012
KT Breakfast Briefing - Copyright Termination: The Looming Battle Events
01 October 2012
Presentation on Hot Topics in IP – Epic Battles: Patent Wars, Trademark Throwdowns and Copyright Clashes – How Increasing Litigation Affects the Industry and Your Company Events
11 September 2012
ADVERTISING LAW: Keeping it Legal – The Law of Claim Substantiation, Clearing Trademark and Copyrights, Social Media Endorsements Events
28 August 2012
KT Breakfast Briefing - Protecting, Promoting, and Enforcing Your Brands in Social Media Events
31 May 2012
Copyright Terminations – Not Just a Show Biz Problem Events
08 May 2012
Copyright Law for Trademark Lawyers: Copyright Protection for Logos, Packaging and Product Designs Events
09 February 2012
Copyright Update for Trademark Counsel Events
18 January 2012
Internet Issues (Trademark & Copyright) Events
27 October 2011
Copyright Issues for Bloggers Events
23 October 2011
IP Year in Review Events
21 October 2011
Grey Market Goods Events
22 September 2011
Termination of Copyright Transfers and Licenses: Are your copyrights subject to termination under the Copyright Act? Events
01 August 2011
Kilpatrick Townsend Intellectual Property Seminars Events
29 March 2011
Copyright Termination: Canary in a Coal Mine or Much Ado About Nothing Events
28 March 2011
Copyright for Librarians Events
23 February 2011
Girl Talk, J.D. Salinger, and 2 Live Crew: The Past, Present, and Future of Music Sampling and Copyright Law Events
22 February 2011
Interviewed by WXII-TV Regarding Copyright Infringement Events
07 December 2010
The DMCA 12 Years Later: Pitting Copyright Protection Against Technological Innovation? Events
03 November 2010
Brand Protection and Promotion in Social Media Events
08 October 2010
Copyright Law for Trademark Lawyers: Copyright Protection for Logos, Packaging and Product Designs Events
30 September 2010
Social Media Policies: Crafting a Uniform Policy Across Your Organization and Enforcing It Events
10 June 2010
In the Know: A Survey of the Most Interesting (and Important) Trademark, Copyright & Patent Cases From the Past Year Events
13 May 2010
IP Innovations Class: Copyright Q&A: Copyright Law Through the Prism of Day-to-Day Issues Events
15 April 2010
Advanced Copyright Topics Events
07 April 2010
Hot Topics in Copyright and First Amendment Law Events
16 July 2009
IP Innovations Class: Is Your News 'Hot': The Hot News Exception, Copyright Law, and Protecting Content in the Digital Age (Speaker) Events
15 June 2009
Taking Games Seriously: Category Confusion in Videogame Copyright Cases Events
28 May 2009
Recent Developments in Copyright and First Amendment Law Events
08 January 2009
IP Innovations Class: Even More Hot Topics in Copyright and Publicity Law - The Google Book Search Litigation Events
10 July 2008
IP Innovations Class: Recent Developments in Copyright Law Events
28 April 2008
US Copyright and Software Law Events
10 January 2008
IP Innovations Class: Dangerous Products Events
05 January 2006
The Basics of Copyright Law Events


Experience Highlights

Playboy Enterprises v. Dumas
Defended widow of artist Patrick Nagel in copyright infringement trial brought by publisher of Playboy magazine and succeeded in establishing more
Rosa Parks v. LaFace Records
Successfully represented LaFace Records in a lawsuit brought by civil rights icon, Rosa Parks, for naming their Grammy nominated song “Rosa Parks.”  more
SunTrust Bank v. Houghton Mifflin
Represented Houghton Mifflin in a copyright infringement suit prohibiting the publication of the book "The Wind Done Gone" because of alleged more
Defended copyright challenge of Google's Book Search project

The firm served as lead counsel for Google Inc., in defending copyright infringement lawsuits brought by the Author’s Guild, et al., and more

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