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24 July 2017
Penalty Against Overstock’s False Advertising Affirmed on Appeal
Source: World Trademark Review
26 April 2017
5 Key Takeaways: Retail & Consumer Goods Industry Team Presentation “In the Trenches with Social Media” Legal Alerts
18 April 2017
In the Trenches with Social Media Podcasts
20 March 2017
FDA’s Public Meeting on the Use of the Term “Healthy” in the Labeling of Human Food Products Legal Alerts
15 February 2017
Decoding New FDA Nutrition And Supplement Facts Guidance Legal Alerts
20 January 2017
Decoding New FDA Nutrition And Supplement Facts Guidance
Source: Law360
09 January 2017
Your Company’s Website Privacy Policy Probably Needs a Refresh (Before February 1, 2017) Legal Alerts
01 December 2016
Five Takeaways: In the Trenches with Social Media Legal Alerts
17 November 2016
Enforcement of DAA Cross Device Tracking Guidance Set to Begin in Early 2017 Legal Alerts
15 November 2016
Five Key Takeaways: Promotional Tactics/Pitfalls and Opportunities in Coupons, Rebates, and Experiential Marketing (including the Pokemon GO phenomenon) Legal Alerts
14 November 2016
Top Takeaways: 2016 American Bar Association Forum on Franchising Legal Alerts
02 November 2016
Mine is Better Than Yours! – The Risks and Rewards in Conducting Comparative Advertising
Source: 39th Annual Forum on Franchsing
18 October 2016
Five Takeaways: Is Anything Private Anymore? Privacy Considerations for Social Media, Sweepstakes & More Legal Alerts
28 September 2016
Five Takeaways from Key Panel Discussion at Advertising Self-Regulatory Council’s 2016 NAD Conference - "It's All About the ‘Fit’: Advertising Claims Must Track the Test" Legal Alerts
31 March 2016
Website Access for the Disabled: Build It Now Legal Alerts
08 March 2016
Federal Court Rules that Terms & Conditions can Provide Express Consent to Receiving Text Messages Under Telephone Consumer Protection Act Legal Alerts
12 June 2014
Federal False Advertising Lawsuits Permitted to Proceed Notwithstanding Compliance with Government Rules and Regulations Legal Alerts
10 June 2014
The Positive Implications of FTC v. BurnLounge for Direct Sellers Legal Alerts
05 June 2014
TCPA Settlement: Clippers Fans Want Tickets, Not Texts Legal Alerts
03 June 2014
Strengthened Connecticut Law Supplements TCPA Legal Alerts
19 May 2014
IP Industry Summary: Rockes Cannot Build Foundation for Personal Jurisdiction on Keyword Ads. Industry Summary
01 May 2014
Supreme Court Rules on Standing In False Advertising Cases
Source: Intellectual Property Strategist
08 April 2014
Pinterest Contest Draws FTC Warning Legal Alerts
07 April 2014
IP Industry Summary: Supreme Court Resolves Circuit Split Regarding Standing to Bring False Advertising Claims. Industry Summary
26 March 2014
Advergaming Basics: What Brand Owners Should Keep in Mind Before Deciding to Run with the Video Game Idea
Source: The Licensing Journal
27 February 2014
Michael Jordan Permitted to Pursue Right of Publicity Claim Legal Alerts
24 December 2013
A Decade-Long Promotional Disaster Legal Alerts
12 December 2013
'All Natural' Food Claims: Back To Ad Law Basics
Source: Law360
22 November 2013
When is a Product Natural? A Dangerous New Front in the Battle Over A Notoriously Undefined Term Legal Alerts
18 November 2013
The Legalities of Advergaming
Source: Brand Activation Association 35th Annual Marketing Law Conference
30 August 2013
Facebook Changes Promotions Guidelines Legal Alerts
13 August 2013
Mad Men Settles Right Of Publicity Case With 79-Year-Old Model Legal Alerts
12 August 2013
Maine Repeals Its Commercial Co-Venture Requirements Legal Alerts
09 August 2013
Digital Advertising Alliance Releases Guidance For Mobile Data Collection Practices Legal Alerts
26 June 2013
Celebrities Should Not Be too Discreet When Posting a Tweet Legal Alerts
13 May 2013
Disclose, Disclose, Disclose: California Attorney General Loses Privacy Case Against Airline But is By No Means Grounded Legal Alerts
08 February 2013
FTC Releases Recommendations for Mobile App Privacy Practices Legal Alerts
01 February 2013
Diamonds Are Forever — Are False Advertising Claims?
Source: Law360
08 January 2013
FTC Finalizes Amendments to Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule Legal Alerts
15 October 2012
Know Exactly What You Mean Before Claiming It’s “Green” Legal Alerts
15 August 2012
Social Media Sites: New Battlegrounds for Right of Publicity Disputes Legal Alerts
03 August 2012
NAD recommends changes to advertisement highlighting one “true but not typical” customer experience Legal Alerts
03 July 2012
Facebook Resolves User Right of Publicity Claims Concerning Sponsored Stories Advertising Legal Alerts
27 June 2012
Facebook to Require Mobile Software Application Privacy Policies Legal Alerts
17 May 2012
IP Industry Summary: Court slices through blade manufacturer’s request for a preliminary injunction in false advertising suit against rival. Industry Summary
19 April 2012
What is Unauthorized Access Under the CFAA? Lessons Learned from United States v. Nosal Legal Alerts
19 October 2011
Advertising and Social Media: What You Need To Know Podcasts
05 May 2011
California District Court Dismisses Putative "Flash Cookie" Class Action for Lack of Standing, Lack of Actual Damage Legal Alerts
10 February 2011
The Latest Litigation Front: Behavioral Advertising
Source: Law 360
01 January 2011
Advertising and the Environment: The New FTC Green Guides
Source: New York State Bar Association IP Section Bright Ideas
20 December 2010
Settlement reached in Flash Cookie class action defendants agree to push for self-regulatory Legal Alerts
07 December 2010
Facebook Updates Promotion Guidelines Legal Alerts
24 November 2010
Use of "Made with Renewable Materials" and "Made with Renewable Energy" claims in Advertising under the FTC’s Proposed Revised Green Guides Legal Alerts
18 November 2010
Flash Cookies: Marketing Tactic Raises Privacy Concerns Legal Alerts
15 November 2010
Use in Advertising of Certifications and Seals of Approval Under the FTC’s Proposed Revised Green Guides Legal Alerts
11 November 2010
Using “Organic” In Advertising: FTC Declines to Issue Guidance in Proposed Green Guides Revisions, Defers to U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Legal Alerts
11 November 2010
“Recycled Content” Claims under the FTC’s Proposed Revised Green Guides Legal Alerts
04 November 2010
FTC’s Proposed Revised Green Guides Provide New Guidance on “Free-of” and “Non-toxic” Claims Legal Alerts
14 October 2010
Out of the Induced Infringement Frying Pan? Legal Alerts
12 October 2010
FTC's Proposed Revised Green Guides Warn Against General "Green" Claims Legal Alerts
02 June 2010
'Not On My Watch' -- De Niro and Pacino Settle Right of Publicity and False Advertising Claims Against Watch Maker and Film Distributor
Source: Entertainment Law Review
11 March 2010
Becoming Social: Issues in Creating Networking Sites
Source: New York Law Journal
14 January 2010
Marketing to Kids In the Online Age
Source: New York Law Journal
01 January 2010
Making Social Media Work for You: Avoiding the Pitfalls While Building Your Network
Source: American Bar Association Section of Intellectual Property Law
16 December 2009
De Niro, Pacino, Settle Right of Publicity Case Legal Alerts
01 January 2009
Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP IP Desk Reference - 6th Edition
Source: Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP
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Experience Highlights

NAD proceeding for a leading manufacturer of erosion control products
Represented a leading manufacturer of erosion control products in proceedings before the National Advertising Division (NAD) of the Council for more
Georgia-Pacific Consumer Products LP v. The Procter & Gamble Company
Represented Georgia-Pacific in false advertising litigation against major competitor. Successfully settled prior to preliminary injunction hearing. more
Kimberly-Clark Corp. v. E.I. DuPont de Nemours & Co.
Defended DuPont and obtained favorable settlement of false advertising litigation pertaining to flammability characteristics of surgical more
Comparative advertising claims for PepsiCo and Gatorade®
Represented Stokely-Van Camp Inc., the owner and manufacturer of the famous Gatorade® brand and a wholly-owned subsidiary of PepsiCo Inc., in more

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