Name and TitlePhoneOfficeE-mailV-card
Benjamin, Barry M.
+1 212.775.8783 New York E-Mail vCard
Brewster, William H.
+1 404.815.6549 Atlanta E-Mail vCard
Faris Jr., James W.
Senior Associate
+1 404.815.6134 Atlanta E-Mail vCard
Hooker III, Charles H.
+1 404.815.6376 Atlanta E-Mail vCard
Kumar, Amit D.
+1 858.350.3866 San Diego E-Mail vCard
Lord, Tywanda H.
+1 404.745.2597 Atlanta E-Mail vCard
Miller, Laura C.
+1 336.607.7466 Winston-Salem E-Mail vCard
Rafter, Michael W.
+1 404.815.6112
+1 212.775.8776
New York
E-Mail vCard
Schachter, Jeremy A.
+1 212.775.8750 New York E-Mail vCard
Seigel, Katelyn H.
Trademark Attorney
+1 212.775.8835 New York E-Mail vCard
Smith, Bradi L.
+1 212.775.8760 New York E-Mail vCard
Stadler, Sara K.
Trademark Of Counsel
+1 404.532.6908 Atlanta E-Mail vCard
Taylor, Virginia S.
Senior Counsel
+1 404.815.6373 Atlanta E-Mail vCard
Vayner, Sabina A.
Senior Associate
+1 404.815.6084 Atlanta E-Mail vCard
Welsh, Jared S.
+1 404.532.6874 Atlanta E-Mail vCard


Experience Highlights

Georgia-Pacific Consumer Products LP v. The Procter & Gamble Company
Represented Georgia-Pacific in false advertising litigation against major competitor. Successfully settled prior to preliminary injunction hearing. more
Right of Publicity litigation on behalf of Russian comedian
Represented Russian comedian, Evgeni Petrosyan, against satellite television broadcaster for unlicensed use of image in advertising campaign; secured more
Georgia-Pacific Corp. v. The Procter & Gamble Co.
Successfully represented Georgia-Pacific in the expedited arbitration of a case involving false advertising more
Kimberly-Clark Corp. v. E.I. DuPont de Nemours & Co.
Defended DuPont and obtained favorable settlement of false advertising litigation pertaining to flammability characteristics of surgical more

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