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06 October 2017
The Department of the Interior Proposes Additional Regulatory Hurdles to Restoring Tribal Homelands Legal Alerts
02 October 2017
DOI's Royalty Policy Committee Could Bring Trust Reform
Source: Law360
28 August 2017
Tribes Really Need More Than Sovereign Immunity Defense Legal Alerts
24 August 2017
Cobell Buy-Back Must Advance Indian Country Interests
Source: Law360
26 July 2017
Tribal Self-Governance Under Trump A Common Goal Legal Alerts
25 July 2017
DOI Actions Underscore Need For Tribal Consultation
Source: Law360
15 July 2017
Tribal Rights to Groundwater
Source: The Water Report
10 July 2017
Indian Country Should Defend Environmental Protections Legal Alerts
19 June 2017
Trump Budget Proposal Leaves Tribes On Their Own
Source: Law360
15 June 2017
The Need to Preserve and Expand Tribal VAWA Jurisdiction and Federal Resources Legal Alerts
30 May 2017
Tribes Really Need More Than Sovereign Immunity Defense
Source: Law360
28 April 2017
Tribal Self-Governance Under Trump: A Common Goal
Source: Law360
26 April 2017
The Supreme Court’s Decision in Lewis v. Clarke Potentially Opens the Door of Tort Liability for Tribal Employees Legal Alerts
04 April 2017
Indian Country Should Defend Environmental Protections
Source: Law360
07 March 2017
The Need To Preserve And Expand Tribal VAWA Jurisdiction
Source: Law360
26 January 2017
Play Your Best Hand: What Tribal Casinos Should Know About Cyber Insurance
Source: Indian Gaming Magazine
25 January 2017
Native American Recognition In Newfoundland: Part 2 Articles
24 January 2017
2016 Native American Tax Litigation Roundup Legal Alerts
24 January 2017
Native American Recognition In Newfoundland: Part 1 Articles
19 December 2016
Indian Country: More Of The Same Or Something New?
Source: Law360
16 November 2016
The Intricacies Of Patent Infringement In Indian Gaming
Source: Law360
24 October 2016
2016 Native American Tax Litigation Roundup
Source: Law360
05 July 2016
What The Growth Of Daily Fantasy Sports Means For Tribes
Source: Law360
08 June 2016
Branded Tribal Gaming Experiences Could Be A Win-Win
Source: Law360
03 May 2016
Tribes Need More Than Just The Sovereign Immunity Defense
Source: Law360
01 April 2016
The Current Battle Over Native American Land Allotment
Source: Law360
26 February 2016
Sovereign Immunity For Tribal Officials At Risk
Source: Law360
01 February 2016
Dealing With Expired Rights-Of-Way In Indian Country
Source: Law360
10 June 2015
Divided Sixth Circuit Panel Upholds NLRB Jurisdiction to Enforce NLRA against Tribes Even When the Act Conflicts with Tribal Employment Laws Legal Alerts
22 December 2014
DOJ Issues a Policy Statement Regarding Marijuana Issues in Indian Country Legal Alerts
10 December 2014
Ninth Circuit Announces New Test for Federal Tort Claims Act Coverage of Tribal Employees Legal Alerts
07 August 2014
Instant Racing Is Catching On
Source: Law360
04 August 2014
State Legislatures Looking at Expanding Slot Machine Type Gaming through 'Instant Racing' Legal Alerts
29 May 2014
D.C. Circuit Clarifies Basis for Indian Trust Claims Legal Alerts
27 May 2014
SCOTUS Affirms in Michigan v. Bay Mills Indian Community Legal Alerts
12 July 2013
Tribes Must Implement Changes to Take Advantage of the Violence Against Women Act's Tribal Provisions Legal Alerts
26 June 2012
Bridging the Divide: Water Wheel’s New Tribal Jurisdiction Paradigm
Source: 47 Gonz. L. Rev. 723
20 March 2012
Enhancing Tribal Sovereignty by Protecting Indian Civil Rights: A Win-Win for Indian Tribes and Tribal Members
Source: American Indian Law Journal
01 January 2010
Indian Tribes, Tribal Lands and Indian Arts and Crafts
Source: Cultural Property Yearbook
01 July 2008
Honoring Sovereignty: Aiding Tribal Efforts to Protect Native American Women from Domestic Violence
Source: California Law Review
01 March 2008
Tips and Strategies for Defending Indian Tribal Government IRS Audit
Source: Washington State Bar Association Indian Law Newsletter
11 January 2008
Supreme Court Grants Petition to Review Tribal Court Jurisdiction Over Non-Members under the Montana v. United States "Consensual Relationships" Exception Legal Alerts
01 January 2008
Indian Child Welfare Act: A Guide to Rights, Recommendations and Court Processes for Parents in Abuse and Neglect Cases
Source: Publication of the Lakota People's Law Project
Other Publications
01 May 2007
If You Think Tribal Casinos Don’t Have to Comply with the NRLA, Think Again
Source: The Advocate
01 January 2007
At A Complex Crossroads: Animal Law in Indian Country
Source: Animal Law Vol. 14:109
01 April 2006
Cobell v. Norton: Redressing a Century of Malfeasance
Source: Human Rights Magazine
01 August 2005
Making the Gaming Business a ‘Safe Bet’ for Tribes
Source: Gaming Law Review, Vol. 9, No. 4
01 January 2001
United States v. Kagama Case Reconsideration Appellants' Brief
Source: 10 Kansas J. L. & Pub. Pol. 419
01 January 1998
Una Resena de los derechos religiosos indigenas en E.U.A.
Source: Derechos Religiosos Y Pueblos Indigenas
01 January 1994
Does the United Nation Security Council Have the Competence to Act as Court and Legislature?
Source: 27 N.Y.U. J. Int'l & Pol 103
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Native American Affairs

Experience Highlights

Joint venture of gaming and resort company
Representation of gaming and resort company in theme park development joint venture. more
Sovereign authority defense in National Labor Relations Board case for gaming tribe
Represented one of the most successful gaming Tribes in the country in a case before the National Labor Relations Board, defending the Tribe’s more
Union organizing campaigns at Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation
Provided the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation with advice, assistance and representation before the National Labor Relations Board in more
Davilla, et al. v. Enable Midstream Partners, L.P.
Kilpatrick Townsend currently represents enrolled members of the Comanche, Caddo, Apache, Cherokee, and Kiowa Tribes of Oklahoma, who own an more

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