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13 June 2017
Ninth Circuit Holds Indian Reservations Have Reserved Groundwater Rights: Agua Caliente Band v. Coachella Valley Water District Events
05 May 2017
The Impact of the Trump Administration on Indian Policy Events
07 April 2017
Indigenous Cultural Intellectual Property Rights Events
03 November 2016
2016 ILPC/TICA Annual Conference Events
29 September 2016
Tribal Water Law Conference Events
14 September 2016
National Intertribal Tax Alliance - Litigation Update Events
04 November 2015
Tribal Historical Records and the Federal Government Events
22 October 2015
Agua Caliente v. Coachella Valley Water District, et al. – All Perspectives Events
21 October 2015
Protecting Indian Water Rights Under Drought Conditions Events
07 October 2015
Lingering Cobell Issues – Management of funds Events
03 September 2015
2013 Pilot Project Report: Addressing Domestic Violence by Non-Indians Events
02 September 2015
Specific Special Domestic Violence Criminal Jurisdiction Implementation Issues for Tribes Events
04 August 2015
Improving Tribal Access to Victim Services: Lessons from National, State, and Tribal Perspectives Events
11 June 2015
Tribal Official Immunity in Washington Events
03 June 2015
I Am A Landowner, Now What? Federal Agency Inter-Relationships In The Management Of Individually Owned Indian Lands Events
14 May 2015
Key Issues in the Federal Circuit Affecting Federal Indian Law Events
19 February 2015
21st Annual Western Water Law Conference Events
03 November 2014
CLE International 22nd Annual California Water Law Conference Events
04 June 2014
Trust Land-Sites for Economic Development and Global Impact Events
11 April 2014
Federal Bar Association Indian Law Conference Events
11 March 2014
National Congress of American Indians Tribal Nations Legislative Summit Events
07 March 2014
The Indian Child Welfare Act: Past, Present and Future Events
17 January 2014
Reforming the Federal Acknowledgement Process Events
01 March 2013
Domestic Impacts of Climate Change on American Indians, Alaskan Natives and Tribal Colleges Events
06 January 2013
Indian Gaming Events
12 June 2012
Trust Reform in Indian Country Events
21 May 2012
Increasing Access to Private Capital Events
23 February 2012
Issues in Modern Native American Tribal Governments Events
12 December 2011
Private Capital: Financing Renewable Energy Projects Events
07 December 2011
The Need for Tribal Procurement Laws to Maintain Effective TERO Regulation Events
10 November 2011
Developing Tribal Tax Code and Tribal Administrative Systems as a Source of Revenue Events
01 June 2011
24th Annual Sovereignty Symposium Events
03 April 2011
Accomplishments in the Obama Administration in Indian Law and Priorities from the Tribal Perspective Events
17 September 2010
Survey of Federal Indian Law Events
10 June 2010
Financing and Developing Tribal Energy Projects Events
21 May 2010
The Protection of Cultural Intellectual Property Resources: The Indian Arts and Crafts Act Events
06 May 2010
Presentation on the Cobell Litigation Events
01 April 2010
Native American Land Issues Events
01 November 2009
Native American Rights Issues and the Cobell Litigation Events
26 October 2009
Right-of-Ways: Trespass Violations and Remedies Events
09 July 2009
The New Political Environment for Tribal Energy Events
19 May 2009
Construction Issues for Federal Projects Events
23 January 2009
Tribal Governments and the New Administration Events
06 October 2008
Speaker, Second Annual Native American Economic Development & Diversification Conference Events
01 October 2008
Cobell Case and Enforcing Rights for Indian Tribes Events
09 March 2008
Campaign of Senator Barrack Obama for President of the United States Events
26 February 2008
Trust Reform and Settlement of the Cobell Case Events
26 February 2008
Obama For America Events
03 February 2008
Importance of Providing Legal Services to Tribal Communities Events
01 February 2008
Leading and Serving an Invisible Community Events
18 January 2008
Addressing Native American Legislative and Legal Issues Events
10 November 2007
Indian Trust Funds Events
04 May 2007
Resolving Tribal Personnel Issues: Establishing an Effective Framework Events
16 November 2006
Cobell Litigation Events
23 October 2006
Cobell v. Norton Events
01 October 2006
Indian Trust Funds Events
21 September 2006
Status Report on Cobell Litigation Events
11 April 2006
Addressing Over a Century of Shame, The Cobell v. Norton Case Events
01 April 2006
Violence Against Native Women Events
24 February 2006
The Indian Trust Fund Case: Cobell v. Norton Events
23 February 2006
More Than The Money: Restoring Government Accountability Through Cobell v. Norton Events
02 November 2005
Native American Issues and the Cobell Case Events
01 November 2005
Race, Racism and American Indians Events
30 October 2005
Indian Trust Funds Events
10 August 2005
Cobell Case Events
01 June 2005
Trust Related Issues Events
11 May 2005
Modern American Indian Political Movement Events
12 February 2005
The United States' Responsibility to Indian Trust Beneficiaries: An Examination of the Historic Cobell v. Norton Case Events
11 January 2005
Protection for Cultural Intellectual Property for Indigenous Communities Events
09 November 2004
Cobell v. Norton Events
10 October 2004
Indian Trust Funds Events
21 September 2004
Cobell v. Norton Events
10 January 2004
Globalization and Diversity, UNESCO and Cultural Policy-Making: Imperatives for U.S. Arts and Culture Practitioners and Organizations Events
17 November 2003
Indian Trust Fund Management and the Cobell Case Events
17 November 2003
Indian Trust Funds Events
01 October 2003
Reflections on Cobell v. Norton Events
09 August 2003
On the Docket 2003: Race and Rights in the Supreme Court Events
01 July 2003
Public Service and Leadership Events
10 November 2002
Indian Trust Funds and International Legal Instruments Events
01 November 2002
Enforcement of the Trust Responsibility and Representing Tribes and Tribal Communities Events
01 November 2002
The Trust Responsibility Events
01 November 2002
Cobell Litigation Events
19 September 2002
Trust Management Issues Events
27 July 2002
Representation of Tribes and Tribal Members Events
01 June 2002
Leadership and Importance of Public Service Events
11 April 2002
Rights of Indigenous People Events
01 April 2002
Enforcement of the Trust Responsibility Events
19 March 2002
Diversity Among Environmental Advocates Events
01 March 2002
Public Interest Service Events
01 February 2002
Native Americans and the Constitution Events
25 November 2001
Indian Trust Funds Events
08 October 2001
Speaker, 11th Annual Indian Land Consolidation Symposium, Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Reservation Events
31 August 2001
Indigenous Land Rights Events
29 April 2001
Representation of Tribal Communities Through the Courts Events
21 February 2001
Making the Invisible Visible: Contemporary Issues in Representing Indian Tribal Interests Events
03 December 2000
Speaker, Regional Meeting for the Americas (preparatory conference for The World Conference against Racism, Xenophobia, Racial Discrimination and Related Intolerance) Events
25 November 2000
Tribal Sovereignty and the Race v. National Distinction Events
12 November 2000
Indian Trust Funds and International Legal Issues Events
14 September 2000
Litigating the Federal Trust Responsibility Events
01 April 2000
Cobell Litigation Events
19 November 1999
Understanding the Trust Responsibility Events
11 November 1999
Native Americans and the Law Events
28 October 1999
Indian Trust Funds Events
16 July 1998
Tribal Justice Systems as an Expression of Indigenous Sovereignty: The Experience of the USA Events
01 October 1997
Indian Rights and Tribal Sovereignty Events
26 September 1997
Religious Freedom for American Indians in the United States Events

Native American Affairs

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Davilla, et al. v. Enable Midstream Partners, L.P.
Kilpatrick Townsend currently represents enrolled members of the Comanche, Caddo, Apache, Cherokee, and Kiowa Tribes of Oklahoma, who own an more
Union organizing campaigns at Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation
Provided the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation with advice, assistance and representation before the National Labor Relations Board in more
Joint venture of gaming and resort company
Representation of gaming and resort company in theme park development joint venture. more
Sovereign authority defense in National Labor Relations Board case for gaming tribe
Represented one of the most successful gaming Tribes in the country in a case before the National Labor Relations Board, defending the Tribe’s more

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