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18 August 2017
5 Key Takeaways: Protecting Your IP When Government Contracts Are Involved Legal Alerts
16 August 2017
Infrastructure Acceleration Effort Takes First Step in Right Direction – President Signs Executive Order to Streamline Environmental Review Process Legal Alerts
06 July 2017
Unintended Plaintiffs: United States District Court Allows Private Citizens to Sue a Government Contractor For Failing to Adequately Safeguard Personal Information Legal Alerts
22 June 2017
Small Business Payment for Performance Act Unanimously Leaves Committee – Will SBC Construction Contractors be able to reduce their financial exposure? Legal Alerts
25 May 2017
A Gov't Contractor's Guide To Trump Cybersecurity Order
Source: Law360
27 April 2017
New Case Lends Support to the Position that Public Universities Are Immune from False Claims Act Liability Legal Alerts
27 February 2017
Government Contracts ConneKTion Blog Blogs
30 November 2016
KT is...Collaboration · Client-Oriented Legal Alerts
26 October 2016
Department of Defense (DoD) Issues Final Rule on Safeguarding Covered Defense Information and Related Information Security Compliance Requirements Legal Alerts
26 October 2016
Court Enjoins Several Parts of the Fair Pay & Safe Workplaces Final Rule Legal Alerts
04 October 2016
Department of Labor Publishes a Final Rule Establishing Paid Sick Leave Requirements for Federal Contractors Legal Alerts
29 September 2016
Fair Pay & Safe Workplaces: What Are Contractors Required to Disclose? Legal Alerts
28 September 2016
New DOL Guidance to Impact Construction Companies With Government Contracts
Source: Construction Executive Managing Your Business eNewsletter
15 September 2016
Supreme Court Finds The Department of Veterans Affairs Violated Procurement Law — Are There Broader Implications for Government Contractors?
Source: Pratt's Government Contracting Law Report
09 September 2016
Fair Pay & Safe Workplaces Final Rule: Does the Bell Toll for Thee? Legal Alerts
08 September 2016
Reported Clearance of ChemChina’s $43 Billion Deal for Syngenta Underscores Need for Chinese Companies to Take a Proactive Approach to CFIUS Legal Alerts
02 September 2016
Guest Opinion: New Laws Burden Triangle Federal Contractors
Source: Triangle Business Journal
25 August 2016
A New Era in Government Contracting Labor Laws: How the Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Final Rule and Guidance Requires Contractors and Subcontractors to Tell on Themselves and Impact Future Awards Legal Alerts
15 August 2016
$6 Billion Chinese Acquisition Bid Submitted for CFIUS Review Serves as a Wake-Up Call for Companies to Evaluate and Mitigate CFIUS Risks Legal Alerts
10 August 2016
Changes to the SBA Regulations Change the Face of Small Business Government Contracting and Create New Opportunities for Both Small and Big Businesses Legal Alerts
24 June 2016
The Supreme Court’s Escobar Decision on Implied Certification Liability: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly for Government Contractors, Health Care Providers, Financial Institutions & Everyone Else Submitting “Claims” to the Government Legal Alerts
23 June 2016
Supreme Court Finds The Department of Veterans Affairs Violated Procurement Law – Are There Broader Implications for Government Contractors? Legal Alerts
06 May 2016
New Trade Agreements Act Test for GSA Schedule Contractors
Source: Law360
08 July 2015
What Contractors Should Know About New NIST Guidance
Source: Law360
31 March 2015
It’s About Time; SBA Proposes Expansion of Mentor-Protégé Program to SDVO, WOSB, HUBZone and Small Business Programs
Source: Bloomberg BNA Federal Contracts Report
02 August 2014
Sea Change in Labor Law Compliance for Government Contractors
Source: Law360
01 April 2014
When Cooperative Agreement Is Really Procurement Contract
Source: Law360
31 July 2013
Government Contractors Beware: Small and Large Businesses Have New Potential Exposures for ‘Affirmative, Willful and Intentional’ False Small Business Certifications
Source: Bloomberg BNA Federal Contractors Report, 100 FCR 133
10 January 2013
No More Vet-Owned Set-Aside Protests at the GAO
Source: Law360
01 January 2013
After Kingdomware, an FSS contract May be a Key to the VA’s Procurement Castle
Source: Lexology
11 December 2011
Owners & Contractors, Are You Protected?
Source: Texas CEO Magazine
01 December 2011
Are Prevailing Wages ‘Prevailing’? GAO Report Finds Fault with Davis-Bacon Act Wage Determinations
Source: The Estimator, Vol. 22, Issue 3
09 August 2011
BNA Insights: GAO Faults Prevailing Wage Determinations
Source: BNA Federal Contracts Report, Vol. 96 No. 6
01 August 2011
GAO Report Finds Flaws in Davis-Bacon Act Prevailing Wage Determinations
Source: Federal Contracts Report, 96 FCR 163
01 April 2011
False Claims, Contract Disputes, and the Government Contractor
Source: Building Baltimore
06 December 2010
Government Contractor Denied Immunity from Katrina Claims – Specifications Not Precise Enough
Source: & Law
31 October 2010
Open Book on Executive Compensation for Government Contractors
Source: Executive Counsel
09 August 2010
Contractor Barred from Asserting Defenses to Liquidated Damages Because It Failed to Submit Formal Claim to Navy
01 January 2010
Guide to the Mandatory Disclosure Rule: Issues, Guidelines, and Best Practices
Source: American Bar Association, Section of Public Contract Law
18 May 2009
Line Item Pricing in Government Contracts is Exempt from Disclosure Under Freedom of Information Act, Court Holds
01 March 2009
The FAR Mandatory Disclosure Rules – You Do Not Have the Right to Remain Silent
Source: ABA 23rd National Institute on White Collar Crime

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