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19 July 2017
CFPB Proposes Changes to Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) Reporting Threshold for Community Banks and Credit Unions Legal Alerts
13 July 2017
CFPB Issues Arbitration Agreements Final Rule Legal Alerts
11 July 2017
CFPB Finalizes Amendments to the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) Rule Legal Alerts
21 June 2017
Trump Administration Sets Forth Recommendations for Consumer Finance Regulatory Reform Legal Alerts
19 June 2017
CFPB Seeks Comment on Proposed Changes to Prepaid Rule Legal Alerts
30 May 2017
5 Top Takeaways: Fintech and Banking in 2017: Exploring Special Purpose National Bank Charters for Fintech Companies Legal Alerts
18 April 2017
CFPB Issues Proposed Amendments to Clarify Mortgage Data Rule Legal Alerts
17 April 2017
How an OCC Fintech Charter Could Benefit the Underserved
Source: Bank Director
22 March 2017
OCC Issues Additional Guidance for Evaluating FinTech Charter Applications Legal Alerts
13 March 2017
CFPB Proposes to Delay Prepaid Rule Effective Date Legal Alerts
21 February 2017
DC Circuit Grants CFPB’s Petition for Rehearing En Banc in PHH Case Legal Alerts
31 January 2017
Takeaways: Consumer Payments in 2017 Legal Alerts
25 January 2017
Consumer Payments in 2017: Regulatory Developments and Prospects For Consumer Gift Cards, Prepaid Cards, and Other Consumer Electronic Payment Methods Podcasts
18 January 2017
Obama Administration Issues a Fintech Policy Whitepaper Legal Alerts
27 October 2016
CFPB Issues Report Offering Preliminary Insights on Consumer Finance Marketplace Innovations Legal Alerts
12 October 2016
Key Consumer Finance Takeaways from the DC Circuit’s PHH Decision Legal Alerts
07 October 2016
CFPB Issues Long-Awaited Prepaid Account Products Final Rule Legal Alerts
04 October 2016
Recent Legislative and Enforcement Developments in the FinTech Sector Legal Alerts
29 July 2016
Nasdaq Requires Listed Company Disclosure of Third Party Compensation Agreements with Directors and Nominees Legal Alerts
12 May 2016
Significant Changes in Store for Consumer Finance Businesses – What You Need to Know Now About the CFPB’s New Arbitration Rules Legal Alerts
19 February 2016
Revised Capital Framework for Depository Institution Holding Companies Organized as LLCs and Partnerships Legal Alerts
09 November 2015
SEC Limits the “Direct Conflict” Exclusion for Shareholder Proposals in Proxy Statements and Reaffirms Its Position on the “Ordinary Business” Exclusion Legal Alerts
03 November 2015
CFPB Publishes Final Rule Expanding HMDA Requirements Legal Alerts
15 April 2015
SEC Adopts Final Regulation A+ Rules Ushering in New Era of Capital Raising Legal Alerts
10 April 2015
New York Department of Financial Services Report Identifies Bank Hackers’ “Backdoor Entrance,” Stresses Vendor Diligence and Contract Negotiation Legal Alerts
18 February 2015
CFPB Issues Compliance Bulletin on Treatment of Confidential Supervisory Information Legal Alerts
03 February 2015
The CFPB’s Enforcement of the Prohibition on Abusive Acts and Practices
Source: Bloomberg BNA Banking Report
27 January 2015
Understanding and Applying Dodd-Frank’s ‘Abusive’ Standard
Source: Bloomberg BNA Banking Report
12 January 2015
Cyber Attacks: Is Your Bank Insured? Legal Alerts
19 December 2014
CSBS and NYDFS Issue Cyber Security Guidance for Banks Legal Alerts
04 December 2014
FDIC Issues Guidance for State Banks Engaging in Activities Permissible for National Banks Legal Alerts
24 November 2014
CFPB Proposes Rules For Prepaid Products Legal Alerts
13 November 2014
D.C. District Court Vacates HUD’s Disparate Impact Rule; Sets Stage for Supreme Court Legal Alerts
20 October 2014
The Uncertain Utility of a CFPB No-Action Letter
Source: Law360
17 September 2014
Wave of SEC Enforcement Actions Reinforces Importance of Strong Compliance Culture Legal Alerts
15 August 2014
FinCEN: Recent Enforcement Actions Confirm Compliance Culture Is Critical Legal Alerts
05 August 2014
FinCEN Issues Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Regarding Customer Due Diligence Legal Alerts
21 July 2014
CFPB Issues Supervisory and Enforcement Guidance for Mortgage Brokers Legal Alerts
17 July 2014
New Frontiers in Foreclosing on Banks
Source: American Banker
30 June 2014
Federal Bank Regulators Continue to Focus on Cybersecurity Legal Alerts
30 June 2014
CFPB Initiates Mobile Financial Services Inquiry Legal Alerts
20 June 2014
Agencies Issue Guidance on Tax Allocation Agreements Legal Alerts
12 May 2014
NCUA Proposes Rule to Amend Chartering and Field of Membership Rules Legal Alerts
02 May 2014
OFAC Publishes Amended Syrian Sanctions Regulations Legal Alerts
20 March 2014
OFAC Issues General License G Authorizing Certain Activity of U.S. Depository Institutions related to Iranian Universities and Students Legal Alerts
19 March 2014
Federal Banking Agencies Issue Final Dodd-Frank Act Stress Test Guidance for Mid-Sized Banking Organizations Legal Alerts
18 March 2014
New York Department of Financial Services Begins Accepting Applications for the Establishment of Regulated Virtual Currency Exchanges Legal Alerts
18 March 2014
FinCEN’s Exceptive Relief Allows Dealers in Foreign Exchange to Accept Alternative Travel Documents Legal Alerts
19 February 2014
Bank Secrecy Act and Anti-Money Laundering Programs Continue to Result in Significant Penalties Legal Alerts
05 February 2014
HUD and FHA Begin Accepting eSignatures on Certain Mortgage Forms Legal Alerts
24 January 2014
OCC Proposes Guidelines Establishing Heightened Standards for Large Institutions Legal Alerts
24 January 2014
NYDFS Bitcoin Hearing Set for January 28-29 in New York City Legal Alerts
30 December 2013
The Increasing Influence of the CFPB on Community Banks Legal Alerts
23 December 2013
Exemption for Asset-Backed Securities May Keep Many TruPS CDOs Outside the Scope of the Volcker Rule Legal Alerts
05 December 2013
NASDAQ Modifies Compensation Committee Independence Standards Legal Alerts
20 November 2013
Regulators Release Tool to Calculate Impact of Basel III Capital Rules Legal Alerts
15 November 2013
OCC Guidance Details Expectations and Oversight of Independent Consultants for Enforcement Actions Involving Significant Violations of Law, Fraud, or Harm to Consumers Legal Alerts
15 November 2013
New York Department of Financial Services Takes Next Step toward Regulation of Bitcoin Legal Alerts
31 October 2013
CFPB Trial Disclosure Program Creates Safe Harbor for Participating Companies and Financial Institutions Legal Alerts
25 October 2013
SEC Finally Proposes Crowdfunding Rules Legal Alerts
15 October 2013
FDIC Re-asserts Prohibition Against Banks Buying Civil Money Penalties Insurance Legal Alerts
07 October 2013
Mitigating Fair Lending Risk Legal Alerts
04 October 2013
SEC Proposes Rule for Pay Ratio Disclosure Legal Alerts
15 August 2013
Dodd-Frank Act Company-Run Stress Tests Legal Alerts
09 July 2013
Federal Reserve Adopts Final Basel III Capital Rules Legal Alerts
02 July 2013
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Final Rule Regarding Supervision of Nonbanks Legal Alerts
28 December 2012
Federal Reserve Board Proposes Rules Regarding Enhanced Prudential Standards and Early Remediation Requirements for Foreign Banking Organizations and Foreign Nonbank Financial Companies Legal Alerts
03 November 2011
“Living Will” Requirement Will Impact Foreign Banks Legal Alerts
27 May 2011
Treasury Releases SBLF Rules for Subchapter S Banks and Mutual Thrifts Legal Alerts
04 March 2011
Federal Banking Agencies Offer Proposal to Reform Financial Institution Incentive Pay Legal Alerts
14 February 2011
FDIC Approves Final Rule of Assessments, Dividends, Assessment Base and Large Bank Pricing Legal Alerts
14 February 2011
FRB Proposes Rules Governing Supervision of Nonbank Financial Companies and Significant Nonbank Financial Companies and Bank Holding Companies Legal Alerts
06 December 2010
Federal Reserve Board Issues Proposal to Implement Volcker Rule Conformance Periods Legal Alerts
17 November 2010
FDIC Proposes to Implement Dodd-Frank Act Changes to Deposit Insurance Assessments Legal Alerts
09 November 2010
FinCEN Completes Reorganization of BSA Regulations Legal Alerts
09 November 2010
SEC Adopts New Form ADV, Part 2 Legal Alerts
01 November 2010
SEC Proposes Rules to Implement Advisory Vote on Executive Compensation and Golden Parachute Payments Legal Alerts
06 October 2010
FDIC Proposes Rule to Implement Dodd-Frank Unlimited Deposit Insurance Coverage For Non-Interest Bearing Transaction Accounts Legal Alerts
30 September 2010
SEC Proposes New Rules and Issues Current MD&A Guidance on Short-Term Borrowing Legal Alerts
29 September 2010
Consumer Finance Protection Bureau to Assume Responsibilities on July 21, 2011 Legal Alerts
17 September 2010
Recent Surge in Class Actions Filed Under the Electronic Fund Transfer Act Legal Alerts
02 September 2010
SEC Adopts Final Proxy Access Rules Legal Alerts
01 September 2010
The Dodd-Frank Act: Continuing the Reign of King Capital
Source: Hoosier Banker
26 August 2010
New Law Offers Large Incentives for FCPA Whistleblowers Legal Alerts
06 August 2010
Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act – Scope of Coverage of the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection Legal Alerts
29 July 2010
The New Jersey Bankers Association & Kilpatrick Stockton Present Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act: Key Issues for Savings Associations Podcasts
29 July 2010
The New Jersey Bankers Association & Kilpatrick Stockton Present Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act Issues for Banks Podcasts
28 July 2010
Kilpatrick Stockton Presents Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act Issues for Banks Podcasts
28 July 2010
The Maryland Bankers Association & Kilpatrick Stockton Present Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act Issues for Banks Podcasts
27 July 2010
Kilpatrick Stockton Presents Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act: Key Issues for Savings Associations Podcasts
27 July 2010
The Maryland Bankers Association & Kilpatrick Stockton Present Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act: Key Issues for Savings Associations Podcasts
16 July 2010
Executive Compensation and Corporate Governance Provisions of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act Legal Alerts
15 July 2010
Congress Passes Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act: Significant Changes to Regulation of Depository Institutions Legal Alerts
27 May 2010
Amendments to Financial Services Reform Bill Adopted on Senate Floor Would Have Significant Impact on Depository Institutions Legal Alerts
01 May 2010
Interest Rate Risk: The Next Shoe to Drop?
Source: Palmetto Banker
22 April 2010
FDIC Proposes Revisions to Risk-Based Assessment System for Large Insured Depository Institutions and Adjustments to Assessment Range for All Insured Institutions Legal Alerts
16 April 2010
FDIC Extends Transaction Account Guarantee Program Legal Alerts
22 March 2010
Senate Banking Committee to Consider Comprehensive Changes to Regulation of Depository Institutions Legal Alerts
26 February 2010
SEC Amends Rules for Internet Availability of Proxy Materials Legal Alerts
23 February 2010
SEC Proposes Amendments to Modernize Rule 10b-18 Safe Harbor Regarding Issuer Repurchases Legal Alerts
17 February 2010
Depository Institution Regulators Attempt to Curtail Examiner Overzealousness Legal Alerts
15 January 2010
Federal Reserve Board Amends Truth in Lending Regulation to Implement CARD Act; New Requirements are Effective February 22, 2010 Legal Alerts
28 August 2009
Financial Regulatory Reform Emerging Issues
01 December 2008
Banking Law (Contributing Author)
Source: Matthew Bender

Financial Institutions Regulation

Experience Highlights

Acquisition of a troubled financial institution
Advised a private equity group in connection with its acquisition of a troubled financial institution and related tender offer for trust preferred more
Represented financial institution in fair lending investigation
Advised a federally-chartered financial institution in connection with a fair lending investigation initiated by the OCC and referred to the more
Formation and capitalization of a North Carolina commercial bank
Represented the organizers of a de novo North Carolina bank, which specializes in lending to venture capital-backed businesses, in obtaining a more
Internal investigation for board of directors of large community bank
Conducted internal corporate/regulatory investigation for the board of directors of a large New Jersey community bank involving whistle-blower more

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