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19 January 2017
Ethical Considerations in Soliciting for and Seeking Representation of Chapter 11 Creditors Committees Events
14 May 2015
Governed by New York Law? Considering the Impact of New York State Law on Bankruptcy Matters Events
16 April 2015
ABI Annual Spring Meeting - Understanding How New Requirements for Tax Sharing Agreements Impact Banks and Holding Companies Events
26 February 2015
The Healthcare Industry Post-Affordable Care Act: A Bankruptcy Perspective Events
06 June 2014
Restructurings in Bank Holding Companies Events
12 March 2014
Recent Case Law Development in Tax Disputes Between the FDIC and Bank Holding Companies Events
03 October 2013
The Imperishable Hostess Brands, Inc. Events
05 June 2013
Financial Advisors' Toolbox - Maximizing Value in the World of Liquidations Events
12 October 2012
From Distress to Success: The Timeline of a Turnaround Events
26 July 2012
FDIC's Expanded Role in Bank Holding Company Insolvencies: Navigating the Complexities of Banking Regulators' Participation in the Bankruptcy Process Events
20 May 2012
Bankruptcy Presentation Events
19 April 2012
Understanding D&O Issues in a Brave New World: Health Care, Nonprofit, For-Profit and a Bevy of Other Issues Events
13 October 2010
Thorny Issues in Bank Holding Company Bankruptcies Events
14 July 2010
Closely Held Businesses and the Related Ethics Conundrums(s): “All in the Family” (without the Bunkers) Events
19 April 2010
General Growth Properties – Governance Principals in Chapter 11 Cases; Does Bankruptcy Remoteness Work? Events
01 October 2009
ABI Views from the Bench 2009 Events
01 August 2009
Bankruptcy Law as It Applies to Patent Disputes Events
12 May 2009
OESA: Financial, Legal and Market Strategies for Suppliers Events
05 March 2009
Hot Topics in Retail Bankruptcy Events
27 January 2009
IP and Bankruptcy - Business Partners Beware (Speaker) Events
01 October 2008
Ethics and Bankruptcy Events
01 October 2008
Ethical Issues in Chapter 11 Events
04 June 2008
New Tools for the Valuation Sandbox Events
12 November 2007
Re-Characterization Issues Events
15 June 2007
Asbestos Bankruptcy Issues Events
15 February 2006
Asbestos Bankruptcy Issues Events
15 November 2005
The Liquidation of AmeriDebt, Inc. Events
28 October 2005
Credit Counseling Provisions of the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 Events
30 April 2005
Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 Events
16 February 2005
Revised Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code Events
05 February 2005
Buying and Selling the Troubled Company Events
01 February 2005
Bankruptcy Issues Impacting Loan Participations and Syndications Events
01 January 2005
Critical Vendor Motions after K-Mart and other First Day Issues Events
01 September 2003
Avoidance Powers Events
01 July 2003
Basic Bankruptcy Litigation in Georgia Events
01 September 2002
Current Issues Involving Prepackaged and Prenegotiated Plans Events
01 May 2002
What You Should Know to be an Effective (And Useful) Expert Witness Events
01 September 2000
The Challenges of Healthcare Bankruptcies Events

What We Do

Bankruptcy & Financial Restructuring

Bankruptcy & Financial Restructuring

Experience Highlights

In re Bill Heard Enterprises Inc., et al.
Represented the Official Committee of one of the largest sellers of Chevrolet vehicles in the United States in their cases filed in the Northern more
Debtor representation in Chapter 11 cases for Vista Eyecare, Inc.
Represented Vista Eyecare, Inc., a vision care retailer group, as debtors in Chapter 11 cases filed in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the more
Chapter 11 case for asset-backed security holders
Represented asset-backed security holders in Chapter 11 case filed in Oklahoma.  Resulted in confirmed plan providing substantial returns to security more
Equity Committee for SageCrest II LLC
Representation of the Official Committee of Equity Security Holders of SageCrest II LLC in Chapter 11 cases pending in the Bankruptcy Court for more

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