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20 October 2017
Beyond Breach: Current Departures in Cybersecurity Incidents and Response Events
20 October 2017
Ethical Negotiations in Technology Transactions Events
16 September 2017
Provisional Application Quality Events
21 July 2017
Global Intellectual Property Portfolio Management & Related Strategy Considerations Events
27 April 2017
Prosecution: Software/EE - Are We There, Yet? Events
08 February 2017
Technology Roundtable: Survive (and Thrive) a Technology Merger Events
13 January 2017
The Impact of Functional Claiming in Software Events
03 January 2017
Tech at Penn Law and Beyond Events
09 December 2016
Profiles of the Fraudster: Technology Enables and Weak Controls Fuel the Fraud Events
07 December 2016
Technology Roundtable: Turning a Black Swan into a Golden Goose Events
30 November 2016
Emerging Threats and New Areas of Coverage Events
18 November 2016
Cyber Security: Recent trends in techniques to attack corporate or personal information Events
04 November 2016
Best Ways to Address Section 101 Patent Eligibility Events
12 October 2016
Protecting and Valuing Intellectual Property, Knowledge Assets, and Data in the IoT Events
24 August 2016
Intellectual Property Protection & Commercialization: Putting Patents to Work Events
17 August 2016
Protection of Corporate Knowledge Assets in the IoT Events
04 August 2016
Today’s Interpretation of Computer Laws Developed for a Bygone Age: A Study of Computer Crime, Prosecution & Defense Events
14 July 2016
Technology Roundtable: IP Issues When Bringing a New Product to Market Events
02 June 2016
International/European Patent Protection Events
23 May 2016
Trademark and Copyright Law in Digital Enforcement Events
20 May 2016
Live and Everywhere: Digital Video in the Age of Vine, Snapchat & Periscope Events
13 May 2016
Cybersecurity Law Conference Events
12 May 2016
Atlanta Technology Sourcing Conference 2016: Trends in Outsourcing, Cloud, Cybersecurity, and Robotics Events
05 May 2016
Prosecution – Software and EE Events
23 April 2016
Startup Legal: Top 10 Legal Questions Every Founder Wants to Get Answered Events
14 April 2016
Prosecution: Software and EE Events
18 March 2016
2016 Forensics: How Technology Impacts Internal Investigations Events
24 February 2016
Software/EE Developments Events
11 February 2016
Technology Roundtable: Technology & Licensing - Better, Cheaper, Faster Events
08 October 2015
Wearables and the Internet of Things: Strategies for Protecting and Monetizing Your Data and Intellectual Property Events
15 May 2015
What's Fair is Foul: Has The Transformative Use Doctrine Transformed Copyright Law For Better or Worse? Events
27 April 2015
Technology and Cloud Transactions Events
23 March 2015
Data Privacy in Our Connected Society Events
26 February 2015
At Dinner with Alice, and There is a Myriad of Mayo on Your Face: 101 Eight Months Later Events
21 January 2015
Impact of Post-Alice Guidelines on Examination in Business Method Art Units Events
15 January 2015
Cyber Insurance Events
04 December 2014
Protecting Your Company's Trade Secrets and Intellectual Property in the Cloud Events
11 June 2014
Utility Models: Petty Patents with a Big Impact Events
01 May 2014
Post Investment Relationship Events
25 February 2014
Software/EE Patent Developments Events
11 February 2014
How to Protect Your Company's Most Important Assets: Your Confidential Information and Your People Events
16 July 2013
How Hackers Crack your IT Networks & Steal your Secrets: Perspectives from Penetration and Forensics Experts on Cybersecurity Events
07 December 2010
The DMCA 12 Years Later: Pitting Copyright Protection Against Technological Innovation? Events
03 November 2010
Brand Protection and Promotion in Social Media Events
12 October 2010
Important IP – Patent Cases for 2010 Events
30 September 2010
Social Media Policies: Crafting a Uniform Policy Across Your Organization and Enforcing It Events
08 September 2010
Trade Secrets in Georgia: Legal Requirements and Best Practices for Enforcement Events
01 May 2010
Criminal Investigation of Electronic Crimes Events
15 March 2010
E-Discovery Events
10 November 2009
Trade Secrets in Georgia: Legal Requirements and Best Practices for Enforcement Events
15 June 2009
Taking Games Seriously: Category Confusion in Videogame Copyright Cases Events
01 April 2009
Electronic Discovery: Blocking & Tackling: Best Practices in Collecting, Preserving and Processing Events
09 February 2009
Virtual Worlds Social Networks User Generated Content Events
01 October 2008
Workplace Privacy Issues: Protecting Personal Information Events
01 October 2008
In-House Counsel as Circus Ringmaster Events
04 March 2008
The Uses and Abuses of Intellectual Property Events
01 October 2007
Litigation Metrics in Action Events
16 June 2007
China International Software & Information IP Protection Forum Events
16 January 2007
IP Protection for Nanotechnology Inventions Events
09 March 2006
IP Strategies for High-Growth Business Events
15 February 2006
Corporate Protection of Intangible Assets Events
01 February 2006
International Issues in Patent Law Events


Experience Highlights

Trademark enforcement services for Fortune 500 consumer electronics and computer software multinational corporation
Represents a California-based Fortune 500 multinational corporation that designs and manufactures consumer electronics and computer software more
Headquarters relocation for Lenovo Group Ltd.
Represented Lenovo Group Ltd. in connection with securing of a new U.S. headquarters location, including negotiating a multimillion dollar incentives more
Cross border commercial and M&A transactions for Neusoft Corporation
Represented Neusoft Corporation, a Chinese public company and the largest IT outsourcing service provider and software developer in China, as global more
Patent prosecution and licensing matters for Emageon Inc.
Represented Emageon Inc., a publicly traded provider of healthcare-related, dynamic user interface technologies and software for managing medical more

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