Kilpatrick Townsend’s history is inextricably linked to the history of the semiconductor industry and the development of Silicon Valley. Our specialized knowledge and semiconductor industry insight is a valuable tool by which our clients can enhance their market position and claim a strategic advantage in this incredibly competitive industry. In addition to writing, prosecuting and managing patents, we counsel clients with recommendations for asserting patents, make suggestions for refinements to sharpen patent coverage in order to target rival threats and develop strategies for prioritizing protection throughout the world.

We also guide our clients through challenging “design around” efforts to avoid patents as they maneuver to develop products, processes or methods that are equal or superior to offerings by rivals without copying or infringing. For example, Kilpatrick Townsend attorneys helped a microprocessor company develop a successful comprehensive strategy for introducing an industry-compatible microprocessor that would avoid liability. Our team reviewed the design as it was being created in order to avoid infringement problems. We also identified significant inventions and prepared and filed patent applications on key aspects of the new technology, leapfrogging the efforts of potential competitors.

Kilpatrick Townsend’s semiconductor and electronics experience extends well beyond patent procurement. We partner with our Litigation Practice Group to evaluate, license, enforce and defend patents in negotiations and litigation. Our firm has successfully negotiated licenses, cross-licenses and technology transfer agreements for and against some of the world’s largest semiconductor, electronics and computer companies.

While we enjoy an international reputation for our intellectual property services, we also offer a full range of services in areas including mergers and acquisitions, contracts and commercial agreements, licensing and procurement, joint ventures, insurance, retirement plans and executive compensation, information technology outsourcing and environmental regulations. Our international offices assist clients with cross-border transactions, with attorneys experienced in Latin America and Asia business services.

Our practice is more than just lawyers who prosecute and litigate patents. Many of our attorneys and staff have advanced degrees in various scientific disciplines and have developed highly specialized areas of expertise. They have professional experience working as engineers, software developers, inventors, researchers and educators. With our extensive research and technical backgrounds, transactional experience and history of successful representation of clients in these fields, we have the capacity to handle the multitude of legal and business issues that our clients face in conducting business.

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Trademark enforcement services for Fortune 500 consumer electronics and computer software multinational corporation
Represents a California-based Fortune 500 multinational corporation that designs and manufactures consumer electronics and computer software more

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