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27 July 2017
Unclaimed Property: Escheatment by Any Other Name Podcasts
01 May 2017
Something for Designers to Maybe Cheer About Legal Alerts
18 April 2017
In the Trenches with Social Media Podcasts
06 April 2017
A US Payment Rules Primer for the Compliance Minded Merchant
Source: Risk & Compliance
09 March 2017
5 Key Takeaways: Doing Business in California Legal Alerts
28 February 2017
Doing Business in California: Consumer Class Actions and Recent Regulatory Developments Podcasts
09 January 2017
Your Company’s Website Privacy Policy Probably Needs a Refresh (Before February 1, 2017) Legal Alerts
17 November 2016
Enforcement of DAA Cross Device Tracking Guidance Set to Begin in Early 2017 Legal Alerts
15 November 2016
Five Key Takeaways: Promotional Tactics/Pitfalls and Opportunities in Coupons, Rebates, and Experiential Marketing (including the Pokemon GO phenomenon) Legal Alerts
27 October 2016
Key Takeaways from 2016 ACC Annual Meeting Legal Alerts
26 October 2016
Avoid Legal Traps When Drafting a Privacy Policy
Source: Daily Report
20 October 2016
Coverage Across Borders: International Insurance Claims
Source: American Bar Association Section of Litigation’s Women in Insurance Network Annual Conference
18 October 2016
Five Takeaways: Is Anything Private Anymore? Privacy Considerations for Social Media, Sweepstakes & More Legal Alerts
10 October 2016
Top Takeaways from the 2016 Advanced Trademark Law Seminar Other Publications
05 October 2016
California Continues to Broaden the Scope of Its Equal Pay Law Legal Alerts
28 September 2016
Five Takeaways from Key Panel Discussion at Advertising Self-Regulatory Council’s 2016 NAD Conference - "It's All About the ‘Fit’: Advertising Claims Must Track the Test" Legal Alerts
26 September 2016
Putting the Diligence in Intellectual Property Due Diligence: Cautionary Tales of Those Who Didn’t
Source: Bright Ideas Newsletter
15 September 2016
ITC Blocks Converse Chuck Taylor Look-a-Likes for Certain Trademarks
Source: The Licensing Journal
14 September 2016
The AIA’s First-to-File Transition SHOULD have Resulted in More Provisional Filings
Source: IP Watchdog
06 September 2016
Mitigating Risks and Negotiating Terms for Cloud Services
Source: Daily Report
24 August 2016
Integrating The Crowd Into Trade Marks
Source: Managing Intellectual Property
08 July 2016
U.S. ITC Blocks Converse Chuck Look-A-Likes...But Not On All Trademarks Legal Alerts
29 June 2016
Strategic Protection of Knowledge Assets: Wearable Tech Features
Source: American Bar Association's Intellectual Property Litigation Newsletter
28 June 2016
Brexit — What IP Rights Holders Need to Understand Now Legal Alerts
10 June 2016
NLRB Holds That Hiring Permanent Strike Replacements Can Constitute an Unfair Labor Practice Legal Alerts
08 June 2016
Branded Tribal Gaming Experiences Could Be A Win-Win
Source: Law360
02 June 2016
Chorley Enterprises, Inc. v. Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants, Inc.: Arbitration Provisions in Maryland Franchise Agreements Legal Alerts
01 June 2016
Brand Licensing Strategies to Maintain Value and Goodwill
Source: Inside Journal
27 May 2016
Franchise Documents Should Not Be Cookie Cutter Products
Source: New York Law Journal
28 April 2016
Defend Trade Secrets Act Passes House, Soon to Become Law Legal Alerts
21 April 2016
Maximizing Insurance Recovery For Businesses Impacted By Recent Natural Disasters Legal Alerts
13 April 2016
General Liability Coverage for Cyber Risks Arising from "Publication" of Private Data Legal Alerts
07 April 2016
California Shapes Standards for Suitable Employee Seating Requirements Legal Alerts
06 April 2016
Amendments to Rules of Practice before the Patent Trials and Appeals Board (PTAB) Legal Alerts
04 April 2016
California Becomes the First State to Adopt a $15 Minimum Wage; New York Is Likely to Be the Second Legal Alerts
01 April 2016
Using Big Data in Compliance with Consumer Protection Laws
Source: BankDirector
01 March 2016
Privacy Shield or Model Clauses: Which is Better for You? Legal Alerts
01 February 2016
Making Sense of Apportionment in Patent Damages: Strategy in the Face of Uncertainty
Source: The Computer & Internet Lawyer
01 February 2016
United States Annual Review, The Sixty-Eighth Year of Administration of the Lanham Act of 1946
Source: INTA Trademark Reporter
02 November 2015
The Universal Language of Non-Verbal Design Marks
Source: Managing Intellectual Property
24 September 2015
Provide Access for the Disabled to Mobile Applications or Face the Consequences
Source: BNA Electronic and Commerce Law Report
15 September 2015
Licensing Your Brand in China: Guidelines for Brand Owners
Source: The Licensing Journal
15 September 2015
3 Recent Insurance Cases That Defend The Duty To Defend
Source: Law360
15 September 2015
Ruling in Canada Places Heavy Obligations on Franchisors
Source: New York Law Journal
28 August 2015
NLRB Issues Joint Employer Decision Potentially Affecting Franchisors Legal Alerts
28 August 2015
20 Questions When Your Vendor’s Cyber-Coverage Matters
Source: Kilpatrick Townsend Big Data Tech Law Blog
01 August 2015
Should U.S. Franchisors Be Worried about Implied Liability after The Dunkin’ Donuts Decision in Québec?
Source: The Licensing Journal, Vol. 35, No. 7