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Graf, Jennifer L.
+1 214.922.7138 Dallas E-Mail vCard
Grice, Christopher J.
+1 919.420.1734 Raleigh E-Mail vCard
Gruber, Jenny L.
+1 214.922.7125 Dallas E-Mail vCard
Hsu Ph.D., David D.
+1 303.607.3298 Denver E-Mail vCard
Kelton, Zachary S.
+1 919.420.1720 Raleigh E-Mail vCard
Kennedy, Nicoletta M.
Senior Associate
+1 202.481.9931 Washington D.C. E-Mail vCard
Krieger, Justin L.
+1 202.481.9922 Washington D.C. E-Mail vCard
Lohmander, Cecilia
Advokat, Partner
+46 (0)8 505 646 24 Stockholm E-Mail vCard
McCormick, Daniel K.
Senior Associate
+1 303.607.3249 Denver E-Mail vCard
McDowell IV, Charles F.
Government Relations Advisor
+1 336.607.7366
+1 336.607.7366
E-Mail vCard
Neeleman, John R.
+1 206.626.7713 Seattle
E-Mail vCard
Pannell, Charles A.
404 745 2494 Atlanta E-Mail vCard
Reed, David A.
Senior Associate
+1 404.745.2548 Atlanta E-Mail vCard
Roberge Ph.D., Christopher
Patent Agent
+1 415.273.4747 San Francisco E-Mail vCard
Shank, Daniel F.
+1 281.809.4094 Houston E-Mail vCard

Oil & Gas

Experience Highlights

Priority of other insurance coverage for death and bodily injury following a refinery explosion
After the trial court ruled on summary judgment that Citgo, as an "additional insured" under our client’s GLC policy, could obtain $5 million in more
Dispute mitigation counsel to a major oil and gas company
Represent a major oil and gas exploration and production services company in an early dispute mitigation regarding an more
Successful settlement of UST release-related claims against major oil company
Represented a major oil company in resolving threatened litigation arising from a UST release. Case was settled without litigation for less than 20 more
Formation of PetroLiance LLC via merger of two oil companies
Represented PetroLiance LLC, an oil company, which was formed upon the closing of a multi-a multimillion dollar financing and the merger of Southern more

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