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01 January 2005
Bargaining in the Shadow of Uncertainty: Understanding the Failure of the ACT and ACF Compacts
Source: New York University Environmental Law Journal
26 July 2005
Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) States Jump on Board (Renewable Energy Certificates take on new importance in power deals)
Source: Project Finance International
21 September 2005
Renewables and the Act (Incentives for renewable energy in the Energy Policy Act of 2005 create opportunities for renewable energy projects in the United States)
Source: Project Finance International
01 November 2006
Talking Point: The United States Can Still Look to Europe for Lessons
Source: Biodiesel Magazine
01 February 2007
CERCLA’s Preemptive ‘Discovery Rule’ for State Toxic Tort Claims: Scope, Strategies and Issues
Source: Defense Research Institute
01 March 2007
Discovery Torts: Coming Soon to a Case Near You
Source: BNA Publications
01 June 2007
Climate Change Litigation Heats Up with Massachusetts v. EPA
Source: Trends in Litigation
01 October 2007
Alternative Energy in the United States Changing Legal and Commercial Landscape
Source: Law/Technology Journal, Volume 40, Number 4
01 April 2008
CERCLA Section 9658 and State Rules of Repose: Two Decades After Passage, Unanimity Still Elusive on Basic Question of Statutory Interpretation
Source: ABA Environmental Enforcement and Crimes Committee Newsletter
01 September 2008
Energy and Climate Change Presidential Campaign 2008
Source: Energy Committees Newsletter, American Bar Association, Section of Environment, Energy and Resources


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Testimony on solar regulatory issues before South Carolina Public Service Commission
On behalf of Solar power industry association, provided testimony on legal issues related to PURPA and solar development in allowable ex parte more

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