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23 March 2015
The Demise Of SAWS And The Power Of Public Attention
Source: Law360
20 March 2015
Defining the Solution in Technology Contracts
Source: Daily Report
17 March 2015
Is It Time to Rebuild the U.S. Franchise Regulatory System?
Source: New York Law Journal
15 March 2015
State Regulatory Update
Source: SIFMA Compliance & Legal Society
13 March 2015
Making Sense Of Apportionment In Patent Damages
Source: Law360
11 March 2015
Penn State Teaches a Lesson in Asserting Bad Faith Claims
Source: ABA Section of Litigation, Insurance Coverage Litigation
10 March 2015
Getting to the Truth
Source: Insight, the Journal of the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai
09 March 2015
Federal Circuit backpedals a bit on patent exhaustion
Source: Daily Journal
07 March 2015
Deposing the Underwriter - The Policyholder's Perspective
Source: Insurance Coverage Litigation Committee CLE Seminar
06 March 2015
Managing Provider Performance in IT Services Transactions
Source: Daily Report
04 March 2015
Tips For Perfecting Your Appeal
18 February 2015
Facing Lawsuits Head On: Why Preparing for Trial From the Outset Will Keep You Out of the Courtroom
Source: Bloomberg BNA
13 February 2015
Tips for Reviewing a Liability Insurance Policy for a Recently-Sued Client
Source: American Bar Association Young Lawyers Division Litigation Committee Newsletter
08 February 2015
PTO Should Release SAWS Numbers Given Impact on Examination Process
Source: IPWatchdog
04 February 2015
Our Call to the PTO: Release SAWS Data
Source: PatentlyO
03 February 2015
The CFPB’s Enforcement of the Prohibition on Abusive Acts and Practices
Source: Bloomberg BNA Banking Report
03 February 2015
Kilpatrick Townsend Hires DC Chemistry and Life Sciences Team
Source: Managing IP
02 February 2015
Supreme Court Rules Trademark Tacking Is a Question of Fact
Source: The Intellectual Property Strategist
02 February 2015
For Pro Bono Work, Finding Right Fit Is Key
Source: Washington Lawyer
01 February 2015
Five Easy Ways Contractors Can Preserve Claims
Source: Construction Executive
31 January 2015
United States Annual Review, The Sixty-Seventh Year of Administration of the Lanham Act of 1946
Source: INTA Trademark Reporter, Vol. 105, No. 1
27 January 2015
Understanding and Applying Dodd-Frank’s ‘Abusive’ Standard
Source: Bloomberg BNA Banking Report
27 January 2015
Secret Patent-Examination Program: Rare But Consequential
Source: Law360
26 January 2015
Common Mistakes to Avoid When Negotiating Technology Contracts
Source: Daily Report
20 January 2015
"Counting on Energy Storage for Better Utility-Scale PV Output"
Source: PV-Insider
14 January 2015
O’Bannon v. Nat’l Collegiate Athletic Ass’n, 7 F. Supp. 3d 955 (N.D. Cal. 2014)
Source: University of San Francisco School of Law Intellectual Property Law Bulletin 131
05 January 2015
Shareholders, Regulators Clamp Down on Boards Over Corporate Governance of Cyberrisk
Source: Westlaw Journal Delaware Corporate, Vol. 29, Issue 13
01 January 2015
SecA: A potential antimicrobial target
Source: Future Medicinal Chemistry, (2015) 7(8): 989-1007
01 January 2015
The Spokeo case: Will it open the floodgates to more FCRA litigation?
Source: National Association of Professional Background Screeners Journal
01 January 2015
The Recipe for "Secret Sauce" and How to Protect It as a Trade Secret
Source: National Litigation Consultant's Review, Volume 1
01 January 2015
Fluid Trademarks and Dynamic Brand Identities
Source: The Trademark Reporter
01 January 2015
Intellectual Property Technology Transfer
Source: Bloomberg/BNA, Second Edition
29 December 2014
The Art of Negotiating Technology Contracts
Source: Daily Report
23 December 2014
The Failure of Franchising and Academia to Intersect
Source: New York Law Journal
19 December 2014
How Energy Storage Can Boost the Proficiency of Utility-Scale PV
Source: Green Business Guide
19 December 2014
Business Method Patent Protection Under New USPTO Interim Guidance
Source: Reed Tech
18 December 2014
15 Tips to Help Deal With (Or Avoid) The IRS in 2015
16 December 2014
Post-Alice, Allowances are a Rare Sighting in Business-Method Art Units
Source: IPWatchdog
08 December 2014
How Energy Storage Can Boost the Proficiency of Utility - Scale PV
Source: PV-Insider
03 December 2014
Secret PTO Program Subjects Apps To Heightened Scrutiny
Source: Law360
02 December 2014
Part Three: An Original Proposal for Stopping Corporate Inversions
Source: Journal of Business and Intellectual Property Law
01 December 2014
Am. Broad. Cos., Inc. v. Aereo, Inc. Survey
Source: University of San Francisco School of Law Intellectual Property Law Bulletin vol. 19, Issue 1
01 December 2014
EEOC Wellness Program Litigation: Has the EEOC Gone Wild?
Source: The ECFC Flex Reporter
01 December 2014
Alice Aftermath: Frequent 101 Rejections and Infrequent Allowance in Business-Method Art Units
Source: IPLS Proceedings
25 November 2014
Fifth Circuit Gives WWE the Green Light to ‘Smackdown’ Counterfeiters
Source: World Trademark Review
13 November 2014
Most Courts Limit Scope of Insured v. Insured Exclusion
Source: Law360
12 November 2014
Is Cyberinsurance the New ‘Must Have’ Policy?
Source: Daily Journal
10 November 2014
Before You Use Others' Intellectual Property Without Permission, Consider This...
Source: Franchise Law Journal
01 November 2014
Franchisors as Employers Under the Federal Fair Labor Standard Act
Source: LJN's Franchising Business & Law Alert
01 November 2014
Design, syntheses and evaluation of 4-oxo-5-cyano thiouracils as SecA inhibitors
Source: Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry, Volume 23, Issue 1, Pages 105–117
01 November 2014
Copyright Transfer Terminations, Trademark, and Trade Dress: Forewarned is Forearmed
Source: The Colorado Lawyer
01 November 2014
A Roadmap to Nonassignability of Trade Secret Licenses
Source: 33 American Bankruptcy Institute Journal 36
01 November 2014
International Legalities of Sustainable Construction
Source: Journal of the American College of Construction Lawyers
29 October 2014
The Evolution of Trademark Economics - From the Harvard School to the Chicago School to WIPO 2013 - As Sheparded by INTA and The Trademark Reporter
Source: The Trademark Reporter
24 October 2014
Patent Prosecution Statistics: Large versus Small Entities
Source: Intellectual Property Today
20 October 2014
The Uncertain Utility of a CFPB No-Action Letter
Source: Law360
19 October 2014
Part Two: Using Corporate Tax Policy to Stop Corporate Inversions
Source: Journal of Business and Intellectual Property Law
15 October 2014
Tax Considerations of Acquiring Intellectual Property
Source: Journal of Taxation
04 October 2014
Using Corporate Tax Policy to Stop Corporate Inversions
Source: Journal of Business and Intellectual Property Law
03 October 2014
Post-Alice Exam Stats In Software Art Units: A Bleaker Road
Source: Law360
01 October 2014
Claims for “Make-Whole” Premiums: What Creditors Need to Know to Avoid Potentially Dilutive Claims
Source: 2014 Credit Research Foundation Quarterly Newsletter, Fourth Quarter Edition
01 October 2014
Mediating for Stronger Start-Ups
Source: USF Lawyer
01 October 2014
Foreign marketing materials relevant to domestic infringement
Source: AIPLA Newsstand
01 October 2014
When Environmental Disasters Strike: How to Plan for and React to Catastrophic Events in Order to Minimize Liabilities and Facilitate Insurance Recovery
Source: American Bar Association, Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources, Vol. 17, No. 1
01 October 2014
Allegations of Fraudulent Procurement and Maintenance of Federal Registrations Since In re Bose Corp.
Source: The Trademark Reporter
01 October 2014
Colliding Technologies Produce New US Healthcare Networks
Source: eHealth Law & Policy
01 October 2014
POM Wonderful LLC v. Coca-Cola Co.: The Supreme Court Juices Up Section 43(a) of the Lanham Act
Source: Landslide, ABA Section of Intellectual Property Law
24 September 2014
IP Exchange International — The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
Source: Law360
24 September 2014
Fund Managers Must Face The Reality Of FATCA — Now
Source: Law360
15 September 2014
Recharging the Grid
Source: FUEL
15 September 2014
Is the Franchising Business Model in Serious Trouble?
Source: New York Law Journal
10 September 2014
Broad Prior Knowledge Exclusions May Not Be Enforceable As Written
04 September 2014
Real Life: Standing Up to Spasmodic Dysphonia
01 September 2014
IRS Releases Draft Forms and Instructions for Employer Health Plan Reporting
Source: The ECFC Flex Reporter
01 September 2014
You Decide: Green Globes v. LEED
Source: North Carolina Bar Association, Construction Law Section, Section Vol. 29, No. 1
01 September 2014
Notes From The Complaint Box: The CFPB's Snapshot of Consumer Complaints Received
Source: Carolina Banker
01 September 2014
18 – Months Post – AIA: How Has Patent Litigation Changed?
Source: ACC Docket
22 August 2014
Tactics and Strategies Overview For Dealing with Non-Practicing Entities
Source: Association of Corporate Counsel
14 August 2014
We Need More Guidance On Applying 'Abstract Idea'
Source: Law360
12 August 2014
Maturation of biomass-to-biofuels conversion technology pathways for rapid expansion of biofuels production: a system dynamics perspective
Source: Biofuels, Bioproducts & Biorefining
08 August 2014
Claim scope based on claim construction submitted in IDS
Source: AIPLA Newsstand
07 August 2014
Instant Racing Is Catching On
Source: Law360
04 August 2014
The Use of Inter Partes Review Petitions in ANDA Litigation
Source: Vol. 25, No. 3 Intel. Prop. Lit. at 18-23 (ABA Sect. of Lit., Chicago, IL)
02 August 2014
Sea Change in Labor Law Compliance for Government Contractors
Source: Law360
01 August 2014
Data Licensing: Be Aware of the Issues Before Licensing Data
Source: The Licensing Journal
01 August 2014
Suing Led Zeppelin: Can a Copyright Infringement Plaintiff Rewrite Rock and Roll History?
Source: LJN's Entertainment Law & Finance
30 July 2014
The Future of Software-Related Patents
Source: The Daily Transcript
28 July 2014
When Clients Are Abusive
Source: The Financial Manager
25 July 2014
Preserving Foreign Filing Options by Abandoning Provisional Applications
Source: Intellectual Property Today
21 July 2014
CMS Proposes Expanded Bundled Payment System for Outpatient Hospital Services
Source: Lexology
17 July 2014
SpeechStifling Ordinance Grants Notable Exemption
Source: Carolina Journal
17 July 2014
New Frontiers in Foreclosing on Banks
Source: American Banker
15 July 2014
Omnicare Settlement Suggest Greater Anti-Kickback Scrutiny of Providers’ Supply Agreements
Source: Lexology
14 July 2014
North Carolina JOBS Act: Pioneering Investment Crowdfunding Legislation
Source: Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton
11 July 2014
Targeted IRS Examinations of Section 409A Compliance
Source: BNA Tax and Accounting Center
10 July 2014
Gettin’ Yer Benjamins: DOE Finalizes $4B Loan Guarantee Program for Renewables
Source: BioFuels Digest
01 July 2014
Fixing Financial Fair Play: How to Make European Soccer’s Salary Cap Stick
Source: The Indonesian Journal of International & Comparative Law, Vol. 1, Issue 3, 808-842
01 July 2014
S. Ct. Resolves 'Raging' Debate Over the Use of the Laches Defense
Source: Intellectual Property Strategist
27 June 2014
D.C. Circuit limits discovery and joinder for downloading "swarms"
Source: AIPLA Newsstand
27 June 2014
Federal Circuit applies Octane Fitness/Highmark exceptional case standard
Source: AIPLA Newsstand

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