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01 October 2005
Peach Sheet Regarding SB 25, Domestic Relations
Source: Georgia State University Law Review, Volume 22
01 October 2005
The Right to Bail and Other Limits on Prejudication Detention of Juveniles in Georgia
Source: Georgia Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union
01 October 2005
Google v. Geico: What it Means for Internet 'Sponsored' Ads?
Source: Footwear News
01 October 2005
Establishing a Segregated Account Captive in the District of Columbia
Source: The DC Captive Insurance Newsletter
01 October 2005
Rx for Caution: Economic Credentialing and the Antitrust Laws
Source: Antitrust Health Care Chronicle
24 September 2005
Photoelectron Spectra and Ion Chemistry of Imidazolide
Source: Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 109 (50), 11504-11514
21 September 2005
Renewables and the Act (Incentives for renewable energy in the Energy Policy Act of 2005 create opportunities for renewable energy projects in the United States)
Source: Project Finance International
01 September 2005
Image Detection in 2D Intersymbol Interference with Iterative Soft Decision Feedback Zig-Zag Algorithm
Source: Proceedings of the 43rd Annual Allerton Conference on Communications, Computing, and Control, Vol. 1, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
01 September 2005
Purification and kinetic charactization of recombinant human mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinase COT and the complexes with its cellular partner NF-kappa B1 p105
Source: Arch. Biochem. Biophys. 64-74
01 September 2005
Limits on Limited Medical-Leave Policies
Source: Wiley Periodicals
01 September 2005
Destination Denmark for Ambassador Cain
Source: North Carolina Lawyer
23 August 2005
Current Trends in Middle Market M&A - Do Buyers Stand a Chance?
Source: Merger Monthly
22 August 2005
4th Circuit - Court Rules on Dormant Commerce Clause and Hot-Button Social Issues
Source: National Law Journal
22 August 2005
Laugh, and the Whole World... Scowls at You? A Defense of the United States' Fair Use Exception for Parody under TRIPs
Source: Denver Journal of International Law and Policy
16 August 2005
Intellectual Property Due Diligence in Strategic Transactions
Source: Kilpatrick Stockton LLP
15 August 2005
When There's Not Enough
Source: Legal Times
15 August 2005
Advertising Disclaimers: Disclaimers in Small Print Must Be Clear and Conspicuous
Source: New Jersey Lawyer
10 August 2005
Controversy Over 'Kelo'
Source: National Law Journal
05 August 2005
Roberts Has Skills, Business Savvy Needed on High Court
Source: Triad Business Journal
03 August 2005
Taking on a Modern Hydra
Source: National Law Journal
01 August 2005
Can a Method Claim be Infringed if All Steps of the Patented Process are Not Used Within the United States?
Source: CASRIP Newsletter
29 July 2005
Is It a Mark or Not? Strategies for Overcoming Refusals Based on Genericness, Ornamentation and Functionality
Source: The Intellectual Property Strategist
26 July 2005
Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) States Jump on Board (Renewable Energy Certificates take on new importance in power deals)
Source: Project Finance International
15 July 2005
European Ban on Software Patents is Full of Holes and Doesn't Hold Water
Source: Denver Business Journal
15 July 2005
Prelitigation Advice for Change Order Claims
Source: 2005 Construction Law Update
12 July 2005
Antitrust Laws Get Some Teeth
Source: The National Law Journal
11 July 2005
How to Win the 'Battle of the Experts' in Landslide Cases
Source: California Real Estate Journal
01 July 2005
Monoclonal Antibodies Against Soybean Bowman Birk Inhibitor Recognize The Protease Reactive Loops
Source: The Protein Journal 24(5) 375-82
01 July 2005
Buyer Beware: An Analysis of True Sale Issues
Source: Pratt's Journal of Bankruptcy Law, Volume 1, No. 2
01 July 2005
Scaling First Principles Plane-wave Codes to Thousands of Processors
Source: Computer Physics Communications, Vol. 169, p. 449
01 July 2005
Taking Care of CAIR
Source: Natural Resources and Environment Journal
30 June 2005
Work-Family Balance: It Is Achievable
Source: Atlantic Coast In-House
01 June 2005
Direct Deposit: May Employers Require Electronic Wage Payment?
Source: Employment Relations Today
01 June 2005
USERRA Amendments and DOL Proposed USERRA Regulations
Source: The ECFC Flex Reporter
20 May 2005
Threat & Response: The Piracy Genie is Out – Here's How to Catch Him
Source: World Focus INTA
18 May 2005
Trade Secret Versus Patent Protection: Or Both?
Source: ACC IP Committee Newsletter via
18 May 2005
Trademarks on the Internet: Hot Topics
Source: ACC IP Committee Newsletter via
06 May 2005
Nuclear Plant License Renewal and Federal Income Tax Challenges
Source: Energy Central
02 May 2005
Top of Their Game
Source: Trademark World
01 May 2005
Employers Beware: Will You Own Your Employee's Inventions?
Source: Hastings Business Law Journal
01 May 2005
A Return to Reason: Antitrust Treatment of Pharmaceutical Settlements Under the Hatch-Waxman Act
Source: 40 Gonzaga Law Review
01 May 2005
Dispelling the First to File Rule Myth-Part II (Author)
Source: Metropolitan Corporate Counsel
28 April 2005
Strategies for Avoiding and Overcoming Descriptive Objections Under Section 2(e) of the Lanham Act
Source: ACC IP Committee Newsletter via
26 April 2005
Playing Trademark Catch-up
Source: IAM Magazine
22 April 2005
Solving the Great Asbestos Bankruptcy Heist
Source: Andrews Asbestos Litigation Reporter, Vol. 27, Issue 13
20 April 2005
Independent Ink Stain
Source: Legal Times
08 April 2005
Solving the Great Asbestos Bankruptcy Heist
Source: Washington Legal Foundation Legal Backgrounder, Vol. 20, No. 16
06 April 2005
Visual control of burst priming in the anesthetized LGN
Source: Journal of Neuroscience 25:3231-38
01 April 2005
How Congress Can Solve the Great Asbestos Bankruptcy Heist
Source: LexisNexis Asbestos Bankruptcy Reporter, Vol. 4, No. 9
01 April 2005
Burned in the U.S.A. – Should the Music Industry Utilize its American Strategy of Suing Users to Combat Online Piracy in Europe?
Source: Columbia Journal of European Law
01 April 2005
A Step in the Right Direction for Willful Infringement
Source: Berkeley Technology Law Journal
01 April 2005
Recent Developments
Source: Florida State University Law Review
31 March 2005
Insurance Coverage for Welding Rod Claims: Establishing An ‘Occurrence,’ Avoiding Exclusions, And Other Policyholder Concerns
Source: Mealey's
28 March 2005
My Big Fat Lawsuit: Obesity Claims, the New Frontier?
Source: For the Defense
17 March 2005
Damage Control for Violations of Registration and Disclosure Obligations
Source: Franchise Law Journal
15 March 2005
Court Finds Patent Creates Presumption of Market Power in Antitrust Tying Actions
Source: Legal Opinion Letter
15 March 2005
HIPAA Security Implementation – Recent Issues for Group Health Plans
Source: The ECFC Flex Reporter
10 March 2005
The Last Word? Supreme Court Resolves Split, but Only Partially
Source: Trademark World
08 March 2005
Nonqualified Deferred Compensation – Validating Your Section 409A Transition and Compliance Plan
Source: Corporate and Securities Law Committee of the Association of Corporate Counsel
04 March 2005
Making Sure You Own the Products You Develop
Source: Denver Business Journal
01 March 2005
Board Observers Beware: A Discussion of Liabilities and Risks Facing Board Observers, U.S. Perspective
Source: Venture Capital and Private Equity Newsletter
01 March 2005
Bayh-Dole Revisited
Source: SCRIP Magazine
01 March 2005
N.C. Supreme Court Limits DNR's Authority to Assess Multi-Day Penalties
Source: North Carolina Bar Association Environmental News
09 February 2005
Exploring NYSE's and Nasdaq's Shareholder Approval Requirements for Equity Compensation Plans
Source: Benefits Law Journal
08 February 2005
SIRT1 regulated HIV transcription via Tat deacetylation
Source: PloS 3:e41
01 February 2005
Microhollow cathode discharge microreactor chemistry
Source: Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing
01 February 2005
The Fifty-Seventh Year of Administration of the Lanham Trademark Act of 1946
Source: Trademark Reporter
01 February 2005
Dispelling the First to File Rule Myth-Part I (Author)
Source: Metropolitan Corporate Counsel
20 January 2005
Single-Molecule Detection and Manipulation in Nanotechnology and Biology
Source: Nanofabrication for Biomedical Applications
16 January 2005
Amendments to District of Columbia Law Chart New Territory for Risk Retention Groups
Source: The Risk Retention Reporter
04 January 2005
Studies of the Properties of Human Origin Recognition Complex and its Walker A Motif Mutants
Source: Proc. Nat'l Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 102(1): 69-74
01 January 2005
Politics, Technology, & Indecency: Rethinking Broadcast Regulation in the 21st Century
Source: 20 Berkeley Tech. L.J. 341
01 January 2005
Protecting a Public Company's Confidences
Source: National Legal Center for Public Interest, 9 BRIEFLY No. 2
01 January 2005
Financing & Protecting California Businesses
01 January 2005
"Trademarks - U.S.," The Intellectual Property Handbook
Source: ABA Forum on Franchising and Section of Intellectual Property Law
01 January 2005
What to Expect from the Class Action Fairness Act
Source: GAWL 2005 CLE Symposium Materials
01 January 2005
Bargaining in the Shadow of Uncertainty: Understanding the Failure of the ACT and ACF Compacts
Source: New York University Environmental Law Journal
01 January 2005
Power Plant Siting in a Deregulated Electric Energy Industry: Discerning the Constitutionality of Citing Statutes Under the Dormant Commerce Clause
Source: Journal of Land Use & Environmental Law
01 January 2005
Note Politics Technology and Indecency Rethinking Broadcast Regulation in the 21st Century
01 January 2005
The North Carolina Court of Appeals Narrow Approach to Trade Secrets Protection in North Carolina Farm Partnership v. Pig Improvement Company
Source: 83 North Carolina Law Review 1567
01 January 2005
AgAgCl Loaded Ordered Mesoporous Anatase for Photocatalysis
Source: Chem. Mater., 2005, 17, 1409
31 December 2004
Stämpelskattelagen - en kommentar
Source: Norstedts Juridik
27 December 2004
Design Build Risk: The Basics for First-Time Owners
Source: Tunnel Business Magazine
15 December 2004
Legacy Legislation in a Republican Washington: Forecasting Federal Legislation in the 109th Congress
Source: The ECFC Flex Reporter
03 December 2004
DOL Finalizes COBRA Regulations
Source: BNA Tax Management Compensation Planning Journal
01 December 2004
The Supreme Court ‘Sells’ Charles Singleton Short: Why the Court Should Have Granted Certiorari to Singleton v. Norris After Reversing United States v. Sell
Source: 21 Ga. St. U. L. Rev. 541
01 December 2004
IRS Proposes to Eliminate Advance Notice Requirement of Anti-Cutback Rule
Source: Journal of Pension Benefits
01 December 2004
Manganese exposure and induced oxidative stress in the rat brain
Source: Science of the Total Environment 334-335:409-16
01 December 2004
The Option That Is Not an Option: The Invalidity of the Partial Discharge Option for the Student Loan Debtor
Source: 39 Wake Forest L. Rev. 1053
01 December 2004
Criminal Sentencing Under Attack in Blakely v. Washington: Good or Bad for Antitrust Defendants?
Source: Competition Law Insight
01 December 2004
The New D.C. Captive Act: A Creative Response to an Evolving Market
Source: Federation of Regulatory Counsel Quarterly Journal of Insurance Law and Regulation
01 December 2004
The Silver Lining from the GE/Honeywell Merger – What in the World Has Happened to Merger Policy and Procedures
Source: American Bar Association
30 November 2004
Tips for Working with Expert Witnesses
Source: Intellectual Property Litigation - ABA section
26 November 2004
Spectroscopy of AuO- and AuS-
Source: Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 108 (51), 11307-11313
12 November 2004
New Rules for Executives Deferred Comp
Source: Charlotte Business Journal
01 November 2004
Checking the Legal Health of Private Company Acquisitions
Source: Mergers and Acquisitions Journal
01 November 2004
The Effect of Sarbanes-Oxley on M&A Activity
Source: Banking & Financial Services Policy Report
31 October 2004
Samara Bros., Inc. v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
Source: 89 Trademark Rep. 986
19 October 2004
Thermochemistry and Electronic Structure of the Pyrrolyl Radical
Source: Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 108 (46), 10326-10335
15 October 2004
Dow Chemical Co. v. Stephenson: Class Action Catch 22
Source: South Carolina Law Review 467

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