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01 December 2016
US Practitioners in an International Patent Portfolio World
29 November 2016
Joint Employer Liability for Franchisors After the Obama Era
Source: New York Law Journal
17 November 2016
When It Rains, It Pours. When It Pours, It Floods. Is there Insurance Coverage for Your Resulting Losses?
Source: JD Supra
16 November 2016
The Intricacies Of Patent Infringement In Indian Gaming
Source: Law360
15 November 2016
Top 10 Things Corporate Attorneys Should Know About Insurance
Source: Law360
04 November 2016
Tips For A Successful Inter Partes Review Petition
Source: Law360
04 November 2016
Top 10 Things Litigators Should Know About Insurance
02 November 2016
Mine is Better Than Yours! – The Risks and Rewards in Conducting Comparative Advertising
Source: 39th Annual Forum on Franchsing
26 October 2016
FDA Moves Toward Online Database For Medical Device Info
Source: Law360
26 October 2016
Avoid Legal Traps When Drafting a Privacy Policy
Source: Daily Report
24 October 2016
2016 Native American Tax Litigation Roundup
Source: Law360
20 October 2016
Coverage Across Borders: International Insurance Claims
Source: American Bar Association Section of Litigation’s Women in Insurance Network Annual Conference
19 October 2016
Scrutiny Coming for Third-Party Lending
Source: Bank Director
05 October 2016
DOE Issues Updates to Its Loan Guarantee Programs
Source: Pratt's Energy Law Report
01 October 2016
The Motor City Needs Oil (On Canvas): An Argument in Support of Detroit’s Grand Bargain
Source: Georgia Law Review
01 October 2016
Charnes Gives Supreme Court Update to Association of Corporate Counsel
Source: Attorney at Law Magazine-North Carolina Triangle Magazine, Volume 4, Issue 5
29 September 2016
New Economy Businesses Need New Insurance: Can the Insurance Industry Keep Up?
Source: JD Supra Perspectives
28 September 2016
New DOL Guidance to Impact Construction Companies With Government Contracts
Source: Construction Executive Managing Your Business eNewsletter
26 September 2016
Putting the Diligence in Intellectual Property Due Diligence: Cautionary Tales of Those Who Didn’t
Source: Bright Ideas Newsletter
21 September 2016
How Tribes Can Avoid Gambling With Casino Patrons' Data
Source: Law360
15 September 2016
Getting Defensive: New Tools to Fight Patent Infringement Suits
Source: ACC Docket
15 September 2016
ITC Blocks Converse Chuck Taylor Look-a-Likes for Certain Trademarks
Source: The Licensing Journal
15 September 2016
Supreme Court Finds The Department of Veterans Affairs Violated Procurement Law — Are There Broader Implications for Government Contractors?
Source: Pratt's Government Contracting Law Report
14 September 2016
Anticipating Expansion of Intervening Disclosures Under the AIA
Source: IP Watchdog
14 September 2016
The AIA’s First-to-File Transition SHOULD have Resulted in More Provisional Filings
Source: IP Watchdog
10 September 2016
Unitary Patent Protection in Europe on its way and then … Brexit
Source: Association of Corporate Counsel
09 September 2016
Leveraging Trial Strategies To Improve Your Negotiating Skills
Source: Law360
08 September 2016
A Software Services Agreement Checklist For Companies
Source: Law360
06 September 2016
Mitigating Risks and Negotiating Terms for Cloud Services
Source: Daily Report
02 September 2016
Guest Opinion: New Laws Burden Triangle Federal Contractors
Source: Triangle Business Journal
01 September 2016
Latest Developments in U.S. FCPA Enforcement
Source: Insight: The Journal of the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai
31 August 2016
A Guide to the Offer of Proof
Source: Trial Practice Newsletter, Vol. 30, No. 3
31 August 2016
Tough times: Facing challenges, international law firms refuse to throw in the towel
Source: China Business Law Journal
30 August 2016
Enforcing Termination Obligations of Franchise Agreements
Source: New York Law Journal
24 August 2016
Integrating The Crowd Into Trade Marks
Source: Managing Intellectual Property
18 August 2016
Political Rhetoric and Hedge Fund Regulation
Source: The Huffington Post
02 August 2016
Top 10 Things Litigators Should Know About Insurance
Source: Law360
02 August 2016
Ex Parte Appeals in the Post-Alice World
Source: IP Watchdog
29 July 2016
The Newest Threat To Tribal Sovereign Immunity: Recoupment
Source: Law360
26 July 2016
Low-Income Tenants Need an Advocate in Eviction Court
Source: Daily Report
05 July 2016
What The Growth Of Daily Fantasy Sports Means For Tribes
Source: Law360
01 July 2016
Kirtsaeng Clarifies Attorney's Fees Standard In Copyright Cases, Injects More Uncertainty Into Availability of Fee Awards
Source: Intellectual Property Strategist
29 June 2016
Strategic Protection of Knowledge Assets: Wearable Tech Features
Source: American Bar Association's Intellectual Property Litigation Newsletter
17 June 2016
3 Questions On A Path To A More Unified E-Discovery Team
Source: The Relativity Blog
08 June 2016
Branded Tribal Gaming Experiences Could Be A Win-Win
Source: Law360
01 June 2016
Spoofing: A Proposal for Normalizing Divergent Securities and Commodities Futures Regimes
Source: Wake Forest Law Review
01 June 2016
Finding A Balance Between Securing Confidentiality and Preserving Court Transparency: A Re-visit of Rule 76A And Its Application to Unfilled Discovery
Source: 69 SMU L. Rev. 309
01 June 2016
Brand Licensing Strategies to Maintain Value and Goodwill
Source: Inside Journal
27 May 2016
Franchise Documents Should Not Be Cookie Cutter Products
Source: New York Law Journal
27 May 2016
Know the Limits of Liability When Drafting IT Contracts
Source: Daily Report
25 May 2016
High Court Could Shake Up Patent Review
Source: Daily Journal
16 May 2016
Teaching Points from the New USPTO Life Sciences Examples
Source: IPWatchdog
13 May 2016
Fourth Circuit Misconstrues North Carolina’s Statute of Repose -- and State’s High Court Cannot Help
Source: Washington Legal Foundation Legal Opinion Letter
06 May 2016
New Trade Agreements Act Test for GSA Schedule Contractors
Source: Law360
05 May 2016
When M&A And Bid Protest Worlds Collide
Source: Law360
04 May 2016
Predicting Cuozzo After Supreme Court Oral Arguments
03 May 2016
Tribes Need More Than Just The Sovereign Immunity Defense
Source: Law360
01 May 2016
US Storage Deals to Hike From 2016 if New Tax Rules Agreed
Source: Energy Storage Update
27 April 2016
Polling the Bar: An Unscientific Survey of Our Colleagues on Alice
Source: IP Watchdog
20 April 2016
High-Frequency Traders: A Plan to Eliminate the Abuses Without Losing the Benefits
Source: Wake Forest Law Review
15 April 2016
What Happens At PTAB May Not Stay At PTAB
Source: Law360
04 April 2016
Arizona’s Night Lighting Regulations Facilitating Astronomical Observation
Source: Arizona Journal of Environmental Law & Policy
04 April 2016
Bill Could Keep More Patent Lawsuits in Colorado
Source: Law Week Colorado
01 April 2016
The gTLD, The .BRAND, and The Ugly: Trademark Issues in the Wild West of Domain Name Registration
Source: University of San Francisco School of Law Intellectual Property Law Bulletin , Volume 20, Issue 1
01 April 2016
Using Big Data in Compliance with Consumer Protection Laws
Source: BankDirector
01 April 2016
The Current Battle Over Native American Land Allotment
Source: Law360
31 March 2016
The Appeal Process: The Statistical Likelihood of Success
Source: Landslide
30 March 2016
More Applicants Should Use the First Action Interview Program
Source: IP Watchdog
23 March 2016
Demystifying The Attorney-Client Privilege
Source: Law360
21 March 2016
Ex Parte Appeal as a Potential Means to Quick Allowances
Source: IP Watchdog
12 March 2016
In Person Interview Capability with All Examiners
Source: Berkeley Technology Law Journal
12 March 2016
Pre-Search Interview Program
Source: Berkeley Technology Law Journal
12 March 2016
Proposal: Training for Examiners on Compact Prosecution—Interview/Mediation Training
Source: Berkeley Technology Law Journal
12 March 2016
Comment Regarding USPTO Proposal 3: Clarity of Record
Source: Berkeley Technology Law Journal
12 March 2016
Regarding USPTO Proposal 2: Automated Pre-Examination Search
Source: Berkeley Technology Law Journal
12 March 2016
“Final” Versus “Non-Final” Office Action
Source: Berkeley Technology Law Journal
02 March 2016
Tech Cos. Hold Key To Financial Services For The 'Unbanked'
Source: Law360
01 March 2016
North Carolina Abusive Patent Assertions Act: a Powerful Gun, but Will It Hold Up in a Gunfight
Source: North Carolina Journal of Law and Technology, Vol. 17, Issue 3
01 March 2016
Getting Serious About Compliance
Source: American Chamber of Commerce of Shanghai: Insight
26 February 2016
Sovereign Immunity For Tribal Officials At Risk
Source: Law360
25 February 2016
Prophylactic Preparation for a Business Judgment Rule Defense
Source: New York Law Journal
13 February 2016
Kilpatrick Snags 6-Atty IP, Life Sciences Team in DC
Source: Law360
01 February 2016
Making Sense of Apportionment in Patent Damages: Strategy in the Face of Uncertainty
Source: The Computer & Internet Lawyer
01 February 2016
United States Annual Review, The Sixty-Eighth Year of Administration of the Lanham Act of 1946
Source: INTA Trademark Reporter
01 February 2016
Dealing With Expired Rights-Of-Way In Indian Country
Source: Law360
22 January 2016
Indemnity Procedures and Liability in IT Contracts
Source: Daily Report
14 January 2016
The Evolving Relationship Between Consumers and Brands
Source: HouseMARQUES, Issue 61
04 January 2016
The Nuts and Bolts of Trademark Consent and Coexistence Agreements
Source: World Trademark Review
01 January 2016
REMIC ISsues in CMBS 2.0 - Things You Should Never Say (Or Do)
Source: CRE Finance World
01 January 2016
What Happens When the Feds Decide an Invention is 'Secret?'
Source: National Defense Magazine
22 December 2015
Providing Better Incentives for the Protection of Consumers
Source: Data Protection Law & Policy
17 December 2015
Commercial Lease Provisions and Issues
Source: Landlord Tenant Law CLE
11 December 2015
Indemnity Terms and Conditions Key to Negotiating Information Technology Contracts
Source: Daily Report
10 December 2015
Fighting for a Tenant's Security Deposit
Source: Daily Report
09 December 2015
An International Perspective on Franchising Regulation in the United States and Australia
Source: The Franchise Review
03 December 2015
Exercising a Duty of Clarity: Nautilus, Inc. v. Biosig Instruments, Inc.
Source: Berkeley Technology Law Journal
02 December 2015
Hidden and Creeping Franchise Fees: Old Lessons Worth Remembering
Source: New York Law Journal
01 December 2015
EPA Issues Clean Power Plan Final Rule
Source: Environmental Finance
30 November 2015
Alice is Lost in Wonderland
Source: Law Week Colorado
26 November 2015
Design, Synthesis and Evaluation of Triazole-Pyrimidine Analogues as SecA Inhibitors
Source: ChemMedChem

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