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Advertising & Publishing

26 March 2014
Advergaming Basics: What Brand Owners Should Keep in Mind Before Deciding to Run with the Video Game Idea
Source: The Licensing Journal
16 February 2011
TCPA regulates text marketing campaigns
Source: Atlanta Business Chronicle
14 January 2010
Marketing to Kids In the Online Age
Source: New York Law Journal
01 January 2010
Making Social Media Work for You: Avoiding the Pitfalls While Building Your Network
Source: American Bar Association Section of Intellectual Property Law
01 December 2003
Marketing to Children
Source: Metropolitan Corporate Counsel

Banking & Credit Unions


Chemistry & Life Sciences

13 February 2016
Kilpatrick Snags 6-Atty IP, Life Sciences Team in DC
Source: Law360
01 November 2015
Evaluation of Small Molecule SecA Inhibitors Against Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus
Source: Bioorg Med Chem
16 June 2015
Facing Section 101 Challenges in the Biological and Chemical Arts
Source: ABA Section of Litigation Intellectual Property Journal, Vol. 26, No. 4
01 March 2014
Role of the Mce1 transporter in the lipid homeostasis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Source: Tuberculosis, 2014, 94(2):170-7
13 November 2012
Tips For Quality Control In Technology-Assisted Review
Source: Law 360
01 September 2012
Presumed Sapient: A Proposed Test for the Constitutional Personhood and Patentability of Human-Animal Chimeras and Hybrids
Source: 46 U.S.F.L. Rev. 1075
09 December 2011
Reaction of InCl3 with Various Reducing Agents: InCl3-NaBH4 Mediated Reduction of Aromatic and Aliphatic Nitriles to Primary Amines
Source: Journal of Organic Chemistry 2012, 77, 221-228
20 October 2011
NHE Inhibition Does Not Improve Na+ or Ca2+ Overload During Reperfusion: Using Modeling to Illuminate the Mechanisms Underlying a Therapeutic Failure
Source: PLoS Computational Biology, Volume 7, Issue 10, e1002241
01 March 2010
Mycobacterial outer membranes: in search of proteins
Source: Trends in Microbiology, 2010, 18: 109-16
01 May 2009
Protecting the Validity of Your Pharmaceutical Patents After KSR
Source: 2009 BIO International Convention
01 October 2008
Stop the Bleeding: Medimmune Ends the Unjustified Erosion of Patent Holders' Rights, in Patent Licensing Agreements
Source: Journal of Intellectual Property Law 137
22 August 2007
Strategies for Meeting the Challenges of Patenting Nanobio Inventions
Source: Global Intellectual Property Asset Management Report
01 February 2007
Self assembling light harvesting systems from synthetically modified Tobacco Mosaic Virus Coat Proteins
Source: Journal of the American Chemical Society
01 January 2006
Quantitative Changes in Branchial Carbonic Anhydrase Activity and Expression in the Euryhaline Green Crab, Carcinus maenas, in response to Low Salinity Exposure
Source: Journal of Experimental Zoology
02 September 2004
Non-invasive imaging of GFAP expression after neuronal damage in mice
Source: Neuroscience Letters
01 July 2002
Quantum Dot and Semiconductor Nanocrystal Paten Survey
21 May 2002
Ccr2 regulates the level of MCP-1/CCL2 in vitro and at inflammatory sites and controls T cell activation in response to alloantigen
Source: Cytokine
02 April 2001
Excise and Glucose Transport in Skeletal Muscle: Overexpression and Ablation of GLUT4 Transporter Protein
Source: Dissertation
16 March 1995
The intensity of a fetal taste aversion is modulated by the anesthesia used during conditioning
Source: Brain Research
04 October 1992
35 GHz Radiofrequency Irradiation Induces Cardiovascular Shock Via Visceral Vasodilation
Source: The VI National Conference for Undergraduate Research

Construction & Infrastructure

28 September 2016
New DOL Guidance to Impact Construction Companies With Government Contracts
Source: Construction Executive Managing Your Business eNewsletter
31 July 2015
Don't Get Shortchanged on Change Orders
Source: Construction Executive
01 November 2014
International Legalities of Sustainable Construction
Source: Journal of the American College of Construction Lawyers
01 September 2014
You Decide: Green Globes v. LEED
Source: North Carolina Bar Association, Construction Law Section, Section Vol. 29, No. 1
01 February 2014
Parameters of the Attorney-Client Privilege
Source: Construction Executive
01 August 2013
Don’t Ignore the Cost of Money
Source: Construction Executive
01 October 2012
Predictive Coding Requires Guidance from Legal Counsel with E-Discovery Experience
Source: Construction Executive
01 April 2011
False Claims, Contract Disputes, and the Government Contractor
Source: Building Baltimore
06 December 2010
Government Contractor Denied Immunity from Katrina Claims – Specifications Not Precise Enough
Source: & Law
01 August 2010
The Annotated Construction Law Glossary
Source: ABA Forum on the Construction Industry Publication
18 May 2010
White Paper: Unjustified attacks on the legal authorization for transportation projects under the reenactment of California Streets & Highways Code §143 threaten to scuttle the state's public-private partnership program
Source: California Bar Association
17 May 2010
Contractor Allowed to Sue Local Agency for Lost Profits After Bonding Capacity Was Impaired; Default Was Wrongful
10 December 2009
Is It Public Or Is It Not?
Source: American Bar Association
01 September 2009
Bayindir v. Pakistan and the Decline and Fall of Investment Treaty Claims on International Construction Projects
Source: Law Review of Ankara Universitesi Basimevi
01 June 2009
Time to Terminate
Source: ConstructionWeek
05 March 2009
New Legislation Limits Contractual Indemnification Obligations
Source: News in Brief
01 March 2009
Update on the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
Source: News in Brief
01 July 2008
When Insurance and Indemnity Collide
Source: Associated General Contractors of California
06 March 2008
Federal Contractor Alert: Business Ethics and Conduct Programs Now Mandatory
Source: News in Brief
01 January 2007
Co-authored the Southeast Chapter of the 2007 Construction Law Update
Source: Construction Law Update
11 July 2005
How to Win the 'Battle of the Experts' in Landslide Cases
Source: California Real Estate Journal
01 March 2002
Ushering in a New Era of Storm Water Regulation
Source: Morgan Miller Blair E-Alert
Involuntary Bankruptcy: An Overlooked Remedy in Construction Disputes
Source: News in Brief

Education & Research

01 January 2008
Elementary and Secondary Education
Source: 25 GA. ST. U. L. REV. 73
01 January 2006
Opting-Out of Public School Curricula: Free Exercise and Establishment Clause Implications
Source: Florida State University Law Review


01 May 2016
US Storage Deals to Hike From 2016 if New Tax Rules Agreed
Source: Energy Storage Update
26 May 2015
Co-Location Requirements Under the RFS Impede Advanced Biofuels Development
Source: ACORE White Paper
20 January 2015
"Counting on Energy Storage for Better Utility-Scale PV Output"
Source: PV-Insider
01 November 2011
Compliance Challenges Under the Clean Air Act's General Duty Clause
Source: Trends
27 March 2011
A Comprehensive GC-MS Sub-Microscale Assay for Fatty Acids and its Applications
Source: Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society
01 May 2009
Incentives for New Owners Who Self Report Violations: EPA’s Carrot and Stick Approach as a Step in the Right Direction
Source: ABA Section of Environment, Energy and Resources, Key Environmental Issues in U.S. EPA Region 4
01 April 2008
CERCLA Section 9658 and State Rules of Repose: Two Decades After Passage, Unanimity Still Elusive on Basic Question of Statutory Interpretation
Source: ABA Environmental Enforcement and Crimes Committee Newsletter
01 June 2007
Climate Change Litigation Heats Up with Massachusetts v. EPA
Source: Trends in Litigation
01 March 2007
Discovery Torts: Coming Soon to a Case Near You
Source: BNA Publications
01 February 2007
CERCLA’s Preemptive ‘Discovery Rule’ for State Toxic Tort Claims: Scope, Strategies and Issues
Source: Defense Research Institute
01 November 2006
Talking Point: The United States Can Still Look to Europe for Lessons
Source: Biodiesel Magazine
26 July 2005
Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) States Jump on Board (Renewable Energy Certificates take on new importance in power deals)
Source: Project Finance International

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