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21 January 2008
The Big Game The Big Screen...The Big Infringement
Source: New Jersey Lawyer
14 January 2008
Getting Back to Labor after Chinese Christmas
Source: St. Louis Business Journal
10 January 2008
Privileges and partnerships: planning for IRS probes
Source: Tax Management Estates, Gifts, and Trusts Journal
02 January 2008
Toys, Food and Other Dangerous Products
Source: Product Liability Law 360
02 January 2008
After Seagate, Counsel is Optional - But Advisable
Source: IP Law 360
01 January 2008
The Decline of Medium-Specific Content and the End of Medium-Specific Content Regulation: A Response to Professor Calvert
Source: 60 Fed. Comm. L. J. F. 48
01 January 2008
Anticipating the Audit Call
Source: Probate & Property
01 January 2008
Investing In The Energy Sector in India - Protecting IP in An Uncertain World
Source: IP360 and Energy360
01 January 2008
Achieving Medical Device Safety in an Era of Globalization
Source: Food & Drug Law Journal, Volume 63, Issue 3, 647-656
01 January 2008
The Decline of Medium-Specific Content and the End of Medium Specific Content Regulation
01 January 2008
Bankruptcy Holds Pitfalls for the Unwary
Source: Legal Issues in Ophthalmology
01 January 2008
Trademark Licensing from a Client's Perspective (Author)
Source: Intellectual Property Today
01 January 2008
The Past as Prologue: Schneiderman v. United States and Contemporary Questions of Citizenship and Denationalization
Source: 19 Emory Int'l L. Rev. 405, 405-81
01 January 2008
Virtual Protection: Applying Trade Mark Law Within Virtual Worlds Such As ‘Second Life’
Source: 19 Entertainment Law Review (UK) 1, 5
01 January 2008
Representing Clients in Commercial Restructurings
Source: Inside the Minds: Bankruptcy Restructuring Strategies
01 January 2008
The Additional Insured Issue: Named, Waived, and Covered?
Source: 2008 Construction Law Update
01 January 2008
"On Certiorari to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals": The Supreme Court's Review of Ninth Circuit Cases During the October 2006 Term
Source: 38 Golden Gate U. Law Rev. 409
01 January 2008
Commercialization and Art Licensing Model on Images of Collection in the National Palace Museum
11 December 2007
Health and Welfare Update - What Plan Sponsors Should Be Doing Now
Source: ABA Joint Committee on Employee Benefits
10 December 2007
Privileges and partnerships: planning for IRS probes
Source: Tax Management Memorandum
03 December 2007
Let the Games Begin! (After We Clean Up the Spit, Smog)
Source: St. Louis Business Journal
01 December 2007
Willfulness Redefined: In re Seagate
Source: Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice
01 December 2007
US Patents Post KSR
Source: Patent World
01 December 2007
Women in Franchising
Source: Franchise Update
19 November 2007
What's in a Name? Dispelling NFL's Super Bowl Myth
Source: Las Vegas Business Press
16 November 2007
Insurance Law
Source: 26th Annual Review
07 November 2007
2007 Patent Law Reform
Source: 19th Annual Southern Regional Entertainment and Sports Law Conference/13th Annual Intellectual Property Law Institute Publication
05 November 2007
Courts Struggle to Sort Out Bundled Discounts
Source: National Law Journal
02 November 2007
Substrate modulation of enzyme activity in the herpesvirus protease family
Source: J. Mol. Biol. 373, 913-23
01 November 2007
Insureds May Make An ‘Armstrong Election’ Even If Its Policy Does Not Include ‘All Sums’ Language
Source: Mealey's Litigation Report: California Insurance
01 November 2007
A Summary of the New Rules for Litigation Before the TTAB
Source: The Intellectual Property Strategist
01 November 2007
All for the Taking? North Carolina Legislature Responds to Kelo Controversy with Constitutional Amendment Limiting Eminent Domain
Source: The Litigator
01 November 2007
Supreme Court Changes Notices Pleading Rules
Source: The Litigator
31 October 2007
Litigation Is War, Strategy and Tactics for Litigation Battlefield
Source: West Legal Works
26 October 2007
Best Practices in Patent License Negotiation
Source: 25 Nature Biotechnol. 1347
16 October 2007
Protection of Business Methods in China
Source: IP Law 360
15 October 2007
Are You Injured Now?
Source: Legal Times
08 October 2007
Shanghai Surprise: Pinkie Nails and Pajama Men
Source: St. Louis Business Journal
01 October 2007
ERISA as an Obstacle to ‘Fair Share’ Legislation and Potentially Other State Legislative Approaches to Medicaid Shortfalls and the Growing Number of Uninsured and Underinsured, Co-Author
Source: AHLA's Journal of Health and Life Sciences Law
01 October 2007
Get Out-of-Jail Free Cards: Amnesty Developments in the U.S. & Current Issues
Source: Sedona Conference Journal
01 October 2007
High Court Declines to Address Arbitrator Bias Standard
Source: New York Law Journal
29 September 2007
Alternate Project Delivery System Status Report
Source: ACI Presentation
28 September 2007
Two-Wheeled Diplomacy Attracts Crowds
Source: U.S. State Department,
06 September 2007
Thermochemical Studies fo N-methylpyrazole and N-methylimidazole
Source: Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 111 (35), 8579-8587
01 September 2007
Coordinating a Cure for Global Counterfeiting
Source: Intellectual Property Today
01 September 2007
Robust Error Detection in Communication and Computation Channels
Source: International Workshop on Spectral Techniques
01 September 2007
Beyond FMLA: A Survey of State Laws and Legislation Mandating Paid Family Leave
Source: Employment Relations Today
01 September 2007
NYCLA Opinion: In Certain Circumstances, 'Dissenblance' by Attorney-Supervised Investigators is Permissible to Gather Evidence
Source: Intellectual Property Strategist
30 August 2007
Structure of the Vinyldiazomethyl Anion and Energetic Comparison to the Cyclic Isomers
Source: Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 111 (34), 8374-8383
22 August 2007
Surviving eDiscovery
Source: Storage Magazine
01 August 2007
Friendly to Corporations
Source: National Law Journal
30 July 2007
'Leegin': Antitrust Principles in Light of Franchise Law
Source: New York Law Journal
15 July 2007
As the Wave of Asbestos Bankruptcies Recedes: What Have We Learned?
Source: Mealey's Asbestos Bankruptcy Report
13 July 2007
Interfacing Silicon Nanowires With Mammalian Cells
Source: J. Am. Chem. Soc.
01 July 2007
Riding the Roller Coaster of Securities Fraud Decisions
Source: Large Law Firm
01 July 2007
Compulsory Licensing - The Sleeping Giant Stirs
Source: Corporate Counsel's Licensing Letter
01 July 2007
Smart Pills: Will China Cure its Drug Ills?
Source: Kilpatrick Stockton LLP
01 July 2007
General Business Contracts
Source: The In-House Counsel Essential Toolkit for Everyday Practice!
01 July 2007
Outsourcing in India: Issues in the IT Services Market
Source: Global Intellectual Property Asset Management Report
01 July 2007
Substrate Specificity Profiling and Identification of a New Class of Inhibitor for the Major Protease of the SARS Coronavirus
Source: Biochemistry 46, 8744-52
30 June 2007
Is eBay Liable for Actions of Counterfeit Tiffany Products? (Author)
Source: The Licensing Journal
26 June 2007
Contrast adaptation in a nonadapting LGN model
Source: Journal of Neurophysiology 98:1287-96
18 June 2007
Metadata Taking On Added Urgency for Attorneys
Source: Atlanta Business Chronicle
15 June 2007
Synthesis and Evaluation of 2'-Substituted Cyclobutyl Nucleosides and Nucleotides as Potential Anti-HIV Agents
Source: Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters, 17, 3398-3401
08 June 2007
United States: From E-Discovery to E-Admissibility?
Source: Mondaq Litigation and Arbitration
02 June 2007
A Blurry Distinction: Commercial vs. Non-Commercial Speech
Source: The Connecticut Law Tribune
01 June 2007
Illinois Tool Works Inc. v. Independent Ink, Inc.: The Intersection of Patent Law and Antitrust Law in the Context of Patent Tying Arrangements
Source: 58 Mercer L. Rev. 1035
01 June 2007
From Ringtones to Downloads
Source: Copyright World
01 June 2007
Book Review of the Copyright Litigation Handbook
Source: The Federal Lawyer
01 June 2007
Spouting Growth
Source: Captive and ART Review
01 June 2007
Investigating Strategic Alternatives
Source: National Law Journal
01 June 2007
Has the Supreme Court Given Regulated Industries Implied Immunity from the US Antitrust Laws?
Source: eSapience Center for Competition Policy
01 June 2007
The Impact of the 2005 and 2006 Patent Reform Legislation on Injunctive Relief
Source: Intellectual Property Litigation
01 June 2007
A Practical Approach to Addressing Holdover Ex-Franchisee Trademark Issues
Source: Franchise Law Journal
01 June 2007
Termites in the Basement
Source: The Journal of the Law Society of Scotland
01 June 2007
Look Again: Reevaluating Reexamination
Source: Patent World
31 May 2007
The United States- Three Years On
Source: WORLDextra: The Madrid Protocol
24 May 2007
Benefits of contrast normalization demonstrated in neurons and model cells
Source: Journal of Neuroscience 27:69-69
23 May 2007
Avoiding the Abyss: Using Arbitration to Resolve Trademark Disputes in China
Source: Trademark World
21 May 2007
2007 Construction Law Update
Source: Aspen Publishers, Inc.
10 May 2007
Transformer-Coupled Loopback Test for Differential Mixed-Signal Specifications
Source: 2007 VLSI Test Symposium 291 - 296
03 May 2007
A Question of Cost: Recent Decisions on the Copyright Act
Source: Copyright World
01 May 2007
Update on Punitive Damages Claims: A 50-State Survey (Texas)
Source: American Bar Association Product Liability Subsection
01 May 2007
If You Think Tribal Casinos Don’t Have to Comply with the NRLA, Think Again
Source: The Advocate
01 May 2007
Ambassador Jim Cain Checks in from Denmark
Source: North Carolina Lawyer
01 May 2007
Aesthetic Functionality on the Retreat
Source: Managing Intellectual Property
01 May 2007
Follow the Money - 'Reverse Payments' in Pharmaceutical
Source: Pharmaceutical Law Insight
01 May 2007
Southeastern Region Chapter
Source: 2007 Construction Law Update
01 May 2007
Patent Settlements Have Been Raising Concerns Under US Antitrust Laws
Source: Pharmaceutical Law Insight
28 April 2007
A Decade of Copyright Developments
Source: Art Libraries Society of North America
20 April 2007
Colliding Worlds in Copyright
Source: Mediaweek
12 April 2007
Walking the Line: Why the Presumption Against Extraterritorial Application of U.S. Patent Law Should Limit the Reach of 35 U.S.C. §271(f)
Source: 2007 Duke L. & Tech. Rev. 4
09 April 2007
Negotiating the Maze of IP Protection
Source: The National Law Journal
01 April 2007
New Allocation Methodology for Minimizing Losses Potentially Created by Gaps in Insurance Coverage
Source: Risk
01 April 2007
Intellectual Property in Global Sourcing: The Art of the Transfer
Source: Georgetown Journal of International Law
01 April 2007
Deconvolving Single-Molecule Intensity Distributions for Quantative Microscopy Measurements
Source: Biophysical Journal
01 April 2007
Revisiting the Inherent Equitable Powers of the Bankruptcy Court
Source: ABI Journal
20 March 2007
Will Another Per Se Rule Fall? Supreme Court May Drop Absolute Bar to Minimum Resale Price Maintenance
Source: Legal Times
01 March 2007
Allocation and Trigger: Dilemma and Doctrine
Source: Defense Research Institute, Seventh Annual Insurance Coverage and Claims Institute
01 March 2007
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