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30 November 2004
Tips for Working with Expert Witnesses
Source: Intellectual Property Litigation - ABA section
26 November 2004
Spectroscopy of AuO- and AuS-
Source: Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 108 (51), 11307-11313
12 November 2004
New Rules for Executives Deferred Comp
Source: Charlotte Business Journal
01 November 2004
Checking the Legal Health of Private Company Acquisitions
Source: Mergers and Acquisitions Journal
01 November 2004
The Effect of Sarbanes-Oxley on M&A Activity
Source: Banking & Financial Services Policy Report
31 October 2004
Samara Bros., Inc. v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
Source: 89 Trademark Rep. 986
19 October 2004
Thermochemistry and Electronic Structure of the Pyrrolyl Radical
Source: Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 108 (46), 10326-10335
15 October 2004
Dow Chemical Co. v. Stephenson: Class Action Catch 22
Source: South Carolina Law Review 467
05 October 2004
The Survival of Copyright Traditions in the Evolution of Compact Disc Digital Rights Management
Source: 2004 ASCAP Nathan Burkan Memorial Copyright Law Writing Competition
05 October 2004
Principles for Drafting Capital Formation Disclosure Documents: Planning the Assault on Lugubrious Prolixity
Source: Securities Regulation Law Journal
01 October 2004
When Off-Duty Conduct Becomes Off Limits: State Laws Expand to Protect Employees Outside the Workplace
Source: Employment Relations Today
01 October 2004
Moseley v. Victoria Secret Catalogue
Source: 92 Trademark Rep. 1139
30 September 2004
Coming Conflicts: Proposed U.S. Transfer Pricing Services Regulations and the Treatment of Intangibles
Source: 6 Derivatives and Financial Instruments No. 5, 256 (International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation)
27 September 2004
Resolving the Clash Between Trademarks and Domain Names
Source: Santa Clara Law Review
22 September 2004
Security in the Wild: User Strategies for Managing Security as an Everyday, Practical Problem
Source: Personal and Ubiquitous Computing 8(6), 391-401
15 September 2004
Supreme Court Addresses Preemption of State Patient’s Rights Laws
Source: The ECFC Flex Reporter
02 September 2004
Non-invasive imaging of GFAP expression after neuronal damage in mice
Source: Neuroscience Letters
01 September 2004
Child Endangerment Legislation
Source: 21 Ga. St. U. L. Rev. 45
01 September 2004
When Off-Duty Conduct Becomes Off Limits: State Laws Expand to Protect Employees Outside the Workplace
Source: Wiley Periodicals
01 September 2004
How the Regulations Implementing the Madrid Protocol Affect Inter Partes Practice Before the TTAB
Source: IP Links
01 September 2004
Mark Your Produce: Trademarks and New Plant Variety Protection
Source: San Francisco Daily Journal
01 September 2004
Recent Developments
Source: Florida State University Law Review
06 August 2004
Using Open Source Code in Proprietary Software can be Risky
Source: Triangle Business Journal
06 August 2004
New Federal Law Provides Additional "Sticks & Carrots" to Antitrust Prosecutors
Source: Washington Legal Foundation
05 August 2004
Recent Prosecutions
Source: National Law Journal
28 July 2004
Mind Your Markets
Source: Legal Times
20 July 2004
EAC's and US Ozone Regulation
Source: The National Law Journal
15 July 2004
Using a Bank's Website for Corporate Disclosure
Source: Community Banker
15 July 2004
Configuration Protection Harmonized
Source: 94 Trademark Reporter 1182
15 July 2004
Antitrust & Intellectual Property Compendium
Source: Kilpatrick Stockton LLP
14 July 2004
Biological consequences of oxidative stress-induced DNA damage in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Source: Nucleic Acids Res. 32(12):3712-23
01 July 2004
Want to Avoid Patent Litigation? Become a Government Contractor (Speaker)
Source: National Contract Management
01 July 2004
Another Step Forward for the Generics
Source: IAM Magazine
01 July 2004
Regulatory Enforcement Actions Serve as Warnings
Source: Subscription Marketing
01 June 2004
Calming the Waters: Challenges Facing Local Governments
Source: The Georgia Operator
01 June 2004
How Sarbanes-Oxley Affects Merger Considerations
Source: Financial Executive
01 June 2004
My Big Fat Lawsuit: Obesity Claims, The New Frontier?
Source: The Litigator
21 May 2004
Spontaneous DNA damage in Saccharomyces cerevisiae elicits phenotypic properties similar to cancer cells
Source: J. Biol. Chem. 279(21):22585-94
01 May 2004
Congress Poised to Bolster Criminal Antitrust Penalties: An Update on H.R. 1086
Source: Antitrust Source
01 May 2004
State Antitrust Practice and Statutes
Source: ABA Section of Antitrust Law
01 May 2004
Expedited Patent Litigation: When Justice Delayed is Justice Denied
Source: Intellectual Property Today
16 April 2004
Tat acetylation: a regulatory switch between early and late phases in HIV transcription elongation
Source: Found Symp. 259:182-93; discussion 193-6, 223-5
09 April 2004
Record Keeping Can Be Key to Winning Your Patents
Source: Denver Business Journal
01 April 2004
Manganese Neurotoxicity
Source: Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 1012:115-28
01 April 2004
The Perils of State Wage-Deduction Laws
Source: Wiley Periodicals
01 April 2004
Why U.S. Law Should Have Been Considered in Rwanda Media Convictions
Source: Communications Lawyer
01 April 2004
Setting a Standard?
Source: Patent World
31 March 2004
Encroachment Issues Persist
Source: The National Law Journal
15 March 2004
HSAs and the HIPAA Privacy Rules: The Clash of the Acronyms
Source: The ECFC Flex Reporter
01 March 2004
Image Detection in 2D Intersymbol Interference with Zig-Zag Decision-Feedback Viterbi Algorithm
Source: Proceedings of the 38th Conference on Information Sciences and Systems, pp. 195-200, Princeton University
01 March 2004
As the Dust Settles: The New D&O Landscape As Insured Deal With the Corporate Governance Crisis
Source: American Bar Association
01 March 2004
The Continuing Balance: Federal Regulation of Biotechnology
Source: The American Bar Associaton's Jurimetrics
01 March 2004
Virginia CFO Prevails in Early Sarbanes-Oxley Whistle-Blower Claim
Source: Business Lawyer
01 March 2004
Absolute Pollution Exclusion? 'Not!' - Say the Courts
Source: Coverage
28 February 2004
Trademark Law for Artists and Entertainers
Source: The Entertainment Law Institute
03 February 2004
4th Circuit Review: Deciding Establishment Clause
Source: National Law Journal
03 February 2004
Antitrust Implications of Patent Litigation Settlements
01 February 2004
Outside Influence: Recommendations from a Report by the US Antitrust Authorities
Source: Patent World
01 February 2004
US Antitrust Enforcers Focus on IP
Source: Intellectual Asset Management
31 January 2004
U.S. Joins Madrid Protocol: New International Filing Opportunities for U.S. Trademark Owners
Source: IP Value
01 January 2004
Airborne manganese exposure differentially affects end points of oxidative stress in an age- and sex-dependent manner
Source: Biological Trace Element Research 100:49-62
01 January 2004
Arbitration Clauses in Insurance Policies
Source: 2004 Construction Law Update
01 January 2004
Free-standing Mesoporous Titania Films with Anatase Nanocrystallites Synthesized at 80 C
Source: Chem. Commun., 2004, 1016
01 January 2004
Guidelines for In-House Counsel in Handling 'Conflict-Of-Interest' Transactions
Source: Atlantic Coast In-House
01 January 2004
High-Power LED as an Excitation Source for Fluorescence Applications
01 January 2004
"Trademark Law Fundamentals and Related Franchising Issues," Fundamentals of Franchising
Source: ABA Forum on Franchising
01 January 2004
"Derivative Litigation" of Business Tort and Civil RICO Claims: The Eleventh Circuit Affirms the Dismissal of Claims Fashioned out of the Conduct of Prior Litigation
Source: Business Torts and RICO News
01 January 2004
Can Regulatory Violations Be the Basis for Antitrust Liability?
Source: Competition in North America
01 January 2004
Heterozygosity from Lmna deficiency eliminates the progeria-like phenotypes
Source: Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A.
01 January 2004
2004 Construction Law Update
Source: Aspen Publishers
01 January 2004
Loss of cables, a cyclin-dependent kinase regulatory protein, is associated with the development of endometrial hyperplasia and endometrial cancer
Source: American Association for Cancer Research Journals
01 January 2004
Strategic Considerations In US Copyright Litigation
Source: Building and Enforcing Intellectual Property Value 2004, An International Guide for the Boardroom, 2004
01 January 2004
Banking Law in the United States
Source: JURIS Publishing
01 January 2004
Insurance Coverage for Construction Projects
Source: The Construction Business Handbook, Chap. 4
01 January 2004
The Preservation of Privacy Interests at Sea: The Need for Meaningful Scope Limits on Custom Official and the Coast Guard's Sweeping Authority to Search Vessels
Source: 29 Tulane Maritime Law Journal, 105 - 124
31 December 2003
Insurance Coverage Litigation Subcommittee, Litigation Section, American Bar Association
Source: Coverage Magazine, LexisNexis
31 December 2003
Kilpatrick Stockton Attorneys Offer Insight into FTC's Report for Improving Patent System
Source: Competition Law Insight
16 December 2003
Direct Laser Writing on Electrolessly Deposited Thin Metal Films for Applications
Source: Langmuir
02 December 2003
Patent Procurement: Rob Peter to Pay Paul?
Source: Intellectual Property Today
01 December 2003
Microhollow cathode discharge stability with flow and reaction
Source: Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics
01 December 2003
Keeping Insurer Informed Is Best Strategy for Policyholder
Source: Los Angeles Daily Journal
01 December 2003
Simple Steps to Maximize Your D&O Coverage in a Post-Enron/Tyco/Sarbanes-Oxley World
01 December 2003
Note, Curbing the Federal Circuit’s Enthusiasm: An Argument for a Rebuttable Presumption Against Application of the Doctrine of Equivalents to Disclosed but Unclaimed Subject Matter
Source: 45 William and Mary Review 747
01 December 2003
Marketing to Children
Source: Metropolitan Corporate Counsel
01 December 2003
The Rise of Pay or Play California Health Coverage
Source: The ECFC Flex Reporter
01 December 2003
Defined Contribution Health Plans – A Green Light for Health Reimbursement Arrangements
Source: Journal of Pension Benefits
30 November 2003
New Media Licensing
Source: Georgia Bar Intellectual Property Section
30 November 2003
Non-Profit Governance Primer
Source: Georgia State Bar Non-Profit Forum
09 November 2003
An Extract From the 2004 Antitrust Review of the Americas, a Global Competition Review Special Report
Source: Global Competition Review
08 November 2003
Cardiac Defibrillators in the Workplace Can Save Lives but Pose Risks of Employer Liability
Source: Employment Relations Today
01 November 2003
How We Should Think About the Constitutional Status of the Suspected Terrorist Detainees at Guantanamo Bay: Examining Theories that Interpret the Constitution’s Scope
Source: 36 Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law 1579
01 November 2003
Localization in an Occupied-Subspace-Optimization Approach to Electronic Structure: Application to Ytttria-stabilized Zirconia
Source: Modeling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering, Vol. 12, p. 133
01 November 2003
Plan Ahead to Limit Potential Disasters
Source: Marketing News
01 November 2003
Rules for Managing IP After Enron
31 October 2003
Proving Patent Damages After Daubert: It's All Execution
Source: Practising Law Institute: Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks, and Literary Property Course Handbook Series
27 October 2003
Cases Applying TraFfix Focus on Functionality (Author)
Source: The National Law Journal
22 October 2003
Going, Going, Gone: Enforcing Trademarks Rights on Auction Websites
Source: World eBusiness Law Report
20 October 2003
Is Your Patent Attorney Asking You The Right Questions?
Source: Kilpatrick Stockton
19 October 2003
Note, The Boundaries of the ILO: A Labor Rights Argument for Institutional Cooperation
Source: Brooklyn Journal of International Law
15 October 2003
Is the Merger of Participant-Directed 401(k) Plans Subject to ERISA’s Fiduciary Standards?: An Analysis of the Franklin v. First Union Litigation and Its Aftermath
Source: West Virginia Law Review

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