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02 August 2016
Top 10 Things Litigators Should Know About Insurance
Source: Law360
02 August 2016
Ex Parte Appeals in the Post-Alice World
Source: IP Watchdog
29 July 2016
The Newest Threat To Tribal Sovereign Immunity: Recoupment
Source: Law360
26 July 2016
Low-Income Tenants Need an Advocate in Eviction Court
Source: Daily Report
05 July 2016
What The Growth Of Daily Fantasy Sports Means For Tribes
Source: Law360
01 July 2016
Kirtsaeng Clarifies Attorney's Fees Standard In Copyright Cases, Injects More Uncertainty Into Availability of Fee Awards
Source: Intellectual Property Strategist
29 June 2016
Strategic Protection of Knowledge Assets: Wearable Tech Features
Source: American Bar Association's Intellectual Property Litigation Newsletter
17 June 2016
3 Questions On A Path To A More Unified E-Discovery Team
Source: The Relativity Blog
08 June 2016
Branded Tribal Gaming Experiences Could Be A Win-Win
Source: Law360
01 June 2016
Brand Licensing Strategies to Maintain Value and Goodwill
Source: Inside Journal
27 May 2016
Franchise Documents Should Not Be Cookie Cutter Products
Source: New York Law Journal
27 May 2016
Know the Limits of Liability When Drafting IT Contracts
Source: Daily Report
25 May 2016
High Court Could Shake Up Patent Review
Source: Daily Journal
16 May 2016
Teaching Points from the New USPTO Life Sciences Examples
Source: IPWatchdog
13 May 2016
Fourth Circuit Misconstrues North Carolina’s Statute of Repose -- and State’s High Court Cannot Help
Source: Washington Legal Foundation Legal Opinion Letter
06 May 2016
New Trade Agreements Act Test for GSA Schedule Contractors
Source: Law360
05 May 2016
When M&A And Bid Protest Worlds Collide
Source: Law360
04 May 2016
Predicting Cuozzo After Supreme Court Oral Arguments
03 May 2016
Tribes Need More Than Just The Sovereign Immunity Defense
Source: Law360
01 May 2016
US Storage Deals to Hike From 2016 if New Tax Rules Agreed
Source: Energy Storage Update
27 April 2016
Polling the Bar: An Unscientific Survey of Our Colleagues on Alice
Source: IP Watchdog
15 April 2016
What Happens At PTAB May Not Stay At PTAB
Source: Law360
04 April 2016
Arizona’s Night Lighting Regulations Facilitating Astronomical Observation
Source: Arizona Journal of Environmental Law & Policy
04 April 2016
Bill Could Keep More Patent Lawsuits in Colorado
Source: Law Week Colorado
01 April 2016
Using Big Data in Compliance with Consumer Protection Laws
Source: BankDirector
01 April 2016
The Current Battle Over Native American Land Allotment
Source: Law360
31 March 2016
The Appeal Process: The Statistical Likelihood of Success
Source: Landslide
30 March 2016
More Applicants Should Use the First Action Interview Program
23 March 2016
Demystifying The Attorney-Client Privilege
Source: Law360
21 March 2016
Ex Parte Appeal as a Potential Means to Quick Allowances
Source: IP Watchdog
12 March 2016
In Person Interview Capability with All Examiners
Source: Berkeley Technology Law Journal
12 March 2016
Pre-Search Interview Program
Source: Berkeley Technology Law Journal
12 March 2016
Proposal: Training for Examiners on Compact Prosecution—Interview/Mediation Training
Source: Berkeley Technology Law Journal
12 March 2016
Comment Regarding USPTO Proposal 3: Clarity of Record
Source: Berkeley Technology Law Journal
12 March 2016
Regarding USPTO Proposal 2: Automated Pre-Examination Search
Source: Berkeley Technology Law Journal
12 March 2016
“Final” Versus “Non-Final” Office Action
Source: Berkeley Technology Law Journal
02 March 2016
Tech Cos. Hold Key To Financial Services For The 'Unbanked'
Source: Law360
01 March 2016
Getting Serious About Compliance
Source: American Chamber of Commerce of Shanghai: Insight
26 February 2016
Sovereign Immunity For Tribal Officials At Risk
Source: Law360
25 February 2016
Prophylactic Preparation for a Business Judgment Rule Defense
Source: New York Law Journal
13 February 2016
Kilpatrick Snags 6-Atty IP, Life Sciences Team in DC
Source: Law360
01 February 2016
United States Annual Review, The Sixty-Eighth Year of Administration of the Lanham Act of 1946
Source: INTA Trademark Reporter
01 February 2016
Dealing With Expired Rights-Of-Way In Indian Country
Source: Law360
01 February 2016
Making Sense of Apportionment in Patent Damages: Strategy in the Face of Uncertainty
Source: The Computer & Internet Lawyer
22 January 2016
Indemnity Procedures and Liability in IT Contracts
Source: Daily Report
14 January 2016
The Evolving Relationship Between Consumers and Brands
Source: HouseMARQUES, Issue 61
04 January 2016
The Nuts and Bolts of Trademark Consent and Coexistence Agreements
Source: World Trademark Review
01 January 2016
REMIC ISsues in CMBS 2.0 - Things You Should Never Say (Or Do)
Source: CRE Finance World
01 January 2016
What Happens When the Feds Decide an Invention is 'Secret?'
Source: National Defense Magazine
22 December 2015
Providing Better Incentives for the Protection of Consumers
Source: Data Protection Law & Policy
17 December 2015
Commercial Lease Provisions and Issues
Source: Landlord Tenant Law CLE
11 December 2015
Indemnity Terms and Conditions Key to Negotiating Information Technology Contracts
Source: Daily Report
10 December 2015
Fighting for a Tenant's Security Deposit
Source: Daily Report
09 December 2015
An International Perspective on Franchising Regulation in the United States and Australia
Source: The Franchise Review
03 December 2015
Exercising a Duty of Clarity: Nautilus, Inc. v. Biosig Instruments, Inc.
Source: Berkeley Technology Law Journal
02 December 2015
Hidden and Creeping Franchise Fees: Old Lessons Worth Remembering
Source: New York Law Journal
01 December 2015
EPA Issues Clean Power Plan Final Rule
Source: Environmental Finance
30 November 2015
Alice is Lost in Wonderland
Source: Law Week Colorado
26 November 2015
Design, Synthesis and Evaluation of Triazole-Pyrimidine Analogues as SecA Inhibitors
Source: ChemMedChem
24 November 2015
Giving Thanks For The Patent Pro Bono Program
Source: Law360
17 November 2015
Reporting (and Non-Reporting) of Federal Change
Source: State Tax Notes
10 November 2015
Parallel Lives: How Brazil and the United States Consider Leniency Agreements and Compliance Programs
Source: Inside Newsletter
03 November 2015
Making the Tough Call on Trust Preferred Securities
Source: Bank Director
02 November 2015
The Universal Language of Non-Verbal Design Marks
Source: Managing Intellectual Property
02 November 2015
Managing Provider Performance of Termination Assistance Services
Source: Daily Report
01 November 2015
Evaluation of Small Molecule SecA Inhibitors Against Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus
Source: Bioorg Med Chem
29 October 2015
New Economy Businesses Need New Insurance
Source: Law360
26 October 2015
Canberra mother 'forum shopped' for a quick divorce in the United States
Source: Canberra Times
02 October 2015
Managing Your Technology Service Suppliers
Source: Daily Report
01 October 2015
AIA Post-Grant Proceedings: Lessons Learned from PTAB and Federal Circuit Decisions
Source: The American Intellectual Property Law Association
01 October 2015
USDA Makes Substantial Changes To Its Section 9003 Biorefinery Assistance Loan Guarantee Program For Advanced Biofuels Including Qualifying Renewable Chemical And Biobased Manufacturing Projects
Source: Pratt's Energy Law Report
01 October 2015
Managing Projects with Funding Concerns
Source: Transportation Builder Magazine
01 October 2015
Hear how Craig Largent, Managing Partner of Kilpatrick, Townsend & Stockton's Silicon Valley office and CLS Board Member, helps change the lives of those impacted by the housing crisis
Source: Community Legal Services in East Palo Alto (CLSEPA)
27 September 2015
To File a CON? Empirical Popularity and Prosecution Outcomes
Source: Patently-O
27 September 2015
Only 1 in 20,631 Ex Parte Appeals Designated Precedential by PTAB
Source: IP Watchdog
24 September 2015
Provide Access for the Disabled to Mobile Applications or Face the Consequences
Source: BNA Electronic and Commerce Law Report
21 September 2015
Patent Sea Changes: New Compass Points Four Years into the America Invents Act
Source: Chief Executive Magazine
15 September 2015
Licensing Your Brand in China: Guidelines for Brand Owners
Source: The Licensing Journal
15 September 2015
3 Recent Insurance Cases That Defend The Duty To Defend
Source: Law360
15 September 2015
Ruling in Canada Places Heavy Obligations on Franchisors
Source: New York Law Journal
11 September 2015
The Sky is the Sublimit: Cyber-Insurance Implications of FTC v. Wyndham
Source: Big Data Tech Law
10 September 2015
The Patent Bar's Role In Setting PTAB Precedence
Source: Law360
08 September 2015
Court Watch: Potential Claims Under an FDD
Source: Franchising Business & Law Alert
01 September 2015
Considering the Greater Effects of Hurricanes and Other Catastrophes When Calculating Policyholders' Business Interruption Losses
Source: The Brief
01 September 2015
Minimizing Copyright Risks When Using Open Source Software
Source: ACC Docket
28 August 2015
20 Questions When Your Vendor’s Cyber-Coverage Matters
Source: Kilpatrick Townsend Big Data Tech Law Blog
28 August 2015
Understanding Security Audit Requirements in Technology Contracts
Source: Daily Report
26 August 2015
Inside DOD’s Interim Rule on Cloud Cybersecurity
Source: Law360
21 August 2015
Federal Trademark Law Trumps Bankrupt Licensee’s Right to Assumption and Continued Use of License
Source: BNA's Patent, Trademark & Copyright Journal
17 August 2015
New York Sales Taxation of Electronic Commerce: Recent Developments
Source: State Tax Notes
11 August 2015
Protecting Your Trade Secrets: Best Practices for Securing Information With New and Departing Employees
Source: Association of Corporate Counsel QuickCounsel
10 August 2015
Pleading Patents: Predicting the Outcome of Statutorily Heightening Pleading Standards
Source: 13 Duke L. & Tech. Rev. 195
07 August 2015
Supplier Audit Rights in Technology Agreements
Source: Daily Report
05 August 2015
Top Ten: Navigating an Inter Partes Review by an Activist Investor
Source: ACC Resource Library
04 August 2015
3 Levels of Using Big Patent Prosecution Data
Source: Reed Tech IP Blog
01 August 2015
Should US Franchisors Be Worried about Implied Liability after The Dunkin’ Donuts Decision in Québec?
Source: The Licensing Journal, Vol. 35, No. 7
31 July 2015
Don't Get Shortchanged on Change Orders
Source: Construction Executive
21 July 2015
10 Years Later – A Look at the Efficacy of the Pre-Appeal Brief Conference Program
Source: IP Watchdog
20 July 2015
Taxing the Invisible: Applying State Tax Concepts to Nonoperating Entities
Source: State Tax Notes
15 July 2015
Shouldn’t Cyber-Insurance Cover Negligence?
Source: ABA Insurance Coverage Litigation Committee Newsletter

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