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01 January 2004
Arbitration Clauses in Insurance Policies
Source: 2004 Construction Law Update
01 January 2004
"Derivative Litigation" of Business Tort and Civil RICO Claims: The Eleventh Circuit Affirms the Dismissal of Claims Fashioned out of the Conduct of Prior Litigation
Source: Business Torts and RICO News
01 January 2004
"Trademark Law Fundamentals and Related Franchising Issues," Fundamentals of Franchising
Source: ABA Forum on Franchising
01 January 2004
High-Power LED as an Excitation Source for Fluorescence Applications
01 January 2004
Guidelines for In-House Counsel in Handling 'Conflict-Of-Interest' Transactions
Source: Atlantic Coast In-House
01 January 2004
Free-standing Mesoporous Titania Films with Anatase Nanocrystallites Synthesized at 80 C
Source: Chem. Commun., 2004, 1016
01 January 2004
Can Regulatory Violations Be the Basis for Antitrust Liability?
Source: Competition in North America
01 January 2004
Heterozygosity from Lmna deficiency eliminates the progeria-like phenotypes
Source: Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A.
01 January 2004
2004 Construction Law Update
Source: Aspen Publishers
01 January 2004
Loss of cables, a cyclin-dependent kinase regulatory protein, is associated with the development of endometrial hyperplasia and endometrial cancer
Source: American Association for Cancer Research Journals
01 January 2004
Strategic Considerations In US Copyright Litigation
Source: Building and Enforcing Intellectual Property Value 2004, An International Guide for the Boardroom, 2004
01 January 2004
Banking Law in the United States
Source: JURIS Publishing
01 January 2004
Insurance Coverage for Construction Projects
Source: The Construction Business Handbook, Chap. 4
01 January 2004
The Preservation of Privacy Interests at Sea: The Need for Meaningful Scope Limits on Custom Official and the Coast Guard's Sweeping Authority to Search Vessels
Source: 29 Tulane Maritime Law Journal, 105 - 124
31 December 2003
Insurance Coverage Litigation Subcommittee, Litigation Section, American Bar Association
Source: Coverage Magazine, LexisNexis
31 December 2003
Kilpatrick Stockton Attorneys Offer Insight into FTC's Report for Improving Patent System
Source: Competition Law Insight
16 December 2003
Direct Laser Writing on Electrolessly Deposited Thin Metal Films for Applications
Source: Langmuir
02 December 2003
Patent Procurement: Rob Peter to Pay Paul?
Source: Intellectual Property Today
01 December 2003
Microhollow cathode discharge stability with flow and reaction
Source: Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics
01 December 2003
Keeping Insurer Informed Is Best Strategy for Policyholder
Source: Los Angeles Daily Journal
01 December 2003
Simple Steps to Maximize Your D&O Coverage in a Post-Enron/Tyco/Sarbanes-Oxley World
01 December 2003
Note, Curbing the Federal Circuit’s Enthusiasm: An Argument for a Rebuttable Presumption Against Application of the Doctrine of Equivalents to Disclosed but Unclaimed Subject Matter
Source: 45 William and Mary Review 747
01 December 2003
The Rise of Pay or Play California Health Coverage
Source: The ECFC Flex Reporter
01 December 2003
Marketing to Children
Source: Metropolitan Corporate Counsel
01 December 2003
Defined Contribution Health Plans – A Green Light for Health Reimbursement Arrangements
Source: Journal of Pension Benefits
30 November 2003
New Media Licensing
Source: Georgia Bar Intellectual Property Section
30 November 2003
Non-Profit Governance Primer
Source: Georgia State Bar Non-Profit Forum
09 November 2003
An Extract From the 2004 Antitrust Review of the Americas, a Global Competition Review Special Report
Source: Global Competition Review
08 November 2003
Cardiac Defibrillators in the Workplace Can Save Lives but Pose Risks of Employer Liability
Source: Employment Relations Today
01 November 2003
How We Should Think About the Constitutional Status of the Suspected Terrorist Detainees at Guantanamo Bay: Examining Theories that Interpret the Constitution’s Scope
Source: 36 Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law 1579
01 November 2003
Localization in an Occupied-Subspace-Optimization Approach to Electronic Structure: Application to Ytttria-stabilized Zirconia
Source: Modeling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering, Vol. 12, p. 133
01 November 2003
Plan Ahead to Limit Potential Disasters
Source: Marketing News
01 November 2003
Rules for Managing IP After Enron
31 October 2003
Proving Patent Damages After Daubert: It's All Execution
Source: Practising Law Institute: Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks, and Literary Property Course Handbook Series
27 October 2003
Cases Applying TraFfix Focus on Functionality (Author)
Source: The National Law Journal
22 October 2003
Going, Going, Gone: Enforcing Trademarks Rights on Auction Websites
Source: World eBusiness Law Report
20 October 2003
Is Your Patent Attorney Asking You The Right Questions?
Source: Kilpatrick Stockton
19 October 2003
Note, The Boundaries of the ILO: A Labor Rights Argument for Institutional Cooperation
Source: Brooklyn Journal of International Law
15 October 2003
Is the Merger of Participant-Directed 401(k) Plans Subject to ERISA’s Fiduciary Standards?: An Analysis of the Franklin v. First Union Litigation and Its Aftermath
Source: West Virginia Law Review
01 October 2003
The Libel Plaintiff's Perspective
Source: Communications Lawyer
01 October 2003
A Look Back at New Kids on the Block: Ninth Circuit Expands the Nominative Fair Use Doctrine
Source: Intellectual Property Strategist
22 September 2003
Bad Faith & Punitive Damages
Source: Mealey's
11 September 2003
Initiating conformation transitions of individual YOYO intercalated DNA molecules
Source: Nano Letters
01 September 2003
Charter Choices for Mutuals: First Identify the Goals
Source: Community Banker
01 September 2003
In Re Sealed Case - No. 02-001: The FISA Court of Review's First Opinion and Its Electronic Surveillance Implications
Source: The World Jurist Association Law/Technology Journal, Volume 36, Number 2
01 September 2003
Proving Trademark Dilution
Source: Campbell Law Observer
01 September 2003
A Big Dilemma for Family Businesses
Source: Trusts & Estates
01 September 2003
Moral Rights, Legal Wrongs: Risks, Conflict and Constitutional Consideration in Introducing Moral Rights Protection to U.S. Law
Source: Copyright World
27 August 2003
Federal Antitrust Enforcers Focus on Intellectual Property Abuses
Source: Intellectual Property Today
14 August 2003
Driving Diversity in Large Law Firms
Source: Workforce Diversity Reader
08 August 2003
Patent Law for the General Practitioner
Source: Georgia Bar Journal
04 August 2003
A Year of Nervous Governing
Source: The National Law Journal
03 August 2003
Fabrication of thermoset polyester microfluidic devices and embossing masters using rapid prototyped
Source: Lab on a Chip
01 August 2003
Fuller-Austin: A New Dimension to Asbestos-Related Bankruptcies?
Source: The Bankruptcy Strategist, Vol. XX, No. 10
01 August 2003
What's In a Name? Name Disputes in the Geographical Expansion of Franchises
Source: LJN's Franchising Business and Law Alert
01 August 2003
Three-Level Systems: Problems Facing the 'Cheese' in the 'Sandwich'
Source: New York Law Journal
28 July 2003
A model of high-frequency oscillatory potentials in retinal ganglion cells
Source: Visual Neuroscience 20(5):465-80
15 July 2003
Update on Proving and Pricing Inefficiency Claims
Source: The Construction Lawyer
02 July 2003
Co-Author, Asymmetric Schmidt Reactions of Hydroxyalkyl Azides with Ketones
Source: J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2003, 125, 7914
01 July 2003
Business Process Outsourcing – Maximizing Value and Minimizing Risk
Source: Silicon India
01 July 2003
The Oligomeric Structure of Human Granzyme A is a Determinant of its Macromolecular Specificity
Source: Nature Structural Biology 10, 527-34
01 July 2003
Using the Common Interest Doctrine to Protect Insured-Insurer and Insured-Broker Communications
Source: 2003 Construction Law Update
01 July 2003
Applicability of O(N)-like Density Functional Study on the Structural Properties of Nitrogen Defects in SiC
Source: Phys. Rev. B, Vol. 68, 014116
01 July 2003
Quantization Condition of Quantum-well States in Cu/Co(OOl)
Source: Phys. Rev. B, Vol. 68, 045419
01 July 2003
Southeast Region: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia
Source: 2003 Construction Law Update
01 July 2003
Government Contracts
Source: 2003 Construction Law Updates
01 July 2003
New Developments In Environmental Law and Regulation
Source: 2003 Construction Law Update
01 July 2003
Acetylation of Tat defines a Cyclin T1-independent step in HIV transactivation
Source: Mol.Cell 12:167-176
27 June 2003
A Refresher Course on Letters of Intent, Other Deal Papers
Source: Triangle Business Journal
25 June 2003
International Patent Protection for HIV-Related Therapies: Patent Attorneys' Perspective
Source: Emory International Law Review
16 June 2003
Impact of Madrid Protocol on U.S. Practioners: An In-House Perspective
Source: INTA
16 June 2003
Sarbanes-Oxley: An Overview for Corporate Counsel
Source: Metropolitan Corporate Counsel
15 June 2003
Resolving the Clash Between Trademarks and Domain Names
Source: Santa Clara Law Review
15 June 2003
DOL Issues Proposed COBRA Regulations
Source: The ECFC Flex Reporter
15 June 2003
Going Private: The Best Option?
Source: National Law Journal
03 June 2003
Antitrust Implications of Patent Litigation Settlements
Source: Practicing Law Institute
01 June 2003
Mitochondrial DNA Evidence in State v. Pappas
Source: 43 Jurimetrics J., No. 4, 427
01 June 2003
Residential Segregation, Poverty, and Racism: Obstacles to America's Great Society
Source: A Symposium on the Occasion of the 40th Anniversary of the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights under Law
01 June 2003
When the Attorney-Client Privilege Fails to Shield
Source: New York Law Journal
01 June 2003
Oxidative stress is induced in the rat brain following repeated inhalation exposure to manganese sulfate
Source: Biological Trace Element Research 93:113-26
01 June 2003
Make Sense to Me: How to Moderate, Targeted Federal Tort Reform Legislation Could Solve the Nation's Asbestos Litigation Crisis
Source: Vanderbilt Law Review
01 June 2003
Initial Interest Confusion on the Internet How Long is One Hot Second
Source: Journal of Internet Law
01 June 2003
Do It Wright: How to Prevent Tenants' Contractors from Perfecting Mechanics' Liens Against An Owner's Property
Source: Morgan Miller Blair E-Alert
01 May 2003
Court Rejects MACT Standard Because of Improper Cost Analysis
Source: North Carolina Bar Association Environmental News
01 May 2003
Recent Precedents Say Recoveries for Lost Future Royalties Aren't Likely
Source: Franchise Times
01 April 2003
Background Checks: Four Steps to Basic Compliance with Federal and State Law
Source: Society for Human Resource Management Legal Report
01 April 2003
Qualified Legal Compliance Committees: Policies and Procedures (co-author)
01 April 2003
A Time Zone Based Dynamic Cache Replacement Policy
Source: In ICEIS (4), 494-497
01 April 2003
Dispute Review Boards and the Avoidance of Litigation: Is There Room for Improvement?
Source: Tunnel Business Magazine
01 April 2003
Reinsuring Private Mortgage Insurance: Opportunities for Noninterest Income
Source: Banking Law Journal
01 April 2003
An Analysis of Potential Issues in the Use of Split Telephone Intercepts
Source: Franchise Law Journal
11 March 2003
Using Intellectual Property to Obtain Financing
Source: American Venture Magazine
04 March 2003
Insurance Coverage for Cyber-Torts & Intellectual Property Conference: Internet Torts and Coverage Issues
Source: Mealey's
01 March 2003
Adjacent DNA Sequences Modulate Sox9 Transcriptional Activation at Paired Sox Sites in Three Chondrocyte-Specific Enhancer Elements
Source: 31 Nucleic Acids Res., 1541
01 March 2003
Trademarks - Claim and Protect Them
Source: MX Magazine: Business Strategies for Medical Technology Executives
25 February 2003
Selective electroless and electrolytic deposition of metal for applications in microfluidics
Source: Analytical Chemistry
15 February 2003
401(k) and the Payment of Disability Benefits
Source: 401(k) Advisor
13 February 2003
Who’s the Client After Sarbanes? (co-author)
Source: New York Law Journal
03 February 2003
Latent Impact of Corporate Governance Reforms on Technology and other Private Companies
Source: Georgia Innovations
01 January 2003
The Supreme Court’s ‘Immediate Purpose’ of Restricting the Doctrine of Special Needs
Source: 80 N.C.L. Rev. 1050

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