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26 October 2006
Accurate Sizing of Nanoparticles Using Confocal Correlation Spectroscopy
Source: Journal of Physical Chemistry B
23 October 2006
Policy Clauses That Limit Lawsuits Create Pitfalls
Source: Business Insurance
16 October 2006
Protecting Attorney Work Product in Communications with Testifying and Consulting Experts
Source: ABA Environmental Litigation Committee Newsletter
10 October 2006
Windfall Profit Tax Regimes
Source: South African National Treasury Task Team
07 October 2006
Nonadiabatic Effects in the Photoelectron Spectrum of the Pyrazolide-d3 Anion: Three State Interactions in the Pyrazolyl-d3 radical
Source: Journal of Chemical Physics, 125, 084312
01 October 2006
How to Maximize Attorney Client Privilege Protection in HR Investigations
Source: ACC America Newsletter Focus
01 October 2006
Meeting the Challenges of Electronic Documents
Source: Bloomberg Corporate Law Journal
01 October 2006
A high frequency resonance in the responses of retinal ganglion cells to rapidly modulated stimuli: a computer model
Source: Visual Neuroscience 23(5):779-94
01 October 2006
Supreme Court on eBay: Permanent Injunctions are not Automatic but Decided by Traditional Test in Equity
Source: Engage
21 September 2006
eBay: A Changed Legal Landscape
Source: Patent World
15 September 2006
An Interdisciplinary Approach to Brand Strength
Source: 96 Trademark Reporter 943
01 September 2006
Effects of inhaled manganese on biomarkers of oxidative stress in the rat brain
Source: Neurotoxicology 27:788-97
01 September 2006
Preventing Identity Theft: New Legal Obligations for Businesses
Source: Employment Relations Today
01 September 2006
Information Security - More than Just Consumer Notification, and Already Here
Source: The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel
01 September 2006
Implementing eBay: New Problems in Guiding Judicial Discretion and Enforcing Patent Rights
Source: Journal of the Patent and Trademark Office
25 August 2006
Cyber Swashbuckling? The U.S, Copyright Holder's Battle Against Extraterritorial Peer-to-Peer Network Infringement Will Not End with Grokster
Source: Indiana International & Comparative Law Review
02 August 2006
Supreme Court Review: Business Cases: Little New Ground Broken
Source: National Law Journal
01 August 2006
Risk Mitigation Strategies in Offshore Business Process Outsourcing
Source: Privacy & Data Security Law Journal
01 August 2006
The Letter of the Law: Experts Discuss Legal Issues in Tunneling
Source: Tunnel Business Magazine
01 August 2006
Right Appeal, Wrong Party: How the Federal Circuit Likely Will Interpret Amended Rule 3 of the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure
Source: Intellectual Property Today
01 July 2006
DAPK1 variants are associated with Alzheimer's disease and allele-specific expression
Source: Human Molecular Genetics 15:2560-2568
01 July 2006
Power Attacks on Secure Hardware Based on Early Propagation of Data
Source: 12th International On-Line Testing Symposium, 131-138
30 June 2006
Quick Tips for Maximizing Your Insurance Coverage Rights
Source: Risk
16 June 2006
Jon A. Neiditz examines the privacy conundrum presented by the collision between worklife, private life, and the Internet
Source: Practicing Law Institute All-Star Briefing
01 June 2006
Supreme Court Upholds Health Plan Reimbursement Provisions
Source: The ECFC Flex Reporter
01 June 2006
Segregated Cell Captives in the District of Columbia
Source: Captive Insurance Council of DC Newsletter
01 June 2006
Proposed Clarifications to Section 409A Proposed Regulations Regarding Restoration Plan Participants Who Become Disabled
Source: Kilpatrick Stockton LLP
01 June 2006
Additional Insured Coverage - Practicalities
Source: Mealey's Additional Insured Conference
01 June 2006
The 2006 D.C. Captive Act Amendment
Source: Federation of Regulatory Counsel
08 May 2006
Revamping Dilution Law: Will Trademark Owners Benefit?
Source: New Jersey Law Journal
08 May 2006
Courts Increasingly Find 'No Trademark Use' Defense Permits Fining of No Infringement Regardless of Confusion (Author)
Source: The National Law Journal
01 May 2006
Filmmaking: When Do You Need to Acquire Life Story Rights?
Source: Imagine News
01 May 2006
Dilution Issues in the United States
Source: ITA Supplement to Intellectural Asset Management Magazine
01 May 2006
Depleted uranium is not toxic to rat brain endothelial cells (RBE4)
Source: Biological Trace Element Research 110:61-72
21 April 2006
USG Settlement Reflects Sorry State of Asbestos Bankruptcies
Source: Washington Legal Foundation Legal Backgrounder
20 April 2006
Basic Framework for Effective Responses to Patent Trolls
Source: IP Links
16 April 2006
Protection of Intangibles Under Sarbanes-Oxley
Source: IP Law 360
10 April 2006
2006 Brings Important Changes to Design-Build Laws
Source: News in Brief
01 April 2006
The Growing Threat of Identity Theft and Its Implications for Employers
Source: Georgia Bar Journal
01 April 2006
Merck KGaA v. Integra Lifesciences I, Ltd.: Does the Breadth of Safe Harbor Protection Toll the Death Knell for Biotech Research Companies?
Source: 57 Mercer L. Rev. 917
01 April 2006
Now That the World is Flat Again, Can ADR Save Your Ship from Falling into the Litigation Abyss?
Source: Intellectual Property Litigation
01 April 2006
Cobell v. Norton: Redressing a Century of Malfeasance
Source: Human Rights Magazine
31 March 2006
DOL Issues Final USERRA Regulations and Employer Notice
Source: Journal of Pension Benefits
26 March 2006
One functional switch mediates reversible and irreversible inactivation of a herpesvirus protease
Source: Biochemistry
16 March 2006
Thermochemical Studies of Pyrazolide
Source: Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 110 (27), 8457-8466
16 March 2006
Absent Regulatory Changes, Hispanic Immigrants Pose an Unbankable Risk
Source: The Banking Law Journal
15 March 2006
Proton Permeation into Single Vesicles Occurs via a Sequential Two-Step Mechanism
Source: Journal of the American Chemical Society
01 March 2006
Islamic Finance: A Growing Industry in the United States
Source: 10 North Carolina Banking Institute 355
01 March 2006
Not Just an Ordinary Day in Court: The Insurance Coverage Jury Trial
Source: American Bar Association, 2006 Insurance Coverage Litigation Seminar
01 February 2006
The Replacements
Source: The New York Times
01 February 2006
Plaintiff’s Damages: Trademark Infringement Remedies
Source: ABA Intellectual Property Law Section and BNA Books
01 February 2006
The Fifty-Eighth Year of Administration of the Lanham Trademark Act of 1946
Source: Trademark Reporter
25 January 2006
Statement of Mark D. Wincek at the Hearing on Section 409A Proposed Regulations
Source: Kilpatrick Stockton LLP
01 January 2006
Doing Business in Georgia
Source: Practical Law Company Cross-Border Handbook, 11th Edition
01 January 2006
Oxide Hemostatic Activity
01 January 2006
Spherical Bioactive Glass with Enhanced Rates of Hydroxyapatite Deposition and Hemostatic Activity
Source: Small, 2006, 2(11), 1261
01 January 2006
A Study on Digital Music Industry and Business Model
01 January 2006
Host-guest Composites for Induced Hemostasis and Therapeutic Healing in Traumatic Injuries
Source: J. Thromb. Thrombolys
01 January 2006
How Sony Survived: Peer to Peer Software, Grokster, and Contributory Copyright Liability in the 21st Century
Source: 84 North Carolina Law Review 646
01 January 2006
A Fine Line Between Placement and Payola
01 January 2006
Characterization of the Supersonic Expansion in an ICP-MS
Source: Spectrochimica Acta, 61B, 686-695 (2006)
01 January 2006
Opting-Out of Public School Curricula: Free Exercise and Establishment Clause Implications
Source: Florida State University Law Review
01 January 2006
Authored the Georgia Chapter of "State-by-State Guide to Construction Contracts and Claims," and the annual updates to that Chapter from 2006 to the present
Source: Construction Law Update
01 January 2006
Source Gas Kinetic Temperatures in an ICP-MS
Source: JAAS, 21, 856-860 (2006)
01 January 2006
Quantitative Changes in Branchial Carbonic Anhydrase Activity and Expression in the Euryhaline Green Crab, Carcinus maenas, in response to Low Salinity Exposure
Source: Journal of Experimental Zoology
01 January 2006
State-by-State Guide to Construction Contracts and Claims
Source: 2006 Construction Law Update
01 January 2006
Burning the Barn to Roast the Pig? Proportionality Concerns in the War on Terror and the Damadola Incident
Source: 14 Williamette J. Int'l L. & Disp. Resol. 49
01 January 2006
Equitable Concerns of eBay v. Mercexchange: Did the Supreme Court Successfully Balance Patent Protection Against Patent Trolls?
Source: N.C. J.L. & Tech.
01 January 2006
Testing of Modified Zeolite Hemostatic Dressing in a Large Animal Model of Lethal Groin Injury
Source: Trauma, 2006, 61, 1312.
01 January 2006
Recent Ethics Opinions and Cases of Significance
Source: Journal of the Legal Profession
01 January 2006
Embedded Evaluation in Legacy Weapons
Source: Department of Energy Publication
01 January 2006
The Attorney-Client Privilege as a Patent Sword and Shield: The Role of the Adverse Inference Rule in Patent System Efficiency
Source: N.C.L. Rev.
01 January 2006
Recent Developments Under the Class Action Fairness Act
Source: ICLE 2006 Class Actions Materials
01 January 2006
Honored to Serve His Country
Source: Metro Magazine
01 January 2006
Establishing a Risk Retention Group as a Segregated Account Under the District of Columbia's Captive Law
Source: The Risk Retention Reporter
31 December 2005
Five Key Questions To Enhance D&O Insurance Coverage
Source: Directors and Boards
26 December 2005
Supreme Court Tackles Bundling
Source: Global Competition Review
15 December 2005
Fear and Loathing on the Benefit Trail 2005: Section 409A and Employer Health Plans
Source: The ECFC Flex Reporter
02 December 2005
Committee Confidentiality?
Source: The National Law Journal
01 December 2005
The Research Tool Patent Problem After Merck v. Integra
Source: 14 Tex. Intell. Prop. L.J.
01 December 2005
North Carolina Enacts New Workplace Violence Prevention Law
Source: The Job Description
01 December 2005
Personal Bankruptcy and Credit Counseling, BAPCPA Weds Two Unlikely Partners in a Marriage that Could Have Serious Implications for Practitioners
Source: Virginia Bankruptcy Law News
30 November 2005
Trademarking the Band: Procedures & Pitfalls
Source: Georgia Bar Intellectual Property Section
17 November 2005
Employers' Liability for Their Employees' Intentional Torts
Source: North Carolina Academy of Trial Lawyers - Trial Briefs
15 November 2005
Limits on Limited Medical-Leave Policies
Source: Employment Relations Today
01 November 2005
Personal Bankruptcy and Credit Counseling, BAPCPA Weds Two Unlikely Partners in a Marriage that Could Have Serious Implications for Practitioners
Source: Virginia Bankruptcy Law News
01 November 2005
Decoding Tat: the biology of HIV Tat posttranslational modifications
Source: Microbes and Infections 13:1364-9
25 October 2005
Fragile Protection: Promotion and Protection of Well-Known Trademarks in China
Source: Trademark World
23 October 2005
Induced structure of a helical switch as a mechanism to regulate enzymatic activity
Source: Nature Structural & Molecular Biology
15 October 2005
Are Split-Dollar Life Insurance Arrangements Preferable to 457(f) Plans for Deferring Compensation?
Source: Taxation of Exempts
05 October 2005
Prelitigation Advice for Change Order Claims
Source: 2005 Construction Law Update
04 October 2005
Construction Law Update 2005
Source: Aspen Publishers, Inc.
01 October 2005
Peach Sheet Regarding SB 25, Domestic Relations
Source: Georgia State University Law Review, Volume 22
01 October 2005
The Right to Bail and Other Limits on Prejudication Detention of Juveniles in Georgia
Source: Georgia Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union
01 October 2005
Google v. Geico: What it Means for Internet 'Sponsored' Ads?
Source: Footwear News
01 October 2005
Establishing a Segregated Account Captive in the District of Columbia
Source: The DC Captive Insurance Newsletter
01 October 2005
Rx for Caution: Economic Credentialing and the Antitrust Laws
Source: Antitrust Health Care Chronicle
24 September 2005
Photoelectron Spectra and Ion Chemistry of Imidazolide
Source: Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 109 (50), 11504-11514
21 September 2005
Renewables and the Act (Incentives for renewable energy in the Energy Policy Act of 2005 create opportunities for renewable energy projects in the United States)
Source: Project Finance International
01 September 2005
Image Detection in 2D Intersymbol Interference with Iterative Soft Decision Feedback Zig-Zag Algorithm
Source: Proceedings of the 43rd Annual Allerton Conference on Communications, Computing, and Control, Vol. 1, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

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