Client Success: Licensing.

Bryan Keith Parker, owner of Bryan Keith LLC and the BRYAN KEITH and PARKER LOFT home fashion brands, retained Kilpatrick Townsend to negotiate and draft new license agreements with an existing licensee, that also was Mr. Parker’s employer. After signing the license agreements, Mr. Parker learned that the licensee breached the license terms. The firm was retained to seek a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction in federal district court. Soon thereafter, with assistance from the court, the parties settled and entered into a new agreement that would wind down the licensee’s license by the end of 2013. In the meantime Mr. Parker was free to go work for a new home fashion licensee and license parts of his BRYAN KEITH brand to new vendors. From there, Kilpatrick Townsend was also retained to draft various license agreements for Mr. Parker in the home fashion area, as well as new areas for the client, including lamps and home décor.

As Mr. Parker’s fame rises in the home fashion trade, he is poised to need further legal representation in licensing, IP counseling, and trademark and copyright filings, and Kilpatrick Townsend expects to partner with Mr. Parker every step of the way.


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