"Intellectual Property Protection & Commercialization: Putting Patents to Work," IP Ecosystem Fair, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, August 2016.

Kilpatrick Townsend partner Andrew Serafini, Ph.D. will address the critical importance of intellectual property (IP) protection for technology-centered companies, to increase company value and to improve competitive position. He will focus on patent protection as an effective means of preserving core technological advantages, protecting key products, and improving business leverage. Discussion will center around:

  • goals of an effective IP strategy, touching on patentability and freedom to operate;
  • basic requirements of a patent program, including strategies for identifying and protecting patentable inventions;
  • strategies for building and managing a patent portfolio, considering the different needs of startups, small to medium, and large companies, including with respect to international filings, blocking patents, and joint development projects.

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